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@willow said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Spida said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Might not be that simple if we don’t have a “plan B”?

We keep saying it’s an active market, but apart from the young guys we haven’t been active at all.

That’s incorrect.

Excuse my ignorance, but how so?

Obviously we have signed Leilua, signed some good up and comers and re-signed some solid guys. So in that sense we have been active. I guess I just hoped for more star power.

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Might not be that simple if we don’t have a “plan B”?

We keep saying it’s an active market, but apart from the young guys we haven’t been active at all.

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@avocadoontoast said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Uncle Nick doing everything he can to help us here…

Tigers boss: If Latrell’s serious about switch, we’ll re-open negotiations
DECEMBER 11, 2019
Brad Walter
Wests Tigers chairman Lee Hagipantelis believes Latrell Mitchell has the opportunity to be part of an exciting new era at the club and confirmed his Sydney Roosters counterpart Nick Politis was supportive of the out-of-favour star moving to Concord.

With Politis and Roosters coach Trent Robinson, according to a NewsCorp report, telling Mitchell on Tuesday that there was no longer the salary cap space to extend his contract after he expressed as desire in an interview to remain with the back-to-back premiers, the 22-year-old needs to find a new club.

The Tigers had been the early favourites but withdrew their offer, understood to be valued at almost $1 million per season, after he did not act on it quickly and continued to gauge interest from other clubs.

However, the Tigers made it clear they were prepared to re-open negotiations and Hagipantelis said on Wednesday they were still interested if Mitchell showed a desire to join the club.

“We are actively in the market considering a number of options that are available to us and if Latrell is to be one of those options he is more than welcome to reach out to us,” Hagipantelis said.

“At the moment I don’t think we are under any particular pressure, we have got a really talented and healthy roster but it is an active player market at the moment and we want to make sure we are a competitor in that market.”

Despite the Tigers announcing that they had withdrawn their offer two weeks ago, Hagipantelis said he had remained in contact with Politis about Mitchell’s future at the Roosters, where he remains contracted for next season.

The Roosters have indicated they would release Mitchell for the 2020 Telstra Premiership and Hagipantelis believes Politis would support him joining the Tigers.

“I have spoken to Nick Politis and I don’t have any doubt about that, I am sure the Nick would be supportive of that,” Hagipantelis said.

"Nick has been incredibly transparent throughout this process. He has called me chairman to chairman as a professional courtesy, which I am very appreciative of, and kept us informed.

“Nick has not involved himself in any sort of discussions or negotiations or anything of that kind. It was simply as a professional courtesy to inform me of what the Roosters’ position was.”

We look so desperate…we keep dangling the same carrot, hoping for a different result. We are the only horse in the race and keep making statements…no other club is interested?

-We chased him to Taree. no other club did that.
-We offered him 1 mill a other club did that.
-we told him he we view him as a other club did that.WE WANT HIM BUT THE FEELING OBVIOUSLY ISN’T MUTUAL.

Please move on and stop making statements.

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Geez a lot of signings.would the signing of Lamb at the Eels to a development deal, increase the Likely hood of Stefano getting an early release to join us?🤔

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@2005magic I think that COE out at Penrith will get most players excited compared to our current facilities.just hope we don’t panic and up our offer.

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@TopTiger Report Raiders looking to replace BJ Leilua with Lomax.source Sporting News Australia “Brent Read”

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@Jimmy can’t argue with that.I trust that Maguire will make this situation a win for us. he will be filthy with all this and will make someone pay.

Cant wait to see what plays out.Talking hypothetically, if Ryan is released he has put himself under a lot of pressure. If Madge made him the player is currently and he gets paid more and performances go backwards, imagine the backlash…I know I’m getting ahead of myself but he really stepped up a level this year, amazing what hard work will do for you.

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@Tweed_Tiger This saga not doing anything for Ryan.

The unfortunate thing is clubs will pay a heap of cash for him and he will roll out “club X is so much better/professional than the Tigers.This group is tighter than the Tigers players and coach X treats me better than Madge did”.Painting us as the basket case club and him not learning anything but how to get his own way.

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@iofthetigers oh ok.that could be a problem then.I believe we may struggle next year but from there we should be looking at consistently being top 8 if Madge and the club recruits well.All we can do is hope that Madge is able to sell the dream to him.