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@goldcoast tiger:



Anyone who thinks these three are or ever will be first graders is living in a dream world - I seriously hope JT has the balls to get rid of these three and give Martin, Seve and Liolave a go. And before I get howled down with the " they are not up to FG " I would just like to say nor are three pretenders who are there at the moment.

the same Moses who got SG Ball player of the year? The kid who led Balmain to the winning the SG Ball comp?

The same kid who set up all those tries in under 20s origin and played alongside Mamo, Gutherson, Matu’utai?

Too many people are living in the past when it comes to Brooks and Moses. How long does it take to stop using what this pair did in a glorified touch football competition ( NYC) as a benchmark. The difference between the NSWCup and First Grade is big enough, but to say that they’ll be a star on what happens in the NYC is laughable.
Now we are using the SGBall, as a reference as well.

This is First Grade,

I think the point is that people say “under 20s success means nothing”, which is pretty accurate when it comes to first grade, but then in the same breath say “drop Moses and replace him with Martin because he’s killing it in the under 20s”

Besides, we know Moses and Brooks have it in them. We’ve seen them tear up in first grade. I for one am not using NYC as the benchmark, I’m using Brooks’ debut against St George and this year’s game against Souths, as well as Moses’ game last year against the Dogs and Souths again this year. It’s not like they’ve come up into first grade and shown nothing. The talent, quality and potential is definitely there, it’s just consistency they’re looking for. It’s also worth noting that the games our young halves shine in are the games where our forward pack have aimed up - something that hasn’t happened much recently bar the Souths game.

Moses and Brooks aren’t the problem.

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Moses and Brooks were not great but they were hardly the worst ones out there. Richards was woeful and our forwards got zero momentum. Not much you can do as a small, young half if the rest of the team is rubbish.

Some people conveniently forget that games where Brooks and Moses have torn up in first grade. Brooks on his debut against St George and Moses against the Dogs last year, as well as Souths this year - all games where our forward pack fired and set the platform. People also forget that both players destroyed NYC and NSW cup, just like Martin currently is. Just because Moses is struggling a bit in first grade and Martin is doing well in the 20s does not mean Martin > Moses.

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Why not? I’ll jump on board with Everton.

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I don’t understand why we weren’t allowed to be angry with Teddy, and then forgive him when he made the right decision.

Tedesco deserved the flak he copped when he accepted the Raiders offer, after the opportunities the tigers gave him in first grade, stuck with him after years of injury and had obvious plans to make him an integral part of their long-term plans, Teddy turned around and signs for a team with no real aspirations, solely for the money. That’s business but it’s very close to spitting in the Tigers’ collective face after all the money and effort they’d put into him. I’d be pretty upset.

But then Teddy turned around again, made the right decision and stayed. What are fans supposed to do then? Stay angry?

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Thank God the Premier League starts this weekend.

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Foran did ground the ball, but shouldn’t have had the opportunity to do so in the first place. 18 points objectively, 24 arguably, were direct results of the refereeing.

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Yeah, I agree one hundred percent. Great buy.

I’m also very happy with us re-signing Nofoaluma earlier in the year. The kid has massive strength for his age and size and seems to score whenever he gets the ball anywhere near the line.

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I reckon if you just give Nofoaluma the ball inside ten metres he’ll score. Vastly under-utilised this year.

I thought Lawrence was okay tonight. Looked to have some form of pace return and hit the line hard with his runs. Seemed hard to tackle tonight and massive improvement on the last two weeks.

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The funnier thing about the article is it claims that Farah saying he is just as good a Smith is “disrespectful” and “arrogant”.

How dare he.

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We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less if we lose three games due to origin if we win the rest.

A running theme with the two sides you named is both were at the pointy end of the competition every year. I’ll take that any day of the week.

The comp is played in more than just the origin period.