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After seeing that interview I really hope we do not sign LM. NRL is just a game to him, he is easily distracted and not professional. He feels the need to escape at the first sign of pressure and he is surrounded by people telling him what he wants to hear.

He is a fantastic player and would benefit a team that had everything and just needed some flair, but I don’t think he is what we need and will not handle the pressure everyone will put on him.

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Best solution at the moment would be for LM to join Newcastle and Wests take over Ponga’s contract. I have no idea if Ponga wan’ts to join Wests, but he would be a safer bet for us and LM gets to stay near home.

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I watched one of the Sharks games this year and Moylan was the best player on either side. He still is a very good player but has not had many great games this year.

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Tedesco is a fantastic player but has strengths and weaknesses like everyone else

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All of our dummy half options for next year are ball players and a team does need everyone in the the spine to have the same skills.

If Corey Thompson defends well, defuses kicks, organises the defensive line and provides support to the forwards, then a coach can work with that.

Tedesco does not create many tries with his ball playing, he has improved but he scores most of his tries as a support runner when other players make a break.

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How about Cody Walker at fullback? He has kicked 10/12 goals and played 17 games at fullback for the Rabbits. He seems to be down on confidence since SOO and the change of team and roll might suit him. I am not sure about his 1 on 1 defence but offers a lot in attack.

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@tigerbalm said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Does anyone know the ramifications of not spending the cap? I would rather take the fine

Why wouldn’t we just give the contracted players a bonus?

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@Spud_Murphy said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Someone on here has been saying this all along, but no one has been listening. Sadly, I think he/she is right.

How many times does someone with no information or proof have to say something before everyone should listen? I think its 5.

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The Tigers want Latrell and are still negotiating, that includes withdrawing the offer. Latrell and his manager want a $1M contract and are negotiating, that includes trying to make the Tigers think there are other options.
Saying stuff like Latrell never wanted to be a Tiger or the Club has stuffed this up based on our view from the outside are ridiculous. A deal may still be reached, or it may not. We are still the only team that has made an offer.

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Talau looked like a good ball returner in his one NRL game. He has mostly played 5/8 in Flegg and CC so he must have a passing game. He is big (189CM and 95kg) and quick.

I would give him a try at fullback if we don’t sign a more established one.

1 Talau
2 Thompson
3 Mbye
4 Momo
5 Nofo