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@Newtown said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

No.1 Priority at least one first grade quality player with a good goal kicking record.

Yes Isaako would be perfect. Fills two voids, he’s a very good goal kicker and he is a tall winger, who has some speed. Forget his form this season, their whole team is shattered at the moment, but remember his performances in previous years. He would be great for us.

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@Yossarian said in Weird (and not so unexpected stats) for WT in 2020:

The weird:

We easily run more from dummy half than any other team. After Round 8 we had run 149 from dummy half. The next highest (Storm) is 116.

Nobody runs more decoys than us. 432 decoys, next best is 406.

We also lead the NRL in tackle breaks - 324 (Roosters 2nd with 314)
We are 6th in possession - bang on 50%
We haven’t kicked a 40/20 all year (but only five players have)

The Predictable

3rd most penalties conceded (behind Broncos and Souths)

This ^^ surprises me no end! I guess the ref wanted to give Souths a bit of a reprieve from being penalised too much last night. Souths were playing the perfect team for the refs to make that happen 😂

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@Tiger_Steve said in Cummins and the Nrl are a joke.:

@Furious1 said in Cummins and the Nrl are a joke.:

@Tiger_Steve said in Cummins and the Nrl are a joke.:

@TigersBusDriver said in Cummins and the Nrl are a joke.:

Injuries and incompetent refereeing have ruined our chances for the 8 this year.

Don’t forget our consistent unforced error count. Every week we shoot ourselves in the foot with stupid errors. Every week!

Fatigue from Injuries and 5-0 penalty counts?

Or poor attention to detail

Or both?

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@Moh said in Mitchells worse than BJ:

Lol can only laugh.

And 2 weeks for Reynolds… my god, did they watch that in normal speed cause he had every right to go for that ball. Of course what happened was unfortunate, but come on…

Yes a bit like the unfortunate hit by Koroisau on Luciano last week. Accidental, nothing to see here, but a Tigers player? Immediate 2 week suspension.

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So many to choose from! Moses for sure, Moylan and Gutherson also. Then there’s Ivan, Bennett, Anasta, Cronk, Latrell, Gus (though I’d actually like to sew his mouth shut moreso than punch his face).

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@hobbo1 said in Your most punchable player or coach of the years:

Mitch Moses

Matt Moylan

Trent Robinson has a fat head that I’d like to belt

Or pop like a blind pimple 😂

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@Newtown said in Mitchells worse than BJ:

ABC Grandstand
Latrell Mitchell, Josh Reynolds facing NRL suspensions after South Sydney-Wests Tigers
2 hrs ago

South Sydney are waiting on likely charges for Latrell Mitchell after two separate incidents in Friday’s NRL win over the Wests Tigers, who also await a possible charge for Josh Reynolds.

Mitchell became entangled with Reynolds just six minutes into the game after the Tigers five-eighth kicked Souths centre Campbell Graham in the head while chasing a loose ball.
Reynolds was put on report for the incident and could cop a suspension, but replays showed Mitchell collected him with a swinging arm from behind in a retaliation that went unpunished. He was later put on report for a high shot on Tigers forward Josh Aloiai, doubling down on his chances of missing game time in coming weeks.

At half-time on Fox Sports, former Roosters, Bulldogs and Tigers star Braith Anasta said Mitchell was lucky to stay on the field for the hit on Reynolds, and four-time premiership winner Cooper Cronk said he expected both players to be banned. “I reckon the judiciary will look at both incidents because you can’t kick even if it’s an accident and you can’t retaliate like Latrell did,” Cronk said.


The match review committee will hand down their findings today.

Any time spent on the sidelines would come as a blow for Souths as Mitchell begins to find his consistency in the number one jersey.

“I’m not too sure what the process will be for him,” Souths skipper Adam Reynolds said after the game.
"Hopefully he’ll be there next week, but if not, we’ve got some quality young kids who are waiting to get their chance. “It would be a massive loss.”

