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I’m just here because I’d like to share a few stories about Bob.
I first met Bob as a 12 year old back in 1970. He was dating my older sister. Our family were all mad Rabbitoh supporters but Bob was such a great bloke that he soon won us all over.
When you’re a 12 year old kid you soon work out the character of blokes who are dating your older sisters. Most of these blokes didn’t want a pesky 12 yr old hangin around but Bob was totally different.
He was a bloody good bloke!

He treated me with genuine interest and care. He would come and watch me play Footy on a weekend when he was free. That was an awesome boost to a young kid as well as the footy team full of impressionable 12 yr olds excited to hear a 1st grade footy player is on the sideline watching us and yelling out instructions.
It was a pretty good way of getting some respect among your footy mates too 😄

He would take me to games and arrange for me to get into the sheds and meet all the players. In those days the Tigers players used to party on at the old Tigers Leagues club. That’s not the one that just closed down, it’s the one that preceeded that one.
I can remember one funny night when they got Bob up to sing his version of Old McDonald Had a Farm.
I don’t know if you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing him in action but it was one of the funniest performances I think I have ever seen. He was hilarious!

Bob always had a million stories and could be the life of the party or he could happily fade into the background and chill. He treated everyone with honour and respect, whoever they were.
He was just a top bloke and bloody good footballer!!
He never received the wraps that he deserved as a footy player I thought. He had great speed and could read a game really well. I can vividly remember him scoring 3 tries at Leichardt one Sunday afternoon against Cronulla I think it was?
(Wow that was when footy was footy!!)

There was media criticism towards him at the time because he supposedly couldn’t kick a ball but I can tell you, I saw him kick a ball 70 meters down the field one day and I don’t think that that criticism was really warranted. He was a running Fullback with a great swerve and as tough as nails.
Anyway, I just thought I would add this here as it’s the least I can do for his memory to share a story among his Footy Fans.
Rest in peace Bob.
May the good Lord find a position for you mate!