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So it’s been 10 years since the 05 premiership and the club really hasn’t kicked on since then on-field.

I recall many posters on here lamenting sheens selections (myself included) asking for new coaching blood to take our talented core of players to the next level. We’ve had Potter, Taylor and Sheens struggle to get much out of our playing stocks.

A few adept signings (Ellis, Tapau) have made us confident. but the team still struggles.

3 coaches have struggled with the tigers. This anomaly cannot be solely down to coaching ability.

Yet I keep reading that it’s the coaches fault our supposedly fantastic players have been not performing year in year out. Or the tackling coach, or the forwards coach.

10 years, 3 coaches. No Improvements.

Makes me think It’s not a coaching issue.

What do we change next?

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Thread kind of tackles two issues and intertwines them.

Issue #1. Clubs developing their own players
Issue #2. Restricting Overseas Talent
I’ll tackle issue #1 Developing your own players

Should be a salary cap reduction i’d say 10% for each year a player has been with your junior system when they make their NRL Debut (capped at 30%).

If a player signs with another club and re-joins their original club this doesn’t apply and they take up 100% of the cap space they normally would (ala Richards).

Pros: Encourages clubs to develop juniors for first grade
Discourages clubs from seeking talent from overseas
Adds Salary Cap relief for teams who do develop juniors
May work.

Cons: Requires Maths
It’s different.
May not work

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One thing I’ve always loved about the tigers was the attractive football.

We didn’t win most of the time but we were enjoyable to watch.

Now we’re just another 13 guys in slightly different colors to another 13 guys doing almost exactly the same thing.

Repeat x number of games each week.

Haven’t watched a single game this year, probably won’t watch any. More enjoyable ways to spend 2 hours on a weekend.

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Not sure if it’s still there or not

but if you’re in the north shore / St. Leonards area

Romeo’s Pies are divine.

and their chips are pretty amazing too.

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Was having a discussion with a mate of mine in the us about the conversion from imperial to metric and how it would affect the NFL and it got me wondering.

Did league always use metric or was there a switch?

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In terms of mannerism

I’ve been compared to. Dr Zoidberg.

I’m both honored and a little confused.

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Did the commentator just say ‘Timberware’ ?

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rolling rght through them at the moment

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It’s one of the KpI’s i’m most interested in.

Our Points against has always been woeful. 631pts is almost 30 pts per game

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@happy tiger:



Imagine the response if we were told that.

You think Australian would take to the street? or just call talkback radio and forget it within 2 weeks?

We would all be told to meet at a pub and then everyone would get pissed and forget about it

With Abbott in charge it would be a pub with no beer!