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“For Matterson, a return to his junior club could be finalised by the end of this week after Parramatta tabled a three-year deal believed to be worth around $1.5 million.”

What an absolute mug. Sullied his name for an extra $50k a year for 3 years. If he just kept his mouth shut & kept playing football he would have commanded much more.

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The Roosters and Tigers will be laughing at the end of this season, the clown failed to buy insurance, one year deal, wait for the season ending injury and he’ll have plenty of time to look and question the man in the mirror when the knock at the door fails to materialise.
JAC should be our priority.

Contract still not signed off on yet & hasn’t been approved by NRL, but what a gronk if these reports are correct. Risking his families future tells me he’s just a selfish little boy. His purported upgrade next year (in Souths’ favour apparently) is dependent on who they can shift to accommodate his highness - teammates who have been shopped around while on holiday & without their knowledge. Easts have been home for him since he was 16, they wanted to pay him $800,000 this year - instead he rinses them for $116,000 while he goes fishing - then agrees to a contract with the enemy, for $200,000 less then what Easts originally offered him, zero guarantees - you can’t make this up. Latrell could have set his young family up for life and then moved to Souths later in his career. All it takes is 1 injury and he’s yesterday’s news, crazy.

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@Ponyo though I didn’t read/watch either, I see there’s a clip on with Matto about Parra going all the way and Marsters story about making the 8. How much more ammo do our boys need?

You aren’t kidding Lauren. You should watch the full interview on the website. Matto’s comments about being in a premiership squad would have been noted with thanks by our boys. The way he carries himself and talks is very choreographed - a lump of a lad, but a fairy of a man. Can’t wait until we announce the rest of our signings like everyone else, so far so good though. I feel like we’ve taken a turn for the better. I know it doesn’t seem like that to a lot of the fans/cynics because we’ve been through so much but we’ve taken the turn, you can feel the shift. Our finals drought will soon be a thing of the past and everyone’s going to jump back on the bandwagon, just watch. The golden dawn is upon us ladies & gentleman.

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Been watching Canterbury Cup games on Kayo, this kid is a weapon, always making post contact metres & putting guys on their back in dominant tackles. The 1,2 punch with Mikaele is going to be a problem for teams when they start to gel. Thomas has put on a couple of kilos of muscle already and will return bigger than last year.

Good times boys

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Mbye up for a big year. People forgot
how much of a weapon he is when
He’s fit & firing, no doubts about him.

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@formerguest said in Wests Tigers snare teen tyro Utoikamanu...:

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They can’t offer a contract before November, in which case we would have to release him - not worried. I’m glad he’s getting payed an extra 35k or so a year minimum upgrade to be in the top 30 - he deserves it for his hard work & training over the summer. He’ll be in prime shape come 2021 he’s just honouring his contract. In the meantime, Parramatta recruits: Salesi Fainga’a (Fiji), Tyler Field (Aus schools), Joe Taipari (NZ/touch), Ejay Toeava (NZ/cousin of All Black Isaiah Toeava) & William Kei (NZ/cousin of Jonah Lomu) - the last two guys are highly rated juniors

Hey mate

Are you saying all the players you mentioned at the end are signed by us?

@Ponyo provided similar information last year and these guys are training with us.

We’ve also signed Vea Tapa’atoutai & big Tyrone Faulkner from eels (union 8). Quite a bit of turnover in the Flegg + CC ranks:

Recruited: Aamon Dean (giant), Ryan Garner (Luke’s brother big strong winger/goal kicker) Kuyan Laurie (future star), Vea Tapa’atoutai, Michael Fenn (manly/former union 8), Lachlan Talau (Tommy’s brother/hooker), Austin Dias, Tyrone Faulkner, Brendan O’Hagan (tricky half), Matheson Johns (big centre) - O’Hagan & Johns were mentioned here along with Billy Brittain but I can’t confirm.

Gone: Elia faatui, Soni Luke, Jack Miller, Kurt Aldridge, Cowen Epere, Riley Cheshire, Gus Garzaniti, Jordan Main, Kane Mcquiggin, Billy Stapleton, might be missing a few here…

For those that were wondering Gamble, Broncos development squad & Hiroti Sharks, Simona in France playing for FC Lezignan

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I’m not taking anyone’s word for anything - especially on here, will wait until it’s official.

There have been so many claims over the last 2 months, from mates that know mates, family members, girlfriends, no-one knows.

