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I reckon it’s a winner.

Both WT’s foundation clubs have so much history. Good to see it being recognised.

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He was playing like a potato in ISP.

Wasn’t sad to see him go.

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Aloiai has leveled up in 2019. Totally deserves a crack in the starting line-up. Hopefully he’s fit enough for it.

Reynolds should be better too with a full game under his belt.

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Who else is sick of hearing about Ivan?

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Can’t see Benji backing up one week after doing a hammy when we have a gun replacement.

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El Masri played 3-4 seasons with the dogs before he took on goal kicking duties……

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A lot of fair points here. We have lacked a genuine speedster since JAC.

But…… I’d rather see the money spent on key positions first.

We seem to have a faster forward pack this year with Garner and Matterson which counts for something.

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Don’t forget, any expansion will be aimed at getting maximum value from the next round of tv rights.

Perth opens up a market of over 2.5 million new viewers. That’s a big deal.

Dubbo (or even for that sake, Brisbane) would not expand the tv audience at all.

The NRL would most likely subsidise Perth because they can sell the tv rights for more.

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It’s a nice idea, but simply, Dubbo’s economy isn’t big enough to support an NRL club. You need huge corporate sponsorship bucks to run a footy club.

Greater Western Sydney’s economy (with basically 2 NRL sides) is worth $114 billion p/a compared to $2 billion in the greater Dubbo area.

Perth is a $182 billion economy and would bring more viewers and bigger tv bucks.

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Gus has an ego as big as the MCG, but he loves and knows our game inside out.

He’ll be down at the local footy club at Shalvey, eating a sausage sanga, while the NRL head honchos are terrified of travelling any further west than Balmain.

The writing is on the wall for the next rights and Gus knows it. It could be financial bloodshed with Netflix and digital mopping up viewers and 9/Fox struggling.

Of course Brisbane can support another team. Perth and Auckland, while not awesome choices, would make a rights deal more attractive.

The clubs do own the game, albeit indirectly. Without clubs, the NRL has no product to sell.