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@PrattenParkMagpie said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Not against Douehi but not at full freight, the Bunnies backended the contract and it’s a bit like letting them off the hook.

With Arrow arriving in 21, looking at what they have off contract next year and their current forward strength they appear to be getting themselves into a bit of a mess cap wise and then it appears they are not willing to pay any freight, a bit arrogant for a club that may be in a salary cap mess come 2021 if they don’t offload some baggage.

But that’s always been Wayne’s way, never had trouble off loading or getting a player to retire to fit in any new big buy he wanted at the Donkeys, but will it work at the Bunnies.

I see the Bunnies ATM throwing everything at a chance at a premiership I mean this season next at a pinch ! Let’s face it Bennett will be using a Zimmer frame in the not to distant future and will start forgetting how to get to Redfern oval for training ! There seems a real feel of desperation around the Burrow they are really pushing the salary cap ceiling !

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@avocadoontoast said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@teddy23 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Understand where you’re coming from, however do we really wanna continue paying on potential or should we look to buy polished players who have proven they can perform consistently week in week out
Doueihi showed some promise for a few weeks, so now we offer him 500k?
Would prefer to wait for a specialist fullback to become available, we need to be patient in terms of spending this money just like the bulldogs seem to be doing
Also, you’re acting like there’s no downside when there really is it’s not like they’re coming on a 1 year deal, they will wanna come for about 3 years and we’re stuck with them if they don’t perform

We’ve tried buying polished players but haven’t been successful in landing anyone. That comes later. For now we have to do the best we can with what money we have.

The salary cap in 2020 is $9.5m. That means that Doueihi, our starting fullback and future 5/8 when Benji retires, is taking up only 5% of the cap. I think his price tag reflects the fact that he only played 10 or so games last year. If he had played the whole season, his price tag might be significantly higher.

Also, let’s remember we have offered Stefano near $300k per season and he’s a forward who has NEVER played an NRL game. $500k for a 21 year old spine player is not a lot to spend. We need to stop thinking about value for money all the time and focus purely on quality and talent. It’s the only way we are ever going to have on field success.

So the Knights can have one of the worst seasons in the history of the NRL, but somehow manage to sign Ponga, Pearce and Klemmer

We miss out on signing Latrell and now it means stop going for talented players bc they’ll never consider us, when was the last time we’ve been linked to a player of his calibre? We are so use to being interested in buying players who show potential and get forced out by their current club that we only continue to be dealing with this same predicament of taking years to finally clear the space then repeating the same mistake when we have the money once again

Who says he’s going to be our 6 in 2021? He hasn’t proven he can consistently perform on the NRL stage for a season and we’re already penciling him to be the successor to Benji, when we have the money to go out and buy quality representitive players instead?

Stefano and Doueihi are different situations, Stefano is being signed on less than an NRL average contract and basing off how Parra have reacted to him coming here and how Souths are basically trying to push Doueihi to come here should tell you enough

When you say we should stop worrying about value, I’m sorry but that’s just ridiculous it should be our number 1 priority as I refuse as a fan to be sitting here in a few years with this same problem bc we didn’t want to be patient and pay players who have shown they’re worth the money

Knights also paid massive dollars for Klemmer at a time when Dogs couldn’t match the price tag. They swooped on Pearce just after Cronk joined Roosters, so timing was just right on that one.

And Ponga, they nabbed him from a Qld club (the Cows) as a junior about to hit Firsts, buying him a year ahead like we have with Stefano.

So good fortune and good management with those three.

Sounds like Douehi is good timing now for us… hoping so.

The mentioned players above were seasoned and proven …Ponga is a huge talent not as tested as the others but really the Knights were on a winner with him from the start .
Douehi on the other hand LOOKS ok but really is he worth 500k a season is unproven at fullback can play 5/8 this is the position I am interested in him , do not know much about him but I would be looking at the 5/8 spot with him, I am sure there are others that know more about his 5/8 abilities .But that money is a lot for potential me thinks !

