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@Fraze23 said in Round 20 Spoilers:

I love seeing the Titans playing some good footy. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for them. But it certainly makes our season harder to swallow when we’ve shown hardly any signs of consistency or turning the corner and they’ve been able to turn their year around.

What I have liked about hoolbrook and those defending him earlier in the season , there was no this isn’t his side , salary cap screwed etc . If anything he has had it worse than anyone . Didn’t bring anyone in other than Thompson , there cap was worse than anyone with so many under performing players and you can see he had taught them how to play and they have improved individually and collectively over the course of the season

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I’ll start off they still need to extend madge for stability , show players that they don’t run the joint , also I don’t see any great coaches available .
As to the WT issues
I think first part of season after covid break flattered they tigers , I think they along with the eels were far superior fit to rest of the comp and now rest of comp has legs in them these sides are getting found out
I also think madge will have learnt from this year , I think he was too intense and too critical in press conferences , you have to have the players wanting to play with you , Bellamy gets away with his demeanour as players know he is a winner , and his main players responded to that style so the rest follow
I also think Cleary had the right idea with the flops he had signed , you build the club with hard heads in the side and then you can bring the young guys through (Penrith the exception ) look at the donkeys with their youth policy in the forwards , look how Newcastle improved once they bought hard heads into the side , same with eels in the way he has built their forward pack . The tigers pack is too young and will always suffer over course of a season

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They probably wanted nofa

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Congratulations and well done brooks . In fact every player that gets suspended for punching should take it to the courts . I only see justified punches these days . The Nrl does not provide duty of cars to players . all these facials, head slaps when players make errors by opposition , the falling on players after they score a try ( they penalise players for tackling a kicker a split second after ball is kicked but allow much greater leeway to hit a player who has scored and we all know those are cheap shots).
In fact if I was brook I would just go to judiciary just to have on record if you won’t protect me I will punch them

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My issue is, that it’s two way everyone is jumping on the players for playing games with contracts but clubs do much worse and no one says anything . If clubs had to keep players and not able to move players on the comp would be more even .
Look at Penrith they should have been made to keep DWZ, RCG, Maloney , Blake . They should not be allowed to shop those players around or send to England . They made their bed signing big money contracts for many years to ensure they could sign them in first place . They should have to remain on roster and not allowed to move clubs or be removed from salary cap . If this happened the riff squad would look different to now and some of the players they got with release of those players would have played elsewhere and allowed perennial under achievers to sign quality players . The fact that clubs can pay big money long term deals and ship off players before expiry distorts the markets and that only advantages the top clubs or those with massive tpas available

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But but , they sign for way unders because they want to be apart of a successful club and play with great coaches . Isn’t that why everyone signs for unders at broncos and roosters and souths

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As far as I’m concerned your better off following a team that has been doing bad then a successful team . The way the broncos supporters and sycophants in media about their performances has been disgusting . They are what I like to call plastic supporters who only support during the good times , also means the good times doesn’t mean much . Chin up when the good times roll , you will feel like a million bucks

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@cochise said in Wests Tigers - Trash or Treasure:

@bbobb said in Wests Tigers - Trash or Treasure:

Lots of peeps disappointed with our ladder position and after 9 years - rightly so. I think Justin Pascoe wants to the Tigers to be a destination of choice but we are more like the last chance hotel. Other clubs trash become our treasure. It’s ok to have the odd player who was wanted for whatever reason. New club - new start, but we have nearly built an entire roster on it.

JRey - hadn’t played in the preceding 12 months at the Dogs before we signed him And was coming off contract . We basically doubled their offer. Yes he was still wanted at Dogs but not for the price or tenure of contract.

MBye - Was being shopped around by the Dogs. Huge back ended contract that we are paying for and was failing to spark the Dogs attack. It’s hard to believe that their attack was worse then than it is now.

BJ - Unwanted by the Raiders. Was being forced out with the purchase of Curtis Scott. I think we probably paid overs for him and gave him 4 years.

Eiso- Not wanted by Penrith.

Clark - see above

Twal - Not 100% sure but I think they released him to us as he was excess

Mataulino - was already struggling with significant knee issues when he arrived from Warriors

Doueihi - Could have probably stayed with Rabbits but was unlikely to be in starting 17 unless through injury.

Jennings - unwanted at Souths

Taylor - Unwanted at Penrith. Playing reserve grade

McQueen - not sure If we signed him prior to or after his neck injury but was not going to be wanted.

Robbie and Benji - their story is a bit different but without the Tigers offering them a place probably would have both retired in 2018.

There are probably others in the squad as well

Melbourne on the other hand have a core group of stars and buy the odd discard with the right attitude and that improves those players. E.g. Brenko Lee, Justin Olam, Tom Eisenhuth etc. We have tended to buy discards as marquee signings and that doesn’t really work.

Our recruitment is too reactionary.

I agree but also due to panic . They panicked when the ‘big 3’ left and I think they panicked Latrell and couple of others didn’t eventuate and then got BJ as they panicked thinking they needed some sort of kill

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@Milky said in Wests Tigers - Trash or Treasure:

Looking at Knights recruitment vs ours if funny.

How they ended up with players like Klemmer, Pearce, Ponga etc. is beyond me.

They would have ended up dudds here anyway

They had the media campaigning for players to join them , fairly easy to recruit when you have via channel 9 behind them from Joey and fox via Matty , Newcastle an good option to join .

I give the following example , when Newcastle were trying to recruit (other than Gallen at the time who was playing at sharks and said Pearce to not join a crap club) no one came out and said for players not to join them , now look at dogs and the media pieces for Cotric to remain at raiders and not join the dogs . Or the peiced basically saying Barrett shouldn’t join doses . Says it all really