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I thought this thread might’ve been about Taylor Swift’s album 😂
Edit: her album was actually titled 1989, how did I not know?!

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I always assumed Kotoni Staggs was a Queenslander, now i hear he’s from NSW… That makes me very excited - the dude is a gun.

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@gallagher said in NSW SOO 2020:

The problem with picking on form is you end up with blokes like Cody Walker

Quoted for truth!

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Devastated for Nofoaluma, he absolutely deserved to be in the squad, if not the starting 17. He has every right to feel hard done by.

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We need a Credo. The below is not perfect and someone can do a better job, but something along the lines of…

Our first responsibility is to ensure Wests Tigers are a club that members and fans can be proud to support. We need to honour the history of our foundation clubs, and forge a united identity for our merged entity.

We have a responsibility to ensure players, football, and admin staff have a safe and secure working environment. We need to ensure all employees feel satisfaction in their the jobs, and reward good performance.

We have a responsibility to our Wests Tigers community - our sponsors, leagues clubs, and the NRL, to stand up for what is right and conduct ourselves with professionalism.

If we do these things, winning will take care of itself. If we attract and retain the games’ best players, works our hearts out, and qualify for finals, we will achieve PREMIERSHIP GLORY.

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Adam Blair has been pathetic on the field since he left the storm, which was 9 seasons ago! It astounds me how this guy kept cashing cheques. An absolute fraud.

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Always played above his weight. A heart of gold and a true leader. He tightened up our defence and when he first came on board, it felt like our attack revolutionised with his link-plays. Wish him the best in his next endeavours. Will always respect this man.

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I find it difficult to list Grant as a positive considering he won’t be with us moving forward. Feels like a bit of a tease.

Positives for me:
Nofoaluma - this guy is the heart and soul of the team now.
One year closer to the end of Packer and Reynolds deals.
Finding a goalkicker!
Signing Tamau, an experienced, relatively injury free player on a reasonable deal, both from a $ and length perspective.
Some younger signings that are exciting… Blore, Stefano etc.
The club sticking by Madge.
And I hate to say it, but moving on from Benji.

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Ava Seumanufagai… I forgot about that dude. Another example of a player that was a mainstay in the tigers team, but couldn’t cut the mustard at any other NRL club*.

*played 13 games for Cronulla before shipping off to the Super League.

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It would be glorious seeing the broncos get the spoon. Unfortunately I think they’ll beat the Cowboys next week… that Cowboys team is trash.