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@teddy23 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

I for one applaud Pascoe for not wanting to pay the full price for Doueihi and approaching this carefully unlike when in the Ivan era when we threw big money at the first available players such as Packer, Reynolds and Mbye

Being patient and waiting for the right player will only benefit us for the long term and not put us in the same position in a few years

I agree with this …No signing for the sake of signing , with a large portion of the playing roster coming off contract this season I believe this is the defining moment in the last decade .
There are many spaces available and plenty of money in the bank ! if wise heads prevail I truely believe there will be a premiership within the next 4 seasons . I do not get sucked into the paying overs to come , you get the right players at the right time they will sign …

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@tigerballs said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

News is AJ wants to see out his contract with Souths and is determined to stay put. Let’s see how that works out for him. On the other hand Marwene Hiroti is very keen. He’s on a train and trial with the Sharks but his preference is the Tigers, most likely more opportunities.

Wheee did you see that?

A source at Souths

That’s a shame and surprising. With us has the chance to play fullback and get good money. There’s a chance with Souths he doesn’t make first grade. Weird.

He might stick it out til June. But when he’s In reggies behind


He probably changes his mind.

So will Thompson be fullback come round 1?

If tigers are SERIOUSLY after a fullback and a fullback only (Not utility) but want to save money for a NAME winger or centre then they really should go after edwards or aetkins only. Both off contract 2020 both gunning for the same spot in the same team. They rate VERY highly on the VFM ranks

Catching is not one of Edwards’ strengths. Pace is also not a strength.

Catching definitely not but I thought Edwards was quick?

No he lacks pace and is more of a strong runner.

He would have go get rid of those tight shorts …

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@TYGA said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Stefano Utoikamanu. Adam Douhei will be the next two signed. We will have one spot left for a pre June 30 move. I would assume some final year players may be moved on before June 30 ET, Eisenhuth, Jennings, McQueen. Our roster management has been good Douhei will be a good 6 when Benji retires.

The Club needs to be looking at 5/8 For 2021 no doubt , whether Douhei is it who knows !

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@bigsiro said in Josh Addo Carr Contract Discussion:

Teddy and Brooks are worlds apart.

JAC is the best winger in the comp and Brooks is probably bottom five halfbacks.

If Brooks had potential and we had no idea how he might play then for sure a gamble for a class halfback is worth it, but with our Brooks history and seeing how amazing JAC is, this theoretical swap is a no brainer.

I just don’t understand why we all don’t realize that we have to do something drastically different to win.
The pack is arguably weaker than last year and people are getting excited that Brooks will play better behind this pack. What the??
Why fall into the same trap as the last five years
because Brooks will invariably disappoint again and everyone will blame our pack again.

Just let’s all get a head start and admit our pack is weak right now and Brooks has a pass for another crappy season.

Your wasting your time Siro the Brooks fan boys are out to play . Lukes defence is a major improvement , but like you I just do not see him progressing further in his ability on the park . It’s always he has not got a good pack around him, the relentless comedy of the hospital passes to Rowdy bares all , smart 1/2 s wake up and rectify by either cutting him out or going to the line himself.
He is a competent 1/2 nothing more nothing less !

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One of my highlights for season 2020 would be to stick it up Parra at BankWest twice

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@cktiger said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Telltails said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Interesting read including what dad and Latrell think about Maguire

After reading that story I’m glad he’s gone to the crap hole club he belongs at.
I’ll leave it at that so I don’t get booted off the forum.

Who would of thought that the Roosters showed our club some respect and help in the LM saga ! Unlike that low rent club at Redfern …especially when there greatest ever signing was not pulled into line basically intimating OUR club is garbage and would of been one of his greatest mistakes he could of made !
Lets hope the players at our club do not forget what was said and how low and insignificant that the club at Redfern think there talent and the jersey the wear actual is !

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@tiga4eva said in Alex Johnston Contract Discussion:

Why would South’s release 2 players if they don’t have to?

Never believe what any sports administrator has to say about there organisation… if the truth is know Souths might have to move on 4 players !