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@05wt05 said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

The thing im most happy about atm is reading uncle nick calling mr brydens. It may finally be time that we have a board and chairperson the rest of the league take seriously and have a little respect for and more professionalism toward. I just cant imagine uncle nick ever contacting our chairperson five or so years ago about anything. To me that is a huge positive.

Noting that it’s mainly because politis wants something ie mitchell gone anywhere bar souffs

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I hope your friend is OK.
Basically the creative writers in the ‘press’ these days are more interested in creating a story than reporting facts.

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and something very different

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and then there was Cliff

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@Madge said in 2019 World 9's *Spoilers:

Our boy just got punched and knocked out.

I missed the game - what happened?

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@rustycage said in What song are you listening to right now?:

@fair-dinkum said in What song are you listening to right now?:

Whisky in the Jar - Metallica.

Dunno what it is but its always done it for me. Solid song to the beginning of my workout. Ear buds, turned up full boar to ear bleed levels on 3peat, blood pumping, I get a 20min sprint on the treadmill out of it. Been doing it for years.

I really like Metallica, but I love Thin Lizzy. Classic song.

Have a look at the Metallica film clip…
The song itself dates back to the 1600s however. Give or take.

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You did see the pass farah threw 2 metres out from their line, defence completely shot game still in the balance? You know, the pass that almost made it back to halfway before it got anywhere near one of our players…