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As usual the useless leader of the NRL reacts after the proverbial hits the fan(pun intended).Greenberg takes dysfunctional to a new level by just breathing

Wasn’t Todd Greenberg the Canterbury CEO when he ‘persuaded’ Des Hasler to leave Manly to join the Bulldogs when Des still had a year to run on his contract? It’s all a bit ironic isn’t it?

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Massive Disclaimer to begin with….

I caught up with a mate who has a lot of inside goss on the Waratahs. Apparently Adam Ashley-Cooper wants to come back to the Waratahs (from Japan) to try and qualify for the 2019 World Cup. He would effectively be in direct competition with Curtis Rona for his centre spot. They’ve apparently been told (by Cheika)to play Beale in the centres and Foley at stand-off. If Ashley-Cooper comes back there’s no spot for Rona at the Waratahs let alone the Wallabies. I was told that Rona was contracted though…

It’s goss so take it for what it’s worth…

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I wish someone would just muzzle Elias permenatly. He is an embarrassment to himself, friends, and the Wests Tigers community. Never has anything constructive to say and he is so old hat he should have stayed in the last century.

Benny was terrific for the club the way he helped Balmain Leagues Club!

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I’ll start by saying that I think Ivan has improved the side since taking over. So that’s a tick. Though given the results for the years before that, it would have been hard to go backwards.

Having said that he’s not the messiah. He’s got a worse than 50% success rate.

Two things to consider. He left the Warriors a year early to head back to the Panthers when Phil Gould labelled him the best young coach in the business (on the back of his success with the Warriors). The second isn’t Cleary related but is Penrith related. Cast your minds back to the Tim Sheens reign, the Panthers came for him (Sheens) in a big way and the Tigers blinked by offering Tim Sheens an upgrade and an extension (we all know how that turned out!).

Maybe the Tigers shrug their shoulders and force the issue. If you want him Penrith, this is what it’s going to cost….

It’s a big risk for Ivan. He’s put all of his eggs in the Penrith basket and if it doesn’t work out, he’ll struggle to get another NRL job ever.

For the sake of context. The Tigers have got really good building blocks. I don’t think they’ll struggle for another coach. The tricky thing is getting the right one. After all there’s only 16 of those jobs to go round.

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WE keep hearing Parramatta are shopping around half Mitchell Moses after a decision was made that either Corey Norman or the former Wests Tigers star has to go.

The Eels know Moses will attract more interest from rival clubs, which means it will be easier to offload him without a huge burden on their salary cap. Norman is on nearly $900,000 next year and would struggle to find a club to pay even half of that.

Phil Rothfield

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Ivan Cleary has no plans to jump off Tigers’ bus, will commit future to club on Saturday
an hour ago

THEY’RE the words every Wests Tigers fan has been waiting to hear.
Ivan Cleary is on the bus.

The Wests Tigers coach will on Saturday declare his unequivocal commitment to the club, ruling out any suggestion of an immediate return to Penrith to coach his son Nathan.

Wests Tigers coach Ivan Cleary has no intentions of leaving the club.

Breaking his silence following Penrith’s sacking of coach Anthony Griffin on Monday, the Panthers first-choice replacement will quash five days of uncertainty felt by every Tigers supporter who feared that the 47-year-old would angle for a release from his current contract.

Cleary will explain at press conference scheduled for 9.45am at Wests Leagues Club on Saturday morning that he will be fulfilling the remainder of his two-and-half year deal with the Tigers.

The news will put an end to all speculation linking Cleary back to Penrith and in-turn, force the Panthers into directing their target elsewhere.

Cleary had been linked with Penrith to replace sacked coach Anthony Griffin.

The Saturday Telegraph has learned that Cleary has found the week emotionally-taxing.
However, he’s looking forward to voicing his commitment to the Tigers, showing respect to the club he has helped re-build and focusing on the club’s vital clash with Canberra on Sunday afternoon.

A man of integrity, Cleary is most uncomfortable with the way his character has been questioned — given he never once asked the Tigers for a formal release from his current contract.

What he won’t deny is that the lure of coaching his son Nathan in the NRL remains a genuine, and shared ambition between father and son, however it will only occur when the timing for both parties is right.

Cleary plans to see out his entire contract with the Tigers.

Wests Tigers chief executive Justin Pascoe had been justifiably defiant about Cleary remaining with the club from the moment word broke on Monday that it was the Tigers mentor, who the Panthers wanted to replace Griffin with.

The Tigers went as far as to assess their legal options.

“We’re not going to be pushed aside, bullied or rail roaded by anyone,’’ Pascoe said.
“I’m bitterly disappointed that a rival club has decided that it’s appropriate practice to try and poach a coach with two-and-a-half years left on his contract.

Coaching son Nathan was an obvious enticement for Ivan.

“This club and myself have to make decisions that are in the best interests of the Wests Tigers first and foremost, our fans our members and our stakeholders, and giving our head coach to a rival club is not a decision that is in the best interest of the fans or the stakeholders.”

A strategic move by the Panthers, it was designed so Griffin could be replace with a proven NRL coach, but primarily to ensure Penrith’s star halfback Nathan Cleary - off contract at the end of 2019 - remained at the foot of the mountains to play under his father.

Where Nathan signs his next contract and how long for, could prove a crucial precursor to Cleary’s coaching future.

First and foremost, the Tigers have one last chance to keep their slim finals hopes alive against the Raiders.

Cleary’s commitment could prove the perfect tonic the entire Tigers playing group needs.

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Ivan Cleary has no plans to jump off Tigers’ bus, will commit future to club on Saturday

David Riccio Daily Telegraph

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I don’t want to get too dramatic about this, but wasn’t this the sort of behaviour that led to Banking Royal Commission? People start acting with impunity as regards the law (you can’t encourage someone to break their contract) and it’s a downhill spiral….

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THE latest problem for Manly centres around Kiwi Test prop Marty Taupau and rumours he’s offside with some of his teammates.
Rival clubs are aware of the drum on Taupau and some have baulked at looking to sign him given the rumblings coming out of the Sea Eagles’ dressing room.
Taupau is still contracted to Manly for the next two seasons but other NRL sides have been quietly made aware that if they want to make a play, the big prop could be available.
Intriguingly, coach Trent Barrett benched Taupau against the Penrith Panthers last Saturday after initially naming him to start.
Taupau has again been named to start against Cronulla on Sunday.
There is no questioning his talent, but as we saw with Daly Cherry-Evans, Anthony Watmough and the Stewart brothers a few years back, divided dressing rooms are never an easy fit.

(Daily Telegraph 2/8)

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It’s going to be a late night….

This is the second grade isn’t it?