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Even if you've only pulled on a Wests Tigers jersey once, you have my respect.

Unless your name is Matt Lodge.

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@avocadoontoast Good call. Injury free he’s class.

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Wow, some harsh words for our only current origin player.

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A young girl getting sexually assaulted by a 110kg footy player is and his mate is disgusting.

If this happened to any of my family, they’d be locking me away too.

I don’t know why we’re even questioning this.

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The bloke has been in court more than once on charges relating to assault or violence towards women.

Let’s give him a wide-berth and move on.

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Nobody ever ragrets a tattoo.

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Wow, tough gig. Important job though.

Footy has more than its fair share of workplace problems. Mental health is a big one. Especially for youngsters coming through the ranks.

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All things being equal, the club will certainly be seeking some kind of compensation for releasing one of our best players.

That could include money from another club or a player. It’s unlikely from the player himself.

Now and then, this does not happen though. Mainly when there’s pressure to release a player to stay under the salary cap.

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Not aware of any list of ex-staff, but…

New coaches and even new CEOs tend to bring in some of their own staff, which may partly explain turnover.

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My GP said aches and pains miraculously vanish when your pay packet doubles…

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Brunswick Heads is really nice around October.

You’ve got a river with excellent fishing, beaches, the weather is usually perfect and the bush isn’t far away.

It gets really busy in summer, but I find October is tolerable.