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I have never liked Taylor especially with grog in him. All this nonsense has made me feel sick inside

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A big NO from me sorry to say. Expect us to be the whipping boys in 2016 and the Daily Telegraph having a field day with rumours of internal issues to rub it in.


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I think it will be a great game. I just hope the Nine Network does it in HD (on GEM)

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Sack the coach? Then we’ll have 3 coaches to payout. & Robbie still has 2 years on his contract. I’m left shaking my head with the whole setup at WT. (expletive deleted)
I have never liked Taylor and was cringing when he got the job. Small minds with huge egos all around IMHO.

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The whole coaching & administration stuff ups go back to when Sheens was coach. I thought Potter was OK and I would prefer him to a pounce like Taylor. Seriously, I cant stand him as a person. The only thing that would redeem him to some degree would be having a good first season. That wont happen. We are more likely to get the Spoon this year.

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& AK is cutting them up for the Storm. All our left winger has is a funny haircut!

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Didn’t Foxtel have a system where you could turn off just the commentators, who are all pains in the neck? You still get the effects mikes, the hits & crowd noise as well as the ref and players.
I would like to see this as an option for every televised game. & while I’m at it how about The Nine Network televise games on the HD channel (GEM). its noticeably better on even a small (32inch) 1080p full HD panel.

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Had a top game. That fend he used on Alex Johnston to score one try was spectacular.

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The same season the Roosters brought in Robinson, WT brought in Potter - I thought we had signed the better coach by far - after all, who was Robinson? How wrong was I?

Rookie caretaker coach Paul MacGregor steps in at the helm of a depleting St George line up this season and has them going gangbusters - immediately.

Geoff Toovey has had to endure all sorts of drama at Manly for the past few seasons. They are losing players at a rate of knots, but he has somehow managed to instill a fighting spirit into the team and they are on their way back up the ladder once again.

God, even Ricky Stuart is beginning to get the best out of his young Canberra side. They are currently playing the best footy I’ve seen them play in years!

And WT? Well we’ve gone from the latter years of the Sheens era, which was marked by the boys club and some seriously senile team selections, onto dopey Potter, who appeared to be void of any sort of people skills and now we have “I have NFI how to implement a game plan”, pasty face scarecrow Taylor! Just bloody wonderful! BUT we have loads of potential, so I’m told 😒

Just lucky I guess!

Seriously, I thought Potter was the go. When we got Taylor I was a bit disappointed but a few wins have made me feel better. However, the few wins has vanished.

All the signs are there for yet another long season. :bawling