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But @tigeress if the guy really doesn’t want to be here for ‘whatever’ the reason is, forcing him to stay and play Reggies as some have suggested ain’t gonna do anyone any good.

We let an un-happy player go and replace him with someone that wants to play for Madge and knows full well all the other conditions re $$$ etc etc etc. results in a much happier player than Matterson will apparently ever be here and a much happier/settled club and Forum

A win-win situation all round 😃

Get off the grass. It’s not Hippyville. Business is business and this is a big deal. This bloke is pushing the envelope and deserves nothing but a painful, difficult transition.

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I learned long ago, that when youre looking for that dream car or house or whatever, you usually miss out on a few. But another always pops up, and when it does, it turns out you’re pretty happy with how things work out. I really don’t see much of a difference with Mitchell. Feet up folks, grab a beer and cross your fingers if you need to. There’s nothing you can do to change the the end result. Typing compelling reasons as to why he should have signed or why he hasn’t is probably only gonna add to your angst. Enjoy the weekend if you can. ✌

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@VolksWagonDriver you can say a lot of things about ET, but saying he isn’t tough enough is ridiculous

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I really don’t get how people that want the club to be profitable, successful and act with fiscal responsibility, also want the club to offer Rowdy more than every other club in the competition are prepared to pay for his services. He’s been well rewarded financially for his terrific service to date. But there comes a time when things end. It’s not about loyalty or the lack thereof, it’s just business. Chris is hardly gonna go broke by missing out on a paltry 50k or so. Although, the old “I have to look after my young family” line will get trotted out at some point soon no doubt.

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I’ve read some good points on both sides of the argument. Tough decision to be made when we’re talking dollars. And I guess that what it comes down to. I think every club would like to have him, but he’s a classic example of a player being worth significantly different amounts based on their needs. Across the board, we’re probably more needy than most and therefore, are likely to offer more. It must be a headache for Madge & Pascoe & crew trying to balance what we need whilst keeping in mind the fact that the club has been burnt so much in the past with poor choices and price tags. Sometimes though, you just have to take a chance. Invest early and believe you can bring the player up to the payment level. The alternative is to have a Matterson/Moses like situation. We all want players contracted on the right coin. They need to invest in the club as much as the club needs to invest in them. Can Madge bring out the best in Doueihi? Probably yes. Do we pay overs to get him? Probably should at this point. Will we do that? Probably not. Madge seems to be pretty comfortable with our current FB. I can’t decide. But thats why I fix leaking showers for a living.

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I had hopes at the end of this season that we were going somewhere and that within a couple of years we could let some overpaid players go and build a team around Brooks and Matterson. Now Matterson is leaving…I am tired of having my hopes dashed. I have opted not to renew my membership for 2020. I will not stop supporting the team, but I cannot keep copping this as a fan. Something has to change - so that this club is not seen by players and player managers as a place to earn some above value coin for nearly retiring players, or as a place where I can get a start and then move on to to a more ‘fashionable’ club. What needs to change is people’s perceptions about who Wests Tigers are. How can this be changed? My personal view is we have to present an attractive proposition for players and their managers - eg powerful corporate support for the club that can offer third party agreements on par with teams like the Roosters, playing out of one venue that is both financially viable and comfortable for fans, high expectations for success driven by management and coaches, quality recruiting processes, excellent training facilities. We currently come up short in a number of these areas and until this changes we will struggle.

I really hope the club is looking at this feedback

If memberships slip then internal questions will be asked by the board.

If anyone tears up their membership over this twerp you need to have a good look look at yourselves .He’s been given permission to talk to others which means he has one foot out the door his team are pi***d off with his attitude (never a good sign) his management team I would rate below Isaac Moses and other thing is he as good as everyone seems to be wetting their pants over NO!!!

This isn’t a one off event though, is it?

Exactly. For me this was the tipping point. The final straw if you like. I have no intention of stopping my support for the team but I’m not renewing membership until this continued mismanagement and poor team performance stops.
Someone said that a couple of thousand people opting out won’t worry the Tigers. It should. Every person who does not renew should be of grave concern. Every single person.

I will be a member in 2020. All past issues aside, this one isn’t the clubs fault imo. A players greed and determination to act like a twat can’t be blamed on the club.

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Wighton still deserves the CC.

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I can look back at the few moments of disbelief which, had they panned out differently, we probably would have gone on to win. The moment when Benji threw it to Chee Kam and he dropped it on the first, the moment mbye didn’t give it to his winger and he didn’t make it. The moment Farah threw a shocker on halfway and we were under the pump at the end. The moment Farah didn’t cover the inside (he must have been completely gassed) after Mahe ran out of the line and missed the tackle on Bromwich. It was just one of those games. After all is said and done, yeah, we should have won, but that’s footy. We had a real dig and it’s a team game. The boys are really playing like a team and giving it plenty right now. Across the board, well done Tigers. I can live with that loss. I’ll take disappointment over despair any day.

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@Cultured_Bogan the lack of interesting TV shows in favour of lifestyle & “reality” shows.

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How quickly so many forget all of Corey’s fantastic performances. Really happy he’s sticking around. Absolute value for money.

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@cktiger said in 2019 NRL Grand Finals *Spoilers:

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You just can’t have a situation where one ref can wave six again and dramatically impact the play…and one says no. There were80 000 people screaming, so all the players would have known was the CLEAR six again signal.

Annesley is delusional rattling on about the sec ref ovveruled and they called it out four times. No waya player can be expected to see one signal and then try to listen out for a contradictory call with 80 000 people yelling.

It wasn’t six again . In the end the right call.
Cronk getting 10 was the wrong call.

No it wasn’t. Multpliple players including Luke Garner were binned and then suspended for split second decisions that favoured the attacking team. That decision was consistant with plenty of others this year.

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@MAGPIES1963 said in Confirmed: Matterson released from Wests Tigers.:

G’day @Telltails: I gotta disagree re “Matterson was not worth keeping for any amount”.

According to what The Barry, a ‘Roar’ Guru said in his article if correct…Matterson was no. 1 for 2nd rowers this year averaging 131 run metres per game combined with on average 36 tackles per game, Also no.1 for post-contact metres.

Unlike Michelle Moses, Matterson was dedicated and decent enough to play his heart out in every game for Our Wests Tigers this year.

So What happened?

How could we let a player with his talent slip through our fingers?

All the talk of ‘we’re gonna play hardball with Matterson by not giving him $1 more than his contracted amount until at least the end of 2020, we’ll show him who’s boss’.

To me, it doesn’t seem to have worked out in our favour.

From what we have been told, it appears to be no one either bothered or was capable of sitting down and talking/appealing to Matterson’s decency directly, to work out a deal that would work for him and Us. The result…it appears very likely ‘we’ have lost a great talent and some other bugger will gain a great talent.

I may be completely wrong, but I still feel there is something? that as yet has not been said with regard to Ryan Matterson not being at Wests Tigers next year 🍒 ⛪ ⛄

I agree with one half of one sentence.

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@Zach He’ll still go down as a club great. Just not at our club. Tigers made him, Roosters claimed him. I hate watching him succeed. It makes me sick. And I really don’t get excited at all when he has a great game for NSW either such are my feelings towards him. Maybe it’s pathetic, maybe not. It’s just how it is.

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You kind of have to give the guy credit. He’d be shattered but is moving on with minimal fuss. There’s a few that could learn a thing or two from the bloke about being humble.

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He is a piece of garbage. THE END.