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When are you going to stop making excuses for him? his form since Gus wrapped him on the footy show has got progressively worse NO MATTER WHAT POSITION HE IS PLAYING!!!.
He hasn’t played well all year, and i believe our teams attack has suffered for it.
If only Benji could find some form, really start testing the defence, we would be the biggest threat in this comp.

So, your saying that his form when downhill about the point Moltzen and Lui got injured? Kinda can draw a couple of correlations there huh?

Honestly, yes, he isn’t playing well. But as a loyal supporter I’m not going to berate a talented bloke who over the years has been drilled by the media, has come back from 2 shoulder recons, helped build the club to where it is today, is so passionate about the Tigers to be a one club man, has us sitting 3rd in 2010 AND has won us a grand final!!!

The bloke is in a form slump, but he deserves a hell of a lot more respect and encouragement!! Not negativity.

Here, Here!

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I am very confident of making the top four, but we can’t count our chickens yet? Keep it up boys!

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I saw Sirro kicking the ball on the Footy Show last night, maybe he can give the boys some tips?

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At the moment 2 sticking points for me:

  1. Not enough Money
  2. Not enough Players

Sought those areas out and then we should welcome some new teams, but until then build on what we have!

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gasnier has signed with the dragons for 4 and a half years for a reported 1.9 million

Bahaha what a waste of cap space!

Does the name Gasnier really justify 1.9 million? Gasnier=Big Girl Guide!

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My 3 Year old son kicks better than these blokes?

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4 on 1 defence poor communication but Farah think TEAM! You reminded me of one J Hayne just in a Tigers Jersey! We want to play finals football more than bloody Origin! I hope Sheens shows some balls and starts Fulton ahead of you next week! Frustrated, but Robbie put your team ahead of a bloody rep jersey! TEAM TEAM TEAM! Nope no bloody I!Straight out of the Protons/Lotus get a taxi with an unwashed (for 4 days) Cabbie to shuttle our KICKERS out to some local park in Campbelltown tomorrow so some kid (9yrs) living across the street can teach you blokes how to kick the FOOTBALL!


40% Play footy
35% Promotion
1% Suffer from WHITELINE FEVER (RF)

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How do you rate the coaching staff’s performance so far this season? After some criticism earlier, have they improved or should they still be looking for a new job at this point?

Overall Rating


Doing a good job with injuries (Valid Excuse this year and have managed them well!) playing a factor.

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This afternoon I read an article on the Tigers on the Daily Telegraph website and it only reinforces my view that those writing about League within this newspaper are nothing but children and should have no right to call themselves journalists. Phil Rothfield what can I say? Absolute Clown! This bloke must have photos of his naked boss in compromising positions with a goat to still have a job! He is a big waste of space! Give it a week and his opinion will change because thats what he does! He will be supporting the Tigers in a week! Phil we don’t need you!