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I reckon within next week we will know as Freddy has openly criticised ongoing contract negotiations before origin

Is it just me or does Fitler seem to have caught Goulds thinks he is more important than what he is thing

I used to like Freddie and his attitude, but now, Yes he is becoming Gould 2 and full of himself.

All ex players on Channel 9 have massive egos and Fittler is now one of them and Gallen is a so called expert. Maybe at performance enhancing peptides

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My daughter and mine has been rolled over for 2021.

I am looking forward to 2021

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Would u blow him a kiss Sully ?

Being that I am a 6’4 man , I would suggest a Liverpool kiss would be more on offer from me

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I would rather miss out on Harry ( I personally think he is going to stay with the Storm ) than see Cleary and his son celebrate a Premiership. I use to like the Panthers and never thought I would hope the Storm win but my disdain for him grew more when he blew the kiss at Bankwest. Like to see him cry on Sunday night.

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Good savings got my daughter a wet weather jacket and hoodie

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Gives the kids that missed this year a chance to show there ability without penalising them due to COVID

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The result last night makes me happy even though I loath Souths, in the fact I have mates who give it to me about the Tigers missing the finals each year. I always ask them did they have their drivers licence when Parra last won or did their parents have to drop them at the game, which none of us did in 1986.

I was at 2005 and can live with that until next year or the year, year,year,year after…

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Firstly being able to watch the games this year was my favourite part. Whilst we missed the finals AGAIN… It made an otherwise crappy year seem better. We played well in many games that gave us hope yet ended up falling short.

I was happy with some of the youngsters getting a run and think we are heading in the right direction however would like to see it happen more quickly.

If we can get a bit of luck and jag JAC and Hethrington I think we will improve next year and only need to move up two spots to get 9th…

Matterson getting knocked senseless was great to see as well as the Broncos belting and wooden spoon. I have never liked the dogs but was cheering them on against Souths ( hate them to) to see the Broncos get last place.

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Watched the video on the Wests Tigers website after he won the rookie award and he for such a young man spoke well and said his time with us was great and enjoyable and loved the fans as I am sure we loved him in our colours. Classy player and shows as much class off the field also.

I watched Simpkins play in the game before the NRL Penrith trial earlier in the year and he was very good and had a kicking game which I don’t believe Harry has as yet . Shame we did not blood him this year, however understand that you need to build your body up to contact through a preseason and without reggies this year it was probably the correct decision.

I would love to have Harry stay , however think we need JAC’s pace more