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Not against Douehi but not at full freight, the Bunnies backended the contract and it’s a bit like letting them off the hook.

With Arrow arriving in 21, looking at what they have off contract next year and their current forward strength they appear to be getting themselves into a bit of a mess cap wise and then it appears they are not willing to pay any freight, a bit arrogant for a club that may be in a salary cap mess come 2021 if they don’t offload some baggage.

But that’s always been Wayne’s way, never had trouble off loading or getting a player to retire to fit in any new big buy he wanted at the Donkeys, but will it work at the Bunnies.

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So the Knights can have one of the worst seasons in the history of the NRL, but somehow manage to sign Ponga, Pearce and Klemmer

Yep don’t have any idea why they managed to land those guys, but we’ve been unable to.

We miss out on signing Latrell and now it means stop going for talented players bc they’ll never consider us, when was the last time we’ve been linked to a player of his calibre?

when did I say anything about talent? I think AD is highly talented. Perhaps not as established, but definitely talented.

Who says he’s going to be our 6 in 2021? He hasn’t proven he can consistently perform on the NRL stage for a season and we’re already penciling him to be the successor to Benji, when we have the money to go out and buy quality representitive players instead?

He’d be a walk up starter as fullback in our team now, and that’s from only playing around 10 games last season. It shows he has talent and with the right coaching and a good forward pack, he could be excellent. His background is as a 6 so it would make sense for him to play there in the future.

Tell me the last time we bought a current representative player? And not the cook islands or samoa.

Stefano and Doueihi are different situations, Stefano is being signed on less than an NRL average contract and basing off how Parra have reacted to him coming here and how Souths are basically trying to push him to come here should tell you enough

You are so badly misinformed there. Souths fans are fuming Doueihi is even considering leaving. They rate him massively.

When you say we should stop worrying about value, I’m sorry but that’s just ridiculous it should be our number 1 priority as I refuse as a fan to be sitting here in a few years with this same problem bc we didn’t want to be patient and pay players who have shown they’re worth the money

Taking the value approach when you have a million dollars in cap space and you’re 8 weeks out from round 1 doesn’t make any sense, you’ll be left sitting in the corner with a stack of cash while all the other clubs do what it takes to strengthen their team. We need to spend the money we have on players that improve our team and not be continuously haunted by the actions of Cleary in the past - he signed older players in their twilight on huge salaries. Doueihi is in a completely different category. He’s young with heaps of talent and unlimited upside.

We need to improve our performances on the field NOW. We need to make the finals this year.

  • The Knights signed those players due to them waiting and being patient while having the cap space when no one else did… including us

  • You said that polished players don’t wanna consider us, you’re basing that off Latrell declining us, when was the last time we’ve gone that hard for a player of his calibre?

  • Let’s be honest any fullback would make our squad, no disrespect to Thompson but he shouldn’t be the standard we’re basing off especially with the money that we have available

  • That’s what I’m trying to tell you, we haven’t bought one cause we continue trying to buy reject players such as Doueihi and not focus on trying to buy current representative players and be patient for when they become available

  • I’m not misinformed as the club is literally shopping him around, regardless to what the fans are saying Souths are trying to find a team to pick him up - if he was that valuable and great wouldn’t they just keep him and play him as a utility off the bench?

  • It’s a long term game, this isn’t a 1 year contract otherwise I’d be up for it, if we sign him we’re paying that money for several years and if he doesn’t perform are stuck with him, Doueihi has just come back from an ACL injury too… can’t see how anyone is against us being patient especially when they’ve seen what this club has endured the last decade


Mbye was 24
Reynolds was 28
Packer was 28

These were still relatively young players when we signed them

You’re right and you’re wrong mate . Most of your arguments I agree with except the reject stuff. Cook bounced around at the Bulldogs and dragons before landing at the bunnies and being the best number 9 in the game. Same for CNK . Taupau was told he was surplus at the Dogs. The biggest one I can remember is Matt King . And he ended up a legend .
My point is 1 mans trash is another mans treasure . Most of these kids that play high rep teams at juniors fail , because the footy gods didn’t shine on them , whether that be fit , attitude, coaching , poor development , personality clashes and injury.
> Even our beloved Hodgson was a half at wests . Good on Parra for moving him to the 1 , and the rest is history .

