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who the f**k appointed him ?

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i am done with this circus of a club

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Good article
Even better to see his honesty
You jokers talking about our record without Farah have got to be kidding yourself
Take a look at our record over the last 5 years and see how it stacks up
Club legend so have some respect .

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mate i watched 2 state cup games this year …
was at last weeks game

all look like better options then whats getting picked in first grade

chee kam played 80 and busted the line a few times and tackled a big bulldog pack with ease - he should be in there above lovett and sirro theres no doubt

edwards only played 40 minutes but he absolutely smashed their pack with his defense , may need another week or 2 for fitness . he will play first grade for sure very soon

addo carr is super quick and reminds me lots of nathan blacklock with his build and super quick feet . the boy has the quickest set of tiger feet since benji in his early days . defense not the greatest but he will score a truckload of tries


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This is one of the strangest calls he has made , if they lose the media will jump on this ! I have watched our state cup side play this week and there are better options available then what he is picking in first grade . He sure knows how to create pressure on himself . Has there ever been 2 specialist hookers start an nrl game on the bloody bench ? All you can do is laugh really

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Watched the game . Love that place by the way . Our forwards were awesome today , I really can’t see how Lovett and Buchanan gets picked in front of chee kam and fine . They were both standouts . Edwards hits like a Mac truck and surely can’t be far off a run . Was disspointed in Liddles performance he is def not 1st grade material yet based on the game he played yesterday . Addo Carr is lightning in open play , will get a 1st grade spot with someone else if we don’t give him a run. The depth of the club is awesome compared to recent years !!! I noticed brooks and Moses were at the game cheering the boys on with there mates

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I was at the Titans game, and made the observation that we looked flat in the warm-up. The backs came out about 10 minutes before the forwards. In those 10 minutes I saw at least half a dozen balls hit the deck from handling errors, misdirected kicks and complacency. There was no chat and it had the feel of “all we have to do is run out and we’ll win this game.”
When doing their kicking drills, Moses and Brooks couldn’t hit a 50m swimming pool. Balls were falling short of the try line by 10m, and players dropping bombs or balls rolled along the deck. It just looked really bad from where I was sitting.
This to me is all attitude. I’ve played a somewhat decent level of footy and the attitude you have in the warm-up is the attitude you take out on to the field. I could be over reading the situation but something tells me this is a massive indication that we are nowhere near the top 8 sides yet.

Mate I was there too and I agree 100% . The warm up was an absolute debacle . If we are picking it up why are the coaching staff not ? I knew how that game would pan out .