His coach Wayne Bennett said he saw the kick from Reynolds but missed the shot from Mitchell. (Ha Ha). “I just saw what happened with Campbell Graham on the ground,” he said. “I was looking at that so I didn’t take a lot of notice what happened after that.”

Reynolds is also facing time on the sidelines for collecting Graham’s face with his boot while striking out at the ball.**Tigers coach Michael Maguire was subdued when asked whether Reynolds should miss game time, and was surprisingly supportive of Mitchell being cleared to play. “I think he got (Reynolds),” Maguire said.

"At the end of the day, people look at that and they go through that, I hope nothing happens and away we go and play footy again. “In both instances it’s very quick and I don’t think there’s too much in either of them.”**

Is anyone else concerned at Madge’s reactions towards this? What the hell is wrong with him? Make some noise Madge, don’t just lay down and take it so damn meekly. No other coach would do this, they would defend their players and call out Mitchell’s shot for what it was. Any wonder we’re increasingly becoming the doormat for the refs to wipe their feet on each week.

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@avocadoontoast said in We need a new captain:

@rihannafan1 said in We need a new captain:

@avocadoontoast said in We need a new captain:

@rihannafan1 said in We need a new captain:

If he was a regular it is easily Marshall but otherwise give it to Brooks. It’ll force him to take control.

Brooks is not captain material.

I hear you on that completely but figure it could be the vote of confidence he needs.

I agree with Geo, I’d give it to Doueihi.

Yes me too, that guy has something! I like the way he conducts himself, both on and off the field, he reads games well and he’s not afraid to speak up.

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@Honkylips said in Brooks.... what is he good for??:

I am not a fan of Brooks and have been one of his biggest critics for years but I thought he went ok last night. He will never be great though.

Pretty much sums it up right there. He will never be more than an average halfback, he’ll have some good games, especially when he runs the ball, but he can’t steer the team or control a game to save his life! I’m sorry but it’s just the truth, I think we’ve seen enough evidence of that over the past 5 years.

If Madge is really serious about WT being a finals contender, he will need to find a halfback with proper game management skills and play Brooks in another position where he can use his strengths of running the ball and tackling all day - my tip would be hooker.

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@Russell said in Mitchells worse than BJ:

This referees bias towards the Wests Tigers has gone on for years. Probably will go on for more years than I have left.

Forget Madge - if he says anything he will get fined 10k - and it will be all to no avail anyway.

Pascoe as the CEO of the Wests Tigers or the Chairman (who likes to grab the odd headline) should officially complain to the NRL (Peter V’Landys in particular), he is the only person I have any faith in at the NRL. PVL has already fixed many problems and I would like to think he is on top of this problem we have (and other clubs with biased refereeing - Manly have been absolutely duded twice in the past few weeks.

It used to be that bias was somewhat disguised (you know penalties to the favored team 9 to 2 but once the game was won, the penalties to the losing team increased and finished up 9 to 7). etc.

Not anymore - Blind Freddie can see it for all it is worth out in the open. Love the new rules that PVL has introduced but the way the referees are officiating, it is open to rorting. One rule for the favoured teams i.e. Storm, Eels, Broncos, Roosters, Penrith, Souths etc. another rule for the unfavoured Tigers, Manly, Titans, Dragons, Dogs, Warriors etc. Then depending on who is playing which way the pendulum swings.

If this is billed as the “Greatest game of all” then it is about time the officials climbed on board and acted as professional as the players. We have halved the number of referees, weed out the ones who are not doing their job with fairness to both teams. This is all games not just the Tigers - I can name a few to start your list…

Cummins, Gee, Badger, Klein, Perenara, Sutton… I’m sure you could add a few more.

It is not good enough for Graham Annesley to come out on Mondays and apologise because the referees decision was incorrect.

NB: Please Peter V’Landys do something about this, it is a worse pandemic than Covid-19 - certainly has lasted longer.

The bias is against us mate, certainly not towards us! Just me being a grammar nazi lol, otherwise you are spot on!