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100 to 1 to sign young Crichton but we will probably force Riff into paying a lot more than they wanted and put plenty of cap pressure on them

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Bottom line with Nofa is he attracts a one club salary cap discount ( I think it must kick in soon), so his value against the cap is probably not that great.

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For the Gabba test I would be bringing in Moses H for Wade and if fit I would be looking at Patterson for Starc to maybe Nesser as he is probably the best swing bowler.
If Warner is unfit I guess it’s back to Marcus Harris as there are no other opening bats in the bubble. Also long shot but maybe Sweepson for Lyons, leggies tend to go okay at the Gabba and Lyons is a great at holding the run flow, but just is not getting the wickets you would expect.

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If slime settle for mansour will we get Laurie early

That doesnt make sense to me. Can you elaborate on that logic?

I thought it made sense. If Eels get Mansour, it means Panthers get him off their books. Isn’t that what the Panthers want? What do they care who takes him.

It makes sense that Penrith want to get Mansour off their books, but how does it makes sense that it leads to the release of Laurie. If anything it would make sense that they hang onto him. If Mansour leaves they would be short a quality outside back. Makes no sense to let another one go, particularly when Laurie is on a Devt contract and provides depth without impacting the cap.

So if either we take Mansour or Eels do (or another team other than Panthers) , will they still be interested in releasing Laurie? Maybe for a Cini swap it seems?

It makes sense of the Panthers offer us the early release of Laurie as motivation to take Mansour off their books, but to me makes no sense to let Laurie go if Parra take him.

Yeah everything you’ve said there makes sense.

I have read it several times (here and in the speculative media) that if Wests Tigers take Mansour then Panthers may also release Laurie, but I don’t understand why. The reasoning doesn’t make sense to me, for exactly the reasons you’ve stated above.

Because Penrith REALLY want to get rid of Mansour from the books and are using the Laurie early as bait. If Parra or anyone else take him, the bait is not necessary.

Hopefully Panthers lose Crichton, or at least another club puts a massive public offer to him and they think they might lose him, maybe then they’ll let Laurie go to make some more room. But even then, probably not, as he’s on a development contract with them, so I don’t think he’s even under their salary cap.

The reason that Panthers want to get Mansour off the books is to keep Crichton.

Mansour and Crichton are off contract at the same time…

They won’t be re-signing Mansour regardless so don’t see how that effects their efforts to retain Crichton…they could upgrade 2021 but they will still need to throw a fair bit at him from 2022 onwards

I guess it means they can upgrade his current contract and extend it

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Its like employing a financial planner
They are there to help you get the best return on your money

Financial planners being there to get you the best return is actually the complete opposite way to the way the industry works. Financial planners are there to take money out of your hand and offer nothing at all in return.

Warren Buffet agrees with me.

Just for the record, that is not my quote, I was responding to that quote.

My quote was,

“As long as we don’t employ Elijah’s financial planner.
Some of them don’t want to return your money.”

So I guess, along with Warren Buffet we both agree on the usefulness of financial planners.

As a financial planner, thats a little offensive. There are plenty of good ones out there that you don’t hear about. Its only the rogues that get the attention - all industries have them.

Sorry if I offended you, and I would agree that there are good and and bad operators in every industry, and I take it that you are one of the good ones in your industry.

I understand that there has been a bit of a shake up in the industry in recent times relating to disclosure of commissions and requirements to put clients’ interests first and for financial advisors to disclose any conflicts of interest.

However, various inquires and Banking Royal Commissions haven’t done a lot to enhance the reputation of financial advisors.

My own personal experience with 2 or 3 financial advisors that I have had initial meetings with haven’t really given me the confidence to part with the 2 or 3 thousand dollars that they wanted to come up with a plan for my particular situation.

Thats fair enough Hank. The Royal Commission has started raising the bar ie. degree required etc which can only be good for the industry.

Many people are skeptical about advisers for good reason but hopefully that changes once the riff raff has exited.

Financial Planner (and my naivety) cost me $250K after investing in Great Southern and Timbercorp investments. I was lucky - some others committed suicide. Good and bad in every industry- I found the worst grub on the planet

Wow … that’s a pretty horrific ordeal to go through mate …
You must have a well paid job in order to recover …

Went overseas and earned good money. Got me out of trouble. But cost me my marriage and a lot of mental stress I can tell you. Remarried and building a new house now - means a lot in so many ways mate. It’s been a journey

I went through the breast cancer crap with my ex…the chemo and therapy mixed with different drugs got the better of both of us…It really hurts when you personally know your doing your best but end up with a kick in the guts.I have remained very amicable because I know what she went through…in a word horrific…However,I almost wanted to drive my ute over the Macquarie pass because I was in a state of confusion and was hurting…Now I try and keep a sensible head on my shoulders because I know I would hurt family members in more ways than one by doing what I wanted to do…the WTs are my real oak in my life that helps me converse with my forum buddies as well as give me an interest in life…If I get to meet some one I hope she loves the WTs as much as I do…
Theres always hope I suppose…

Sorry about hijacking this thread guys…

Mate know what you went through…My wife has just got breast cancer for the second time after a ten year break. The treatment is long and hard. We have just started chemo, looking at 15 months of Chemo followed by surgery followed by chemo. The crappy cancer dominates your life. Said to a mate it’s like defending your line one man down for over a year.
Anyway beat it once and going to beat it again. .Let’s get back to signings and some juicy rumours

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Junior junior’s form was terrible at the back end of the season. He would be okay in a top 4 team but would struggle with our mob

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Horse head was terrible when he first started but IMO was one of the better ones when he stopped. Great to see the end of the Sutton mafia. Maybe we might see some other refs getting a crack instead of a Sutton

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Best player Benji?..The big Pom was our best ever player. Granted Ellis was only here for a few years, but he was in a class of his own. Had skill, brutal in defence and every week against good teams and bad teams you got the same performance. Absolute champion on and off the field

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People think Widdop could play no1?? IMO the way the game is played these days he would be targeted and found out. Love to have his goal kicking skills in the team, but you can’t hide a player anymore.

We have to leave pathways for the kids and not block them with old blokes

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It’s seems it’s very easy to get this forum buzzing. Out of the blue we get a post that we are about to sign one of the hottest young players and the forum laps it up. No information where this news is coming from, maybe like the mystery front rower. Okay this info might be legitimate but we have been down this track a million times and come up empty