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One of my all time favourite players. ET gave everything each week, has a huge heart and seemed like someone all the other players really enjoyed playing with.

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@Auburnon80 said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Don’t get the hysteria.

  1. The guy gets an extension/upgrade offered to him from his current club

  2. Before he commits, asks if he can test his value (More from a perspective of ensuring his deal is on market terms)

  3. Tigers court him and offer a formal deal

  4. Latrell, with an expected loyalty to his existing club is not in a rushed to jump ship

  5. Latrell expects to go back to Roosters, his club to discuss his offer

  6. Roosters advise him that they have moved on

Present day - Latrell is coming to grips that his future is not at the Roosters and will now work out what his future is.

Our fans expected him to jump ship the moment we offered more money. Yet if one of our players did the same, we’d be furious.

Moral of the story, nothing to get hysterical over. We’ve played our hand well and Latrell hasn’t done anything wrong with how this has played out.

I think this post is spot on. The other thing to note is that he’s been hounded relentlessly by the media throughout the process. Honestly from Latrell Mitchells point of view I imagine this appears to have all happened very quickly.

Leaving the Roosters will require a period of grieving and building any relationship with a new club to rival that old bond will take months to years. Those saying he doesn’t love the West Tigers yet need to accept that he probably hasn’t signed with us or any other club at this stage. If we’re lucky enough to get LM I’m very confident he’ll give his all and love the club in time. Why? Because he’s a competitor, he seems like a wonderful young man and in time he’s going to be one of the great leaders in out game.

I really love the way he plays and carries himself. If we’re lucky enough to sign him and he remains injury free I’m confident he’ll be considered one of the greatest player to ever pull on the Black, White and Gold in time.