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By Christian Nicolussi
January 29, 2020 — 9.00pm

Joey Leilua thinks himself a better centre than Curtis Scott, but said his days in Canberra were always numbered because of his strained relationship with Ricky Stuart. Leilua enjoyed his first day at Wests Tigers training on a steamy Tuesday and spoke about his excitement to play outside his younger brother Luciano and inside fellow Samoan David Nofoaluma. While Leilua will add plenty of size and experience out wide for the Tigers, he told the Herald how there was no future for him in the nation’s capital.

The 28-year-old and Stuart first clashed over team selection in the lead-up to a round-21 clash against the Sydney Roosters, then again this month when he was snubbed from a Sunshine Coast training camp for being overweight. Even when news filtered through on Monday that Scott had spent the night behind bars and could be stood down for the start of the season with Canberra, Leilua had no appetite to back out on the Tigers and coach Michael Maguire.

“I was never going to backflip, my decision was made and in my mind I was done with Canberra,” Leilua told the Herald. "I couldn’t wait to get here and get around a new environment "Something happened last year between me and ‘Sticky’ [Stuart] and I wasn’t happy. "I was coming back from my neck [surgery] and he told me I’d be back for the Roosters. I would have been up against Latrell [Mitchell], I worked my arse off and got mentally prepared. "Then they went over to New Zealand the week before and had a massive win, he came back and said I wasn’t good enough to play.
"I said to him, ‘How can you say that when you told me to get ready?’
"I asked him if he thought I wasn’t good enough for the team, and he said, ‘you’re not good enough for this team’. "From that moment I was off him. We lost to the Roosters, he called me up the next week and we won. "I was still mad. I wasn’t happy with him. I respect Ricky as a coach and what he has done for me, but I wasn’t happy.
"Even when I came back for pre-season training, I was a bit overweight, I had just had my wedding, and he wasn’t happy. "I wasn’t the only one overweight in the team, but I was the only one told to go and train with reserve grade. “They left me behind for that training camp for two weeks. That’s when my mind was made up to search for another club.” Leilua was into the final year of his deal with the Raiders and told he would not be offered a contract for 2021.

He maintained he was a better option than Scott, the Melbourne recruit who was expected to be given first shot at right centre, and was prepared to fight his way back into first grade if he had to see out the year in Canberra. “Deep down I knew I was better than most centres there, and that’s not being cocky, that’s being confident because I know what I’m capable of,” Leilua said.

When the Herald pointed out to the former Dally M centre of the year that he often produced performances that were “rocks and diamonds”, he laughed and said, "Maybe in 2017 and 2018 it was rocks and diamonds, but then I got hurt in 2019, so you can’t judge me on that. My first seven games last year I considered myself one of the best centres in the game. It took me a while to get back.
"My best years are still to come. I’ll be doing my best to get into shape for round one. I can’t wait to tell [Luciano] what to do. I’ll be screaming at him on the edge.
“If you really want something you can get it. That was the [philosophy] at Canberra and it will be no different at the Tigers - if we really want it we can get it.”

Leilua quickly made an impression with his new Tigers teammates. He weighs around 115kg and plays at 109kg. His signing is expected to be followed by South Sydney utility Adam Doueihi who has already been told to look for a better deal elsewhere by Wayne Bennett and has a tremendous rapport with Maguire.

Meanwhile, the Tigers also confirmed the signing of Parramatta prop Stefano Utoikamanu for three years from 2021.

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@ElleryHanley said in Wests Tigers snare teen tyro Utoikamanu...:

The thing for us is Pascoe and Madge have repeatedly stated “we only want people who want to be here…we only want people who want to be here…we only want people who want to be here…”

So, what if the kid has a great year, bonds with the seniors players and says he wants to stay at Parra?

He’s already put pen to paper EH. It’s a done deal for 2021 like Jai to Souths. Parramatta wouldn’t release him and were within their right; that isn’t an indictment on our club. Stefano is being professional & working hard in the interim - he gets to earn a few more bucks and gain experience with his promotion to first grade, good for him. If and that’s a big IF he changes his mind they’ll have to wait until November; highly unlikely any talks would end well for Parramatta given our past dealings with them to be honest. We’re more likely to top up his contract then lose it to the Eels but we’d have to cross that bridge if we ever get to it. No point in hypothesizing a year out from now if you ask me. It’s very stressful and there’s too much to look forward to.

