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Tigers please mate

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Canberra thx mate

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Count me in please mate.

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@balmain-boy said in Tigers and Storm Player Loan Swap:

Storm have to be prepared to pay what Momo is on and we have to be prepared to pay what grant is on. That’s not unreasonable, and it’s how it’s done in many sports. Unless a club needs to chip in for an overpaid player.

There couldn’t be more than 50k difference in their salaries anyway. It really is chicken feed stuff, and needs to be focused on how the nrl can support young players getting more game time

You are 100% spot on.

That’s the issue as this is the first time in our sport. (And we have a highly regulated salary cap). They want to have it bulletproof to protect any future dealings or scenarios.

To take it to an extreme. If the swap deal was a $500k player for a $150k player. There would be uproar if the new club didn’t in some way show capacity under their cap to take that player on whilst on loan.

If not completed correctly and carefully the strong would just get stronger and stronger.

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I Genuinely have no idea what can please some of you on here. Seem to be very hard markers.

We have taken a squad with 13 players with first grade experience (out of 18). Which is high for any club.

We have a good mix of Finishers for a 9s format.

We have not risked our starting 1,6 or 7 for the season (no injury), which is smart.

Have a look at Canberra or manly if you want to see a poor side.

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@Auburnon80 said in Tigers and Storm Player Loan Swap:

The NRL should allow us to pay Momo, yet have Grants salary count towards our cap (and vice versa).

That way, no one can argue it’s unfair coz each squad stays under the cap. Just means we are spending more on wages.

For transparency, in an arrangement like this, I feel both clubs should have the proviso for the higher contracted player. (Under the cap)

To stop anything that will disadvantage the other 14 teams etc

Just say momo $150k, grant 90k.

Both team need to have $150k space, or held space for that player from the salary cap.

Fairest way

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Josh Hoffman to Townsville blackhawks.

I know a few on here will be relieved 😂

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I’m sure everyone can see the possible future implications if not handled correctly, however it isn’t rocket science, surely this can be sorted quickly and as all parties have said, it’s been with NRL for sometime.

The main concern would be if a club did go over their existing salary cap with New players value considered (even if original club was still paying for it). If this isn’t impacted, then perhaps a caveat might be put aside in that years cap, for the difference in the higher contract (whoever that may be), I can’t see an issue as no club has an extra advantage on any of the other 14 clubs not involved in the transaction.