Not really correct

Hodgo debuted off the bench in 97 then played wing for the rest of 97 as Andrew Leeds was Wests fullback at the time, he filled in at fullback when Leeds was unavailable and switched to halfback for just 8 games during the second half of the 98 season before going back to the wing for the remainder of 98 and the first few rounds of 99.

He switched to fullback from round 4 1999 after the retirement of Andrew Leeds and played the entire season at fullback except for the round 12 clash against Penrith when he played halfback.

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Understand where you’re coming from, however do we really wanna continue paying on potential or should we look to buy polished players who have proven they can perform consistently week in week out
Doueihi showed some promise for a few weeks, so now we offer him 500k?
Would prefer to wait for a specialist fullback to become available, we need to be patient in terms of spending this money just like the bulldogs seem to be doing
Also, you’re acting like there’s no downside when there really is it’s not like they’re coming on a 1 year deal, they will wanna come for about 3 years and we’re stuck with them if they don’t perform

We’ve tried buying polished players but haven’t been successful in landing anyone. That comes later. For now we have to do the best we can with what money we have.

The salary cap in 2020 is $9.5m. That means that Doueihi, our starting fullback and future 5/8 when Benji retires, is taking up only 5% of the cap. I think his price tag reflects the fact that he only played 10 or so games last year. If he had played the whole season, his price tag might be significantly higher.

Also, let’s remember we have offered Stefano near $300k per season and he’s a forward who has NEVER played an NRL game. $500k for a 21 year old spine player is not a lot to spend. We need to stop thinking about value for money all the time and focus purely on quality and talent. It’s the only way we are ever going to have on field success.

Can see both sides and still uncertain, so squarely on the fence.

Does anybody here know how many Top 30 positions the bunnies have filled?

Bunnies have 29 spots filled

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The Bunnies will be using GI’s money for the next decade to sign players like the Dogs did with SBW’s money. 😀

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The logistics of the whole deal would be a nightmare, they got Burgess money but have spent most of it on Arrow, they only had 1 addition spot left in their roster and IMO it’s unlikely they kept Mitchell type coin left for that last spot.

I estimate they would need to release 2 to 3 players to get both Arrow and Mitchell at the club for 2020 assuming the Bunnies would likely have to pay some of the contracts, and getting one in 2020 and the other in 2021 is no easier as they have don’t appear to have a massive amount of coin off contract next year either.

Off Contract end of 2020: Tom Amone, Cory Denniss, Kurt Dillon, Bryson Goodwin, Alex Johnston, Liam Knight, Steven Marsters, Ky Rodwell and Bayley Sironen, and every player not re-signed needs to replaced in the roster.

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Sam was on $900,000 ($3.6m over 4 years), Arrow is supposedly getting around $800,000.

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Geoff Foster, one tough SOB, closely followed by John Dorahy, Andrew Leeds and Lord Teddy Goodwin.

Teddy was at the end of his career but as a youngster it was just magical watching him go around in the black and white, still had that aura about him.

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If the Matulino retirement has any legs surely the NRL have to decide on it by Thursday at the latest? It seems nuts to leave it any longer, especially with a signing window opening on Friday

November 1 opens the window for 2021 signings, Matulino is off contract end of 2020.

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The NRL won’t be around in 15 years as a major competition. It won’t last it’s the most imbalanced competition that has a salary cap I can think of in terms of talent distribution.

I agreed with you until this part. EPL and NFL have a salary cap technically and they aren’t balanced at all.

AFL isnt balanced, you have the same super clubs around the top.

If St George winning 11 straight didn’t kill rugby league, a few years of Roosters will not.

AFL have had four different clubs win the GF in the past 5 years. They have clubs who are strong for four years than dip, like Hawthorn and Brisbane. In the NRL we have the Chooks and Storm every year

roosters have been strong, but as well as having more premierships than us, they also have won the wooden spoon more times than us in our merged history…

They have never won the wooden spoon under Politis’ watch. If i am correct the Roosters most recent wooden was around 1967 when I think they failed to win a match all season.

2009 the last time and 1966 the time before that.

His company has sponsored Easts ( Roosters ) since 1976.

Politis has been chairman since 1993.

1st club to actually have sponsorship listed on their jerseys from memory as well

Yep, and even that sponsorship was Politis with his car dealership City Ford.