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Cant wait till we play the rorters next year! Put up a big bomb for Turncoat and send Packer full steam at him!

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Keep them in the side but Woods must not be the Captain for the rest of the season! A plus is I don’t have to cringe every time Teddy gets up slowly and hope he ain’t injured… now I don’t care!

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I haven’t posted on here for a long while and just wanted to say, thank you Ivan for starting to sort out this mess!

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Just wanted to say congrats to Mitch on his efforts at the doggies and wish him all the best on Sunday. I have not met him but he seems like a good fella and always gave 100% for the Tigers.

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Who is the person telling Parish he will be given the job? Mr Mayer?

While we are throwing rumours around… I heard that Mr Mayer said to Kidwell when he was hired that the head coaching role would be his when Potter went…

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Teddy will play the whole season!
IMO we need a centre and a big front rower. Who would want to come to the Tigers atm is the question…

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@Jerry Seinfeld:


Will be interesting to see how long our new business plan takes to kick in and turn our on field fortunes around. Do not get me wrong I am all for embracing Penriths model, to me it seems the best way to go, but the big question will we have everyone willing to walk down the same path. For this to work all stake holders must know their role and stick to it. In other words players play,coaches coach and managers manage. This will be a whole new concept for a lot of people at our club.

One thing being a Tigers fan its very hard to be optimistic, I have read plenty of stuff over the years about turning the place around and up to now nothing much has happened. Fingers crossed we are now all systems go for a new era

But the BIG difference this time is we arent changing person A with person B.We are doing a complete overhaul of the structure of this club from the top to the bottom.

The question I would like to ask is why was this overhaul not done when Sheens went!

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Anyone but Mayer! I like your idea Happy :slight_smile:

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I think Robbie should retire from REP footy.

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We couldn’t afford him even if he was interested in coming to the Tigers

Why not… Do Wests have no money?