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I have to agree I was very impressed and surprised at just how honest and down to earth he was I am really looking forward to him pulling on a tigers jumper next year

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If you are picking a team of grubs then justin jodges would have to be caprain coach and every other role down to ball boy never been a bigger grub nor a more lower example if a sportsmen and over rated footballer in the history of the game

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Have to Agree with everything said
We were totally outmuscled in the forwards we have no one that is even remotely intimidating Halatal and Lovett are just terrible and. Not first grade players
Our halves were very average and quite frankly outplayed by equally or even more so inexperienced pairing they simply have not been coached how to play wet weather football or simply are uncoachable I find it amazing that we have a coach who was an established half and kicker yet our kicking game is laughable
Nono and Kev have no idea how to man up in defence they are constantly caught out and run around
Easts won that game based on a simple kicking game that brought about repeat sets we kicked in the air and got nothing
Farah would have been very useful kicking out of dummy half like Friend did why he was rested is beyond me and given we did rest him where was Ballin and why the hell did we buy him if we are not going to use him.
Thinks that’s it feels good to vent these guys break your heart week in and week out this was a game that was there to be won and we surrendered to an under manned outfit who is running 15 th.

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If its true would it be freeing up some cap room to have a crack at Hayne?

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Have to say I think Grant has us going in the right direction although of course he is still hamstrung with the same pack of clowns on the board but if he does want to know what the issues that the members and fans in General have with this club then he needn’t read anything more than what Knuckles has said that pretty much summarizes the issues many people have with the WT,s to a tee.

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Defence is certainly something that needs to be sorted out going toward would be nice to have some sort of defensive structure it must be time for Royce to be shown the door , has anybody heard any more about Folkes possibly coming back next year?

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Hi guys

I’m new to the forum although have been reading as a guest for years and its just good to see that most of you seem to see the same blatantly obvious mistakes/poor judgement made both on the field and in the front office so I thought I would register and join the conversations

Just a couple of things out of tonight that I still think was one that stupid mistakes cost us as oppossed to Manly going that well but in fairness they were good enough to capitalise on anyway i wouldn’t mind seeing other people’s thoughts on the following -

What has gone wrong with Anasta ? somewhere over the last off season he has truly lost it, his ball handling and passing has been terrible all year but tonight would have to have been one of his career worst Potter should have sent the hook out and whist he was there snagged Ayshford as well he must already be at Cronulla in his mind and he should be playing state cup for the remainder of the year

Also something that also puzzles me with Potter who I do have some time for but why he seems to keep one or more on the bench for so long until bringing them puzzles me tonight it was Sirro,s turn I had assumed he was out injured hence the Anasta and Marshall horror show that we saw tonight I still can’t see how Marshall can even think he could be successful in Rugby given the last few performances he has put in, but back onto Sirro why would you keep your starting half on the bench until the game was for in reality over? but didn’t he change the momentum of the game when he did get on

Another observation or question to the forum does young Teddy seem to slip over more than the average player or is it just me not sure what boots he is using but they must have wheels on the bottom may be due to him going flat out at everything but I think that is also his positional pay catches him out therefore he is having to rush at everything

On the positive side how good are our youngsters those wingers are sensational the young forwards Sue, Ava, Buchanan and tonight BMM and Blair as well had a real go as we’ll and you can see the difference that having a bit size in big Keithy makes to the go forward

I think 2014 will be better and will build towards a big 2015 given the maturity that these young guys will have by then and then the salary cap relief from cutting the sheens inspired deadwood and paying off cronullas roster that then should allow us to add any extra class we need.

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I thought the real difference was the halves and I would think with another year under their belt that both the Reynolds boys may well be what NSW needs for next year I think Piercey has had enough chances and have to agree with most of the forum that Maloney is disappointing at this level probably a good club footballer but not an origin player.
Woodsy was a little quiet but will learn to adjust to the speed and desperation of Origin level and was again under-utilized off the bench, there is no doubt Gallen and Hayne were missed and were possibly the difference.

I begrudgingly have to admire the QLD defence as much as it Gauls me to say it perhaps we could encourage them to employ Roycey but at the end of the day field position based around a good kicking game was the difference and that is Thurston truly the games number one player.

In my opinion NSW wasted the opportunity to win this one but have some good and better younger options coming through for next year even though there will be 2 games in dodge city next year.

At least we can now concentrate on the tigers for the rest of the year and I am looking forward to getting out to Leichhardt Friday night to see the boys go round.