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@cochise I’ve been watching the conversation on this topic progress and some replies on the topic are a little strange.

I am a proud Wakka Wakka man and an Aboriginal business owner.

We focus on increasing Aboriginal participation across all industries among many other things.

Recently we have helped a few young fellas get jobs in the construction industry in drafting and construction.

With the support of employers we can help these fellas build a future.

By providing awareness of the past it helps overcome barriers.

We have:

  • high incarceration rates
  • high mortality rates
  • lower life expectancy
  • loss of culture and language
  • a large number of kids in care
  • higher unemployment rates
  • lower education outcomes
    And many more

Aboriginal people are the oldest living culture on earth which nearly came to an end a little over two hundred years ago so much has changed since then.

Aboriginal people have been here for up to 80,000 years potentially 120,000 years

It’s amazing so many people don’t know about Aboriginal history and when they do it changes their perceptions of Aboriginal people and their culture and they appreciate it.

If an Aboriginal person can get a job that can change their lives their families and a whole community.

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I hear the Tigers will sign LM to a $2M contract on the provision he never tries to grow a bum fluff moustache EVER whilst at the club!

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These clowns need to be suspended for grabbing their heads to grab a penalty for a crusher.

Absolute joke!

Take a dive you sooks

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Every team in the NRL is guilty of throwing forward passes and I’d love to see a crackdown on it!

Especially teams like the Storm and Souths that use the tactic to get over the advantage line all game.

Their flat passes are always forward

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@Properossi my bad

All good brother! We all sit down to have a 💩!

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If LM signs with us I’ll be paying for my first visit to the bunnies forum 😆

I’ve popped in there before and I can tell you if he doesnt sign with Souths there will be unprecedented wailing and teeth gnashing. Be fun to watch.

You have to have more than one stray tooth before you can grind them! That is non existent at Souths!

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@happy_tiger I agree that pass was forward but the last pass for the Souths win was intentionally thrown forward and let go to win the game…

They are the ones I’d like to see pulled up to stop those duelling banjo playing wabbits looking good near the top of the ladder

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I’ve never ever seen a Tigers team hit so hard in tackles before and not only one player it’s the whole team!

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@weststigers thanks for your sincerity, employment is only one step to overcoming the disadvantage that exists for my Mob.

Unfortunately some jobs are short term and we need sustainable employment outcomes to make change.

Even today people perceive us as lazy, stupid, dole bludgers! These qualities exist in all demographics of Australia and is not unique to Aboriginal people!

The past government policies and practices need to be acknowledged and changes need to be made to address these past mistakes.

It’s not all about football, we now have more Aboriginal people studying Medicine than playing at the top levels of football, great achievement.

This is such a massive task to address and we can start by making a proactive move to become aware of the past, the present and the future of Aboriginal people and our culture.

Challenge yourselves to do some cultural awareness training and learn more.

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Here is an idea for the Wests Tigers

Make every game important to the indigenous of this country
How about a Welcome to the country speech at every Tigers home game as recognition to all Aboriginals, thier land, heritage and Value to our great game and to Our club.
By doing this and showing some initiative in our game and as a club we may just attract players like Latrell Mitchell Josh Addo Carr and Cody Walker
If we all stand with them as a club and its supporters and show we care about their traditions and culture and we value that then we may be able to sign some of these players with less difficulty
If we do this and they truly value thier culture then what better club is there to sign with
We could do something also with our close Island nations which may also benefit the Tigers in the long run with signing some of their players
You only have to look at the number of players pledging there allegiance to their small Island nations to see what it means to these players
Don’t underestimate Culture
We should embrace it

Maybe start by looking at the Wests Tigers Reconciliation Action Plan 2017-2019 and see where the club heads next?

Sponsors could jump on board increase their participation rates, look for increased government work where applicable for their own business opportunities.

Lots to consider, do more with KARI attract more Indigenous kids, make LM or JAC role models, invite old Indigenous players back and maybe then we start by attracting players to our club we currently want, then build on our fans with disabilities where we already work?

Increase our already growing member base?

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For those of you that would like to know more please see the link

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@851 he chose the Knights to be closer to his parents on the Central Coast we’ve got no chance.

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@gallagher anything will be possible with 5G technology!

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@GNR4LIFE how great would it be to send Gallen off with a loss to the Tigers!