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@Nelson said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

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@Strongee said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Is getting gagai and Johnston really that bad though


Ok . Why ? They’re good footballers. Better than we have now . Im not being smart , I’m just curious . Is it they’re not good footballers ? Or they’re over priced ? In which case then at what price would they not be ?

I don’t really rate Johnston. He’s fast in open space but that’s about the most he offers. He has scored a lot of tries on the end of the Rabbitohs back line but I feel like we’ve stung by someone else who did something similar recently…
Gagai is brilliant in Origin. He seems much less committed at club level. In part I think that’s because he is best on the wing and not at centre where he’s most often played at (given the size of his contract probably). If you could given Gagai $450K to play on the wing then great, sure. He’s not going to go for that though.

Why would you even bother with these two … what’s on the books at present is just as good no MAJOR upside . Keep your money and run with what you have and let everything fall into place for 2021 with a bucket load of cash ! a full season to entice the RIGHT types to the club moving forward when the plodders are off loaded!

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@Milky said in Josh Addo Carr Contract Discussion:

Forget JAC for some time…not happening right now with any club

Kill joy 😂 all I wanted for Xmas now dashed …

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If LM wanted to play for the Tigers he would sign today… that is how simple the equation is a million a year for 4 yrs at his age , honesty! who is this bloke .He does not rate the club and wants to play elsewhere get over it fellas!
You pay this kind of money for someone that wants and believes in your club …

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@Tiger_Steve said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

This kid will sign for us and then whinge and b***h incessantly that we aren’t as good as the Roosters. He will be trouble. Very talented but I’m not sure it will work. Good luck tigers - perhaps a huge decision to make

If by chance LM signs it will be a disaster yet seen at the Tigers !

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@avocadoontoast said in Could Israel Folou ignite our Backline:

@4jtigers said in Could Israel Folou ignite our Backline:

how would you write his contract without infringing in his right to free speech?

Because in Australia we don’t have a right to free speech. We actually have no bill of rights at all. America does.

That is right there is no free speech in this country any one that thinks there is are dreaming .
The thousands that died in wars were in vain trying to protect the freedoms of speech and democracy that they believed in !
The country is being run by leftist media that practices trial by media at every opportunity, small minority groups , CEOs of large corporations that run there own agendas with the threat of withdrawal of sponsorship, modern free speech is only ok when it does not offend well that is not free speech that is suppression of speech !
I practice Free speech and no one will tell me any different no one …
Folau has the right to say what he wants ugly as it might be …that right was given to us by the tens of thousands of graves of our for fathers in distant countries sometimes we DO FORGET !

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@pawsandclaws1 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Arrow is a solidi forward. We have enough of those but LL is a genuine gamebreaker and the type of strike forward we require. Arrow is not worth the money being suggested.

I think his value to Souths is different than to us. I would say that Uncle Wayne sees a real void in reliable forwards for Souths . Murray is amazing at the quick play the ball , but is a little lite , and with the Burgess bros gone , that pack could go from a strength to a weakness, especially if teams figure out how to limit Murray.
We on the other hand , have for a long time had reliable , honest forwards . A few will get you 100m most games , but not much else.
To us he’s just a very good front rower .
We needed , a wrecking ball or 2 . So the value for an unfit , leilua type , is much higher to us .
Because it’s seen as a deficiency in our system.
I believe this is why Arrow was considered a luxury to our management

Agree on the Grubbitohs pack. To add to that, it’s hard to think that Cook will be as effective playing off the weakened pack they presently have. I can’t see them having the consistent punch and quick play the balls (with the exception of Murray) that he is accustomed to. As you say, Luciano provides our pack with a different dimension in attack compared to the honest toilers we have. Our pack would also greatly benefit from either one of our young blokes (Mikaele/Stefano) or a yet to be purchased prop that can play in the style of a JWH enforcer type.

I don’t know why Arrow would trust Bennett

Bennett himself keeps who he wants to keep and lets go who he wants to let go

Bennett didn’t rate Arrow at Brisbane high enough for him to keep him …but now he does …

What happens when David Fifita arrives …oops sorry Jai …WT’s are interested

The reason Arrow is going to Souths is because of Crowe …his partner is a model and wants to live-in Sydney and Crowe is the draw not Bennett …Arrow just whipped and doing what will make his life uncomplicated off the field …obviously Bennett does not rate him .Read between the lines!

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My only advice to you is the decision you have to make and that is a life style change , this is the most important thing for you moving forward . Booze / junk food / food that your now eating is not sustaining your energy levels though out the day . Excersise is good but no need to kill yourself doing it , stretching is a huge benefit Keeping the body supple as we age is an imperative .
Life style change is not easy , but I can assure you a new life of energy and vitality awaits , the one down side to a healthy diet is its expensive but so is booze and junk food a choice has to be made .
Good luck the end game will be a new man …,I know I did it !!

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@Blocker1963 said in Wests Tigers keen to take Matt Moylan off Cronulla’s books:

Sydney Telegraph (Matt Moylan turns down Tigers to stay with Sharks) Post no longer required

Application and hard work should not be used for Moylan in the same sentence hence staying at the Sharks for the easy money …there goes my blow up punchable face !

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@Geo said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

How’s Ben Hunt working out for them…

Mary 1st coach goooorne…

Flanagan is there for one reason and I suspect Lomax was told same!

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Why would any Young and aspiring union player even bother trying to move to the elite level …the people running that code have destroyed it .