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Found this on the site

“Can’t log in or access your account?
Send an email to and we’ll get you back online.”

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I wish people would stop worrying about other people worrying 😀

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@happy_tiger said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

As I don’t live in the Sydney bubble if I hear the same story from within the smart state , someone from south of the border and then read someone spruiking it on the Forum I will post what I have heard

But I don’t get why people have shots at others on here for relaying what they are hearing , they are just trying to help

From a person that was in the know , when a Forum member has a pot shot questioning your info it is annoying and makes you stop wanting to give the info …

There area few on here with the right info …that bloke that annoys quite regularly is usually pretty spot on

Remember …don’t shoot the messenger

Info is good but I think it is the conflicting info that is causing the problem. A source can help a reader decide what to believe. The stakes are much higher than usual.

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Congratulations to @TIGER! You are the first person I have blocked.

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Watching the highlights reminded how good he has been at times. I don’t know how much of last year he was injured but he looked down on confidence.

It can be tricky to get the best out of players, people need the right amount of direction and pressure and it is different for everyone. I would say he is one of the options for 5/8 next year, if he could be close to his best most games then that would be awesome for the WT.

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@TJ21 said in What if...:

@Newtown was there ever any real Information on this?

Someone, in some thread said they had inside info that Nathan Brown was coming to Tigers from the Eels. It may have been @Curly_Tiger but I am not sure.

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@spacecub probably would have told us about Reynolds if people hadn’t mocked them about getting info from Reynold’s mum

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Momo has shown a freakish ability to score tries in heavy traffic. That’s not as easy to put a value on compared to size and speed but as he is young, one of our best goal kickers and does everything expected of a centre, I think he is a big asset to the team.

I also like how he came back from some mistakes last year, seems to be mentally tough.

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@coivtny said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@colinbh If you don’t like reading it ………… DON’T.

Unfortunately you have to read each post to know if it is an expression of angst rather than news or rumours.

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If the rest of the spine is Latrell, Brooks and Benji we have plenty of control and creativity. We just need defence and fast accurate service from dummy half. They don’t even need much speed to run when there is a quick play the ball.

Reynolds and Walters will probably share the roll to start unless we sign someone else.

Billy Brittain has had Damien Cook in front of him, he seemed OK when he had a few games during the SOO period last year.