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@Geo said in 3 2 1 v Doggies:

@TrueTiger said in 3 2 1 v Doggies:

1/2 a point Peranara…he has slightly improved his reffing…

I defended Henri last week but he was diabolical last night…did you see him try to award the Dogs a Penalty TRY…he was right there…called knock on that were knock backs .has shares in KFC every TRY goes to the bunker even the NO TRIES…pumpkin…

He called it no try but wanted to check to make sure but, yes, let’s hang him for that.

HP had a good game, for a change.

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I’m excited by this team. The reality is that unless we go to market for a 6 or 7 for next year, we need Brooks to be the primary organiser into the future and this doesn’t seem to happen with Benji on the field.

Packer when fit is a good player, perhaps not worth what we paid for him, but a good player. We have been missing a leader and Packer fits that to a tea.

I thought the dropping of Garner was harsh but perhaps Maguire expected him to come looking for work more.

There seems to be better balance with this team.

I am confident that Talau can handle wing. He brings some firepower to our backline.

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That game will survive no question. The only thing being saved right now is the jobs of people who will not necessarily get the same positions in a new regime.

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Gee our backline is going to be slow without Brooks.

At least I won’t have to watch our halfback go to the line with no support because the support is too slow.

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@Don_Kershane said in Matterson reveals:

My guess it was something about religion.

Why do you say this?

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@hammertime said in WT Player Recruitment & Retention for 2020:

@Elderslie_Tiger said in WT Player Recruitment & Retention for 2020:

@hammertime said in WT Player Recruitment & Retention for 2020:

Interesting to dive into our losses/gains. It’s a bit hard to compare like-for-like as junior development/promotions play a big part, but I tried to do somewhat of a subjective comparison.


As a side note, we’ve got blokes like Talau ready, Grant on the swap deal and Stefano to join in 2021.

At his age(Robbie) I would consider Farah/Simpkins A win

I tried to look at it as what Robbie delivered for us last year vs Simpkins will this year.

In terms of long-term, yes no doubt.

For the most part Farah was poor last year. Our ruck speed was abysmal. A combo of Grant/Simpkins/Lidde/Walters is a win in this department.

I see Matterson as a big loss. He was in our top 2 players last year. LL will not have close to his influence.

Joey compared to Marsters is a big win. Marsters is a rubbish centre. He had two decent games in two seasons.

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No, his “your welcome” is what I was referring to.

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@Bathursttiger2 Was the grammar error in your reply deliberate?

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@Kul thats how it used to be until someone created a superthread. I much preferred the old way (ie the system you are proposing)