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Bryce Gibbs has improved and is improving each week and may push for SOO next year if he keeps going the way he is! Any thoughts?

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Tigers 34
Raiders 14



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One thing I can not agree with in NSW selections is the constant selection of the OVERRATED J Hayne? He is consistently only OK? Has only been a stand out in a few games where the ball bounces his way? But then again I really don’t like the bloke because of his attitude towards his team mates a few years ago when he stated he should be fullback instead of Luke Burt? He is not a team player and NSW Origin needs team players not LAZY individuals who thinks their poop don’t stink! Give someone a go that shows some ticker!

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1 Hayne
2 B Morris
3 Lawrence
4 Idris
5 Uate
6 Sutton
7 Pearce
8 White
9 Farah
10 Luke Douglas
11 TLL
12 Watmough
13 L Lewis
14 Barba
15 Joel thompson
16 Snowden
17 Gallen

14 Barba = QLD he is a Mackay Junior.

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If I recall Lawrence has had a shot at goal kicking in the past? Can anyone clarify this? I am pretty sure he potted one from the sideline this may have been a cameo role at the time though? I know this doesn’t make him a goal kicker but if Benji is off, he could be given the ball and this would mean we don’t need flash?

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@ron burgandy:

lol, this forum would grieve for months if i left, im one of about 3-4 interesting users on here, the rest of you are a bunch of ned flanders, boring old biddies in love with one and other

ink you would miss me the most…if i left who else would you stalk?

Burgandy you are nothing more than something that rhymes with FARCE!

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@ron burgandy:


be honest here, does anyone think, that wests-tigers would have won a comp, without Tim Sheens being the coach.
do you really think that Scott Prince or Hodgo would have come to this club if Tim was not here?
remember, he took the job alot of others would not accept.
like him or not, he achieved the one thing we all dreamed of, coaching a team, wests-tigers that won a comp.
yes, there is no denying that the results have not gone the way we have desired for the team since then.
yes we are frustrated with that, and following this team can bring great highs and lows.
but at the moment he is the coach, and deserves some support.
when he eventually moves on, he will always be a very important part of wests-tigers history. :sign:

scott prince came here because no other club wanted him, he was on the scrap heap after those broken legs, he even stated that he hated the wests tigers at one point.

and who knows what we would of done, maybe if bellamy had signed instead of sheens (who was this clubs prefered choice over sheens) we would of had more success and won a couple of premierships and made finals regualry

its just my opinion that sheens has got the most he can out of these players and in some respect they are going backwards as players, its not that he cant coach, its just that he cnt coach this team in a way to get the best out of them, thats why a change is needed, the players have become complacent with no fear of being dropped, despite 4 failed years and losing 4 games in a row this year no changes were made other then ones for injured players

Tonight something strange happened???

I agreed with Ron Burgandy??

Tim is nearing the end of his tenure.

Used by Oct 2011

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What do Ricky Stuart, Bec, Buzz & Josh have in common? They are all overpaid, overrated, know very little about Rugby League and none of them will be in a Tigers dressing room in 2011!

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@ron burgandy:


@ron burgandy:

LOL like i said sheens inherited that star studded raiders team aswell, again double standards in your posts chris.

my prefered coach is folkes and has been since 08, but you are critising stuart for the same reasons you praise sheens.

How is it double standard? Sheens won 3 premierships with the Raiders, more than what Stuart won. Scrapping the barrel there mate. I love it!

and thats my point its easy to be successful when you have a team full of rep players/all time greats isnt it? both have had success with star studded teams both have struggled when they havent had the players at their disposal, but the difference is chris, sheens for the last 4 years HAS had the players at his disposal and got SFA out of them, over half our team have played or still are rep players on some level

Ron, How many of these Wests Tigers Players were occasional or established “Rep Players” before Tim arrived? How many players has Ricky Stuart turned into “Rep Players” in his coaching career?

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Not me he has only looked good with a team led by Brad Fitler and a decent Australian Team other than that he has shown NADA!