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Talau, Mikaele, Garner, Twal extended - Utoikamanu, BJ Leilua, Luc Leilua, Doueihi
and a whole heap of youngsters signed.
Looking more dynasty than bottom 8

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if someone said there’d be a headline titled “Latrell set to fly the coop to tigers” 3 months ago I’d tell them they were mad.

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I like avo’s news clip how Hagipantelis said Politis called him and spoke ‘chairmen to chairman’. LM will be taken care of at tigers.

Edit: there’s obvious mutual respect for one another and a shared duty of care for Latrell

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Tigers believe Latrell Mitchell will be biggest club recruit since Ellery Hanley
The Tigers are giving their all to attract Latrell Mitchell to Concord, and the belief within the club is that the NSW star would be their biggest recruit since legendary Englishman Ellery Hanley.

David Riccio, The Daily Telegraph
Subscriber only
November 19, 2019 8:00pm

That’s the view of Tigers chairman Lee Hagipantelis who says the club is unperturbed about the Sydney Roosters star also meeting with North Queensland on Monday.

Granted permission to negotiate with rival clubs by the Roosters after they pulled a two-year contract extension from 2021, the 22-year-old has been told by the Tigers he can fulfil his goal of moving from centre to fullback.

“Latrell Mitchell could be a generational player for the Tigers.

“I think he would elevate the enthusiasm in our club by 50 per cent.

“And it would be recognition that the club is heading in the right direction by securing players of that calibre.

“He’s 22 years of age, he’s got two premierships under his belt and a winning Origin series.

“It’s an opportunity for him to come and stamp his individual brilliance on a club.’’

Tigers coach Michael Maguire, football manager Adam Hartigan and chief executive Justin Pascoe drove to Taree last week to meet with the Test centre and his family.

“They have met and spoken,’’ Hagipantelis said.

“There’s no secret the Tigers want him and neither should we demure about our enthusiasm for him.’’

Hagipantelis said he took no concern that Mitchell was photographed meeting with Cowboys officials.

North Queensland are weighing up the option to sign the two-time premiership winner during a period of which they wait for confirmation from Valentine Holmes on if he intends to return to the NRL - or persist chasing his NFL dream.

“It’s well known the Cowboys are looking for a fullback,’’ Hagipantelis said.

“I suspect they’re (Cowboys) hedging their bets at the moment because it’s been reported there’s been an expression interest in Valentine Holmes.

“He wants to test his worth and that’s the appropriate thing for him to do.

“And when I say worth, it’s not just monetary terms either. No matter where he signs, it will be a large sum of money involved but there’s a lot more than that.

“It’s where he’s going to fill comfortable, where he’s going to feel appreciated, where he thinks he’s going to advance and create his own legacy.

“These are al the tangible factors that have to be brought into account.’’

The newly-pointed chairman who has replaced Barry O’Farrell said the Tigers would like an answer from Mitchell, “sooner rather than later.’’

“From what I understand Latrell isn’t due to return to any pre-season until after Christmas because of his involvement in the Australian team.

“However, it’s not in his interest or ours for things to linger. People like certainty and I’m sure he would, just as much as we would.

“But I don’t think anyone is going to come down with a hammer and pressure him. I don’t think it’s appropriate.’’

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It was top speed. Which i completely understand isn’t always maintainable but the comment about his control backs that he can do it at will.

40 yrd stop speed. Nofa has really good running form but can’t maintain it over longer distances, he packs a lot of muscle and is more of an explosive sprinter, his data charts would be up, down, up, up spikes & rests

Wingers should be able to finish over 100metres and that is the issue with Nofoaluma.

He was put over the sideline by Fifita in a game against Cronulla at their home ground. It was embarrassing because he had a clearn 65m run to the try line which was open.

I can’t remember that play the top of my head to be honest but with due respect, that’s an isolated incident you’ve mentioned. It doesn’t factor in both Nofa or Fifita’s output throughout the game or in the lead up to the play. As mentioned earlier he’s clocked up the 3rd fastest time in the NRL last year - in the 65th minute too mind you which is pretty impressive. He’s an explosive athlete, he does things others can’t do. He may not run full lengths of the field but he’ll run in 60-80 metre tries & break through the line, and put in little dinks into the in goal area & score acrobatic tries. He has his faults, who doesn’t. I’m sure he’s working on his speed/fitness and his defence/connection with his new teamates -he’s a real goer & athlete Nofoaluma