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How many 5/8’s does a team need?


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Haven’t had a halfback since Prince.

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I’m certain that @innsaneink had a list of club firsts from the old forum.

Leading Competition After a round
Holding opposition to 0

Are the only 2 I can remember.

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5 years on (nearly)

Be interested to see if anyone’s opinions have changed?

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Oooooooooooh Section 44…

Another outdated archaic rule to get all in a flap about…

Forget about Energy Prices a sustainable future, Education, Health Care, an ageing population…who bloody cares as long as your grandfather’s uncle’s aunty wasn’t a Kiwi…

Fair suck of the Sav…and people wander why…

You don’t think it’s important that people with citizenship, and therefore possible allegiances to other nations, should not be able to stand for election?

I personally don’t trust anyone who has dual citizenships. was born overseas or has a strange last name.

Terrorists most likely.

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Is this legit?

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This is the kind of sentimental nonsense that ensures that the club will not progress forwards.

This is a professional and competitive environment, If he’s not up to it anymore then he shouldn’t be playing.

Thanks for the memories and the service, but RF is not the WT and WT are not RF.

Seriously can’t believe people are actually thinking like this.

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Mitch Moses with the newly re-signed Chris Lawrence, who has just signed on to continue playing for the next 3000 years due to the Tigers salary cap issues.

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@Gary Bakerloo:


I mean the fact that so many people got duped into believing that you could privatise a scheme that has zero revenue and billions of dollars worth of outgoings, it is just laughable. What next, we privatise the dole or the pension?

Why can’t the payments administration be privatised?

Using random numbers, let’s say the administration process costs the government $1b. Why couldn’t they tender to the private sector who could do it for say $500m?

I’ll do it for $20m.

And handing over public services to the private sector is how we ended up with Telstra and now the defunct NBN.

As a general rule. If it’s cheaper, there’s usually a reason why.

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You do know that your’re attendance or non-attendance at a game doesn’t effect the on-field performance right?

You’re not yelling loud enough then.

Here I was thinking it was my lucky scarf doing all the work.