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I have seen in games this year were constant repeat sets being given has lead to players being placed in the sin bin.
Last night we had a few in a row yet Penrith were allowed to continually give them away and also stand side by side at marker without a penalty being given.
I hate to get on the referee bandwagon but he was poor last night.
The Panthers and Eels are now sides I can’t wait to play as I despise them.

I loved the passion shown last night and if not for a few silly errors we could have jagged this game.

What pleased me is that we had players out with injury plus the injuries sustained in the game, yet were in the game whilst the panthers were at full strength.

Keep it up Tigers

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@Wombat said in Never been so proud:

To be Fair, the game was all but Over before BJ’s Stupid Act… They had the ball with a minute left up by 7

That actually makes it worse.

No one is saying it is good, but it didn’t make or break the game for us… On the plus side we might see what Josh Hoffman has got also

It is Reece Hoffman not Josh

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Watched the Titan v Sharks game and am glad we did not get Jai Arrow as he is no where near the $800k he was asking for, whilst he played limited minutes was not a standout.

Hard to stand out in a flogging but did not bend the Line in attack and defence was poor

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Huth did well last night in his 14 hit ups 133m and 40 tackles off the bench. Played 3/4 of the game due to injuries and yes he will never be a superstar but worked his backside off and held the middle for us. They only scored from an intercept and kicks to the wing. Compare that to Maguire 13 run 118m 28 tackles and Hess 9 run 77m, 32 tackles in 80 minutes who are both SOO players for Queensland and he did not do too bad.

Great win and hope the raiders can win by 7 or more today and were in the 8 for a week

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Disappointed they scored 20 in the second half however if we had kept Twal on as well as the wingers we would have done better.

Shame as their 20 points keeps us out of the 8

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@Cultured_Bogan said in Live game thread - Tigers V Cowboys:

We have really fallen apart.

I’m OK with the fact that we have effectively a one man bench but we our shape has drastically fallen apart. Not sure why Mbye was moved to wing.

Because Jennings did his hamstring and Cheek Kim does not position well on kick returns

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I personally want grant to go back to the club that developed him, and gave him a chance to grab an origin jersey with a rival club. I would love for him to stay , sure, but it really is poor form . We have Simpkin and Liddle, 2 very different 9s who could compliment each other perfectly. And both have shown to be keen to build their future here. There’s talent in all 3 , so we are in a position at this club .

So next year, Storm could have the Qld and Aus hooker Cam Smith, NZ hooker Brandon Smith, and NSW hooker Harry Grant.

Sounds 'bout right.

Grant is a Queenslander so he wont be NSW hooker.

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Play Hoffman as he was on the wing in the trial against Penrith and is a strong kid who did really well in defense and ran hard like Talau. Noticed Talau in the back end of the game last weekend was running back a bit slower and thought it may have been cramp after not playing any games.

Jennings is not worthy of wearing our jersey ever again

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Hope he comes out tonight and has a blinder and Rothfield has to write good things about him in the telecrap tomorrow. I won’t be buying one but it would be an up yours to a supposed partner of the NRL and the garbage journalism they propose.

Give it to them Josh and go the Tigers tonight