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@Jedi_Tiger said in Take The Pledge:

dont know what the top level is like never been up there

Steep going and difficult for elderly , had to change ours this year to concourse! Good viewing though …

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There’s a report from the telegraph saying Bunnies will be letting Johnston go after this season. There’ll be plenty of clubs after him and we could be one.

Hope not 👎

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Chee plodder Kam honestly offers nothing !would prefer Walters for his defence .

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What is so hard to understand … there is no problem with pledge members getting tickets first … it’s the extra tickets that they are being offered for non membership supporters that’s the problem ! This is not right and the club needs the rocket … any paid member for season 2020 should be next in line after the pledged members , this is not a good look for the club

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@JoshColeman99 said in Take The Pledge:

There’s no good way to handle this. Whichever way you do it, people are gonna miss out and they’re gonna be pissed at the club.

Maybe if members miss out on tickets for this home game they can get first crack at the next home game to give everyone a chance of going once

Pledged members have a full day to buy tickets before others are allowed access, so if you want them you’ll be able to get them. I’m definitely going and I can’t wait!

Yes but members can take up to 4 extra people each

So the club gives other members other than pledge members the finger !

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Packer dislikes Cleary on an angry level … first picked !

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@cochise said in Take The Pledge:

After speaking to the club this afternoon, they definately seem to be trying to get this sorted, they took the time to call me this afternoon and do have the members bests interests at heart.

Well let me counteract your statement.
After contacting the club about my membership, i heard nothing.
I then created this Topic to give valued feedback between members.
Reading some comments throughout this post i wonder if some users are working for the club or have a sponsorship relationship, as they don’t really get that members want transparency not corporate BS.

Recently i rolled my membership into 2021 as 3 options were given and i did not want to be auto pledged with option 1.
I did state in prior post that at least having the option to roll over is better than nothing and gave credit where its due.

I now received the following EDM yesterday???
Will be speaking to there friendly team next week as this is unprofessional.


To renew, simply select the package above that best suits your needs or click here if you would prefer to speak to one of our friendly team.

We look forward to having you back on board for the 2020 season ahead!

Wests Tigers Membership Team

They can’t even separate out the database of members from whom has joined for 2020 and extended in 2021, it would have been more beneficial to just send out an EDM to members that had not joined this year.
I also ? the logic of asking non committed members to join now?
There Marketing department is a shambles and i wonder what directions there being given from the Top?
If you look at recent postings on the Tigers website they seem to be rehashed content from prior - West Tigers NRL Squad 2020???

If you actually read my many post in this thread I have been highly critical of the club.

Well i did read your various posts some were critical others were informative (Tax Deducible) and others were about you and your seat allocation.
However your statement that they have the members interests at heart is not factual when they have manged the pledge this way with there valuable membership base.

Also if you try and contact the membership department via 02 8741 3300 there is a recorded message that states because of COVID no one is available and to email instead, so in essence you can’t talk to them.
I had already emailed prior some weeks ago and never received a reply.

In stating all this i am very critical of the way the club has managed this and respect other forum members feedback or critique, however on the other hand pleased how the team are performing this season, so have to take the good with the bad, lets hope many paid members get the opportunity to attend this week.

I have been in constant email contact with the club for about the last week, they called me on Friday afternoon to address my concerns. While they were short on answers, as I believe the people in the membership department are getting info past them quite late as well. They went to the effort of answering my questions as best they could with the info they had available. While short of telling me all members will be able to attend they did seem confident that would be the case.

Couple that with the decision to allow members to purchase additional tickets then I can only assume there is less than 7500 pledged members.

Well good to see they contacted you back, however i am not instilled with much confidence when they send and email out on the weekend to myself already a pledged member rolled into 2021 looking for myself to join again.

Well hopefully they know what there doing with allowing an additional 4 per membership holder and Paid members don’t miss out.

So with 17,912 members currently and allowing for 4 paid guests my thinking is this 7500 / 5 = 1500 so there catering for 1500 members so there allowing 8.4% of the overall members to attend and bring an additional 4 non paid members.
Sounds to me they want 6000 attendees paying for revenue purposes or thereabouts. My guess is that more than 8.4% would have pledged or been auto rolled into option No 1???

Feedback would be appreciated from Forum members if you miss out attending games you have signed up for this coming week to see how it’s been managed.

Believe me if I miss out on tickets now that they are allowing people to purchase additional tickets then there will be a major blowup. I am not someone who just blindly follows what the club does and agrees all the time. When I look at how other clubs are handling this and how we are and I can see some issues. I have raised many issues in relation to this on here and also with the club.

If they are offering people additional tickets while not being able to guarantee that all pledged members can attend then that would be disgusting behaviour from the club. Surely they wouldn’t do that.

You also need to remember in that 17000 plus members there are non ticket members included.

Why would the club extend to pledged members a chance to purchase extra seats … if true that’s a load of crap from the club to be frank !!!
Surely all Members after the pledged duds have expired there allocation they would allow other members to obtain tickets .
Sounds like elitists are at work in the Concord bunker… better get Formerguest on the case !😂

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Yes when Grub goes down not before !

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Nuffie is a good NRL player nothing more nothing less … needs to make high percentage plays like intercepts as he is court short defensively heaps . Last night does not take intercept 2 outside of him again there’s 6 points .

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No! Will Revisit this thread in 2 weeks …