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In years gone buy we would have rushed out to spend all our cap space whereas we now are more selective.
I like many on the forum want to see us sign some talent but if it’s not there or doesn’t want to be here, we should wait as players movement is inevitable going on previous years. We will have the cash to make a play.

I would look to blood some youth as other clubs have thrown 18-19 year olds into FG and they have handled it.

Moylan is quality when fit but not what we need

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Jenning did not have a proper pre season last year as he was not contracted to Souths. Whilst he was still training with them I’m not sure he would have been as invested without a contract.

Last year was poor but let’s see if he can improve this year

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@happy_tiger said in Extra-time points revamp up for debate:

What about if you get thrashed by 40 points …what do you get then ??

Plenty of practice kicking off😂😂😂😂

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It was more that media and so called experts had him with us and he ended up at the dogs.

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We had DWZ signed and sealed by the reports in the papers and even over on Fox.

I hope we get him as he will change our club with his talent and make us a genuine top 8 team with a few dollars left to bring in further hard nosed forwards.

Fingers crossed

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He served the club well and time has caught up with his body. He will be remembered for many things as a Wests Tiger mostly great and we should not look back.Liddle will be back late in 2020 based on the severity of his injury and subsequent recovery we just need to have options to cover it until then and I don’t want a 35 year old taking up a roster spot to do so.

Brittan and Walters will train there in the off season and if like the last few rounds of 2019 with Benji and Josh they really only need to get to dummy half and give the team quick service and let the team get on a role.

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@GNR4LIFE said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Bit over hearing about Lomax. Sounding more and more like one of those players we are constantly linking ourselves to that never eventuates.

He could play outside Curtis Rona🤣. He took up a few hundred pages of the 2k+ thus far for no result.

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@jirskyr said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@TigerTiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

they’d sign Hitler

What position does he play?

In the Bunker

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@Dyloh said in 2019 NRL Grand Finals *Spoilers:

It wasn’t actually 6 again was it? If Raiders go on to score there after the Ref calls 6 again and win does everyone have a meltdown for Roosters ya reckon?

Agreed it was not six again when you look at the replay but in the heat of battle and the noise at ground level you look for signals and the ref waved his arm indicating six again. There are hundreds of wrong decisions / errors made by the refs and players, however I have not seen them change the call like they did last evening.

If they had gone on to score the best side would have won as the first try would not have been scored if the trainer was not on the field in the first two sets.

Only the NRL can produce such a controversy in the biggest game.