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I don’t see much wrong with us taking a future contract with this kid to take up where the Eels contract leaves off, and they can up his 2020 contract as much as they like, but wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest if the Eels played him in a side against us? What if we injure him, or worse still, what if he injures one of ours? As it stands it’s in the Eels best interests to run him into the ground then ship what’s left of him over to us on a stretcher. It’s a little like when the divorce is ongoing, your ex is sure to get the house, so you trash it out of spite.

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@avocadoontoast said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

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All the media were convinced he was a tiger too

Someone just asked Pascoe on Twitter if he’d had a chat with a certain two players we’d been linked with last night. His response was:

‘I am on the phone all day and all night, the reality of the job’

The Oliver North defence; “I have no recollection of those events”

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They have basically rorted the comp for years. The storm systematically cheated and all the head honchos kept their jobs. The NRL has never caught a single cap cheat…every single case they have “punished” has been brought to them by others. It is a joke.

One of Greenberg’s favourite responses right there; “I can’t act on something unless it’s put in front of me”. Look the other way and pretend it isn’t happening.

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A completely unsubstantiated rumour from someone on Zero Tackle I know nothing about, but interesting reading if nothing else:

TwentyOne January 7, 2020 at 2:54 pm
I hear the roosters have offered Bronson Xerri a new apartment at 30% below market value in negotiations to poach him from the Sharks.
I hear Latrell will be at Souths training next Monday with Johnston sadly off to the Tigers
I hear the Bulldogs have offered The Fox big money to divert him away from Souths
I hear The roosters will have 2 premierships stripped from them plus massive fines and cap restrictions by mid 2020 if investigations are proven correct. Big media release before season commencement.

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That could work for him. A little extra to play out the year in his comfort zone, then hop off to the Bunnies for 2021.

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Surely we are reaching the point where Mitchell has to either show up at the Roosters for training like nothing has happened, or sign somewhere else. It can’t go on forever - can it?

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Heaven is finishing eighth, hell is ninth.

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@avocadoontoast said in Wests Tigers snare teen tyro Utoikamanu...:

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@avocadoontoast said in Wests Tigers snare teen tyro Utoikamanu...:

@Glenn5150 said in Wests Tigers snare teen tyro Utoikamanu...:

@avocadoontoast said in Wests Tigers snare teen tyro Utoikamanu...:

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The kid needs to go to the Players association for assistance. Denying him the right to sign a professional contract, support his family out of spite for us is very wrong. It has nothing to do with the player, and everything to do with us.
We even gave them Matto for free and now they won’t release a 19 year old who’s currently their 7th choice at prop?

This just again shows what a grubby club they are !

They have at least 4 of our players at the moment (Ray Stone, Moses, Brown and Matterson) possible others I can’t remember

But I wouldn’t expect anything different from them

Well maybe we should have some backbone and not release players prematurely? If we had have held out from releasing Matterson we could have used that as a bargaining chip. But we didn’t, so here we are. Again.

Yeah thats the spirit!!! Of course that would have meant that we couldnt have made an offer to Latrell, couldnt have signed Leilua or been involved in the player market, but yeah, we taught Matterson a lesson and looked like tough guys. Shame the player culture has taken a nose dive and there is unrest between the whole player group, but doesnt matter because we feel like tough guys.

If Bellamy was in charge do you think he would have released Matterson with nothing in return? Of course he wouldn’t have.

Ps we didn’t get Mitchell so moot point, and DT reporting we’ve signed LL on $400k a year, which is WAY overs.

Avo, do you see the irony in what you are saying? You are saying we shouldnt have let Matterson go, but complaining that we have bought a player for too much? These too things are mutually exclusive.

Mate this is a genuine post from me. You are constantly bleating and dumping on Tigers management and thats fair enough, thats your opinion and even though I find it monotonous, predicatble and boring, you are entitled to it.

Let me ask you a serious question. You would prefer that we forced Matterson to stay (regardless of what it would have done to the player culture) and spend this offseason out of the the player market and go into 2020 with the same squad and a pissed off RM? Seriously is that what you are suggesting?

I would have held out until we got something in return. And I’ll stop dumping on tigers management when they actually do something worth commending. But at this stage they’ve done nothing to earn my respect. We’ve lost our best player and got nothing in return and all we’ve signed (officially) is Billy Walters. I’m extremely happy that you have such unbelievably low expectations that you are pleased with that, but some people want a bit more.

And onto your first point. Matterson we signed up at a bargain rate. Imo he’s a 500-600k player who was on the fringe of SOO last year. We let him go for no compensation and his replacement we have signed up for the same money even though he’s probably at best a 250-300k player. Not sure how you’d be happy with that but anyway.

Unfortunately until the club starts to actually do something worth commending there will be a lot more monotony to come from me. I suggest your best course of action would be to mark me as foe so you don’t have to go through the inconvenience of reading my posts.

I hope you are wrong Avo but time will tell. Looking at the 25 players ready to go for next year we have a young side with plenty of potential, and we don’t have to improve much to go from ninth to eighth. McIntyre and Seyfarth could go to the next level as Mikaele did, and if they do our pack isn’t as light on as it looks. Dylan Smith is a fullback should he be needed, and Tommy Talau could be just about anything. Fair enough, we are still light on in a couple of areas, but there are still signings to go. Take some of that $3 from Sportsbet to make the eight!

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Daily Telegraph clickbait

“Dominos fall as Dragons, Tigers make major moves
TRANSFER NEWS Wests Tigers have finally locked in the signature of back-rower Luciano Leilua, and the move will see former Dragon Trent Merrin return home, while the Red V have another target in mind.”