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Balmain woolies infected with Corona courtesy of the Victorian Labor Party ! Even though positive in quarantine just walked out and straight to Balmain not made to have a test before leaving … well done !

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41 new cases in Victoria, starting to look worrying again.

This is what you get with lefty do gooders running your state … security personnel having sex with Corona positive hotel quarantined people then going out into the community …the Victorian Government is a farce … Gladys please closure the border and shut them off !

Snake, I can easily counter that partisan rubbish with the fact that Australia wouldn’t have had an issue if a Lib controlled state didn’t let in an infected ship through a Lib federally administered port.

Maybe your thoughts might of changed now with the news coming from Melbourne about the total break down in the LABOR government dealing with this crisis … Andrews rolling over to unions wanting there security members on the job in the hotels … yep ON the job alright pack of socialists … now putting all of us at risk … Yes the lefty do gooders !!! Please enlighten with what is exploding due to a Labor government.

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Not a fan of wearing a jersey maybe the club could look at a polo / straight T shirt in indigenous colours branded ,think they would sell well .

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Our own Nature Boy 👍how cool ! Good to have a Personality in the club the world is becoming so boring…

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Side note … seen Liddle running hard with team yesterday , this goes well for the remainder of the season ,if Harry gets injured and something to prove !

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Souths are allowing Wayne Bennett to coach the Warriors this week.

Does Payten then go to broncos and Seibold to Rabbits?

He would need to find somewhere there has not been left a white ant nest !!!

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@TrueTiger said in Harry Grant:

I have said it before in a post earlier that I was taken as a joke,but here it is…
If Harry wasn’t at the WTs this year he would be third string D/H at Storm which would have meant very limited game time if any in the top 17 and probably going around each week at training with the squad…
He was given to us as a respected prospect for D/H at NRL level and we swapped him with Momo,they needed a centre we needed a D/H…
The experience and expertise at NRL level that he has been given by us, and by which I mean that the coaching and expertise given to him by Madge after every game to learn what is needed to better his game he would not have gotten at the Storm this year…
Its ok for Ponissi to blow wind up everybodies arse and say Harry will be wearing PURPLE NEXT YEAR is a sign of how arrogant the man is…granted he came to us on loan…His game and persona have been developed by us and this is the reason he is a DALLY M contender this year,here with us and not at the STORM…
I completely understand he has to go back at some point,but he was third string at the Storm, we have made him the player he is at NRL level even as much to say he could be an origin contender…
As I said we have developed him and what you have is an NRL D/H coached by Madge,supported by the club and supported by our squad…

The only reason he will be back at Storm is if Cammy retires so they can have a back up to Brandon Smith because Bellamy promised the 9 to him not Harry…
Now they know how good Harry is thanks to Madge and the club they are spruiking how good he is,unfortunately they didn’t have faith in him by putting B Smith first…

Great post ! What ever Harry achieves this season it will always be and had been in a Weststigers jersey . He has been given the opportunity by our club and I am sure he will be eternally grateful!

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Just enjoy what this class act is putting on show each week ! The future will take care of itself …

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Not a Sticky fan but back him 100% on this one … These player manager’s need to be brought into line

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dont know what the top level is like never been up there

Steep going and difficult for elderly , had to change ours this year to concourse! Good viewing though …