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we could find ourselves in a good position when this all blows over since the player market will be crazy and we will have heaps of money in the cap to spend

Not really …the Cap is going to be reduced …a lot of the guys we have coming off contract are not on big money …maybe Elijah and McQueen…so you still have to fill those spots plus re negotiate those contracted beyond 2021…

I’d say we are in not so good a position as we were before all this cap wise…

Good thing is all Clubs are in the same basket…

I heard Elijah was on 550k ? Is this true ? It makes sense if you think about when he signed the extension he was definitely sought after .
So theres a fair bit of coin there with McQueen on 400k plus.

Don’t think that much…maybe 400-450K…but the point is those figures don’t mean anything now because as had been widely reported the Salary Cap will definitely be reduced…all players will have to take less than they are currently on and signing new players will be for less as well…

Every Club has the same Cap…

Clubs that have a few Million dollar players will have to re negotiate their contracts as well…

What might work in some Clubs favour is if a big name player like Taumalolo or DCE aren’t prepared to take less if they can get more elsewhere…

Teddy had to hand back his Mercedes today …True !

Hope they don’t come looking for his teeth to

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Junior was a great footballer who gave 100% every game, but to give him a gig heading up the this committee doesn’t fill me with confidence. He is a Mr nice guy type, I just think you need a ruthless hard man pulling the strings. Anyway time will tell and I really think they have Buckley’s of getting the show on the road before July and even that is long odds

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Going to be a whole new ball game when the game finally gets going again. The only thing that will not change is that certain clubs will have far better rosters than most others as they will be able to get around the system as they do now. Anyway fingers crossed the money in club land will be spread more evenly than it is now, by that I mean the gap between the wage of a marquee player and the basic contract player is not so great.

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Or…“Eighth Wonder of the World”

Either would be appropriate. Where can I get one?

Best & less by the look of them 😂

Put crap on it all you like - as Voss said “Best sporting ground in the world”

For what? Model sail boat racing along the cesspool? Please take off the blinkers and open your eyes. It was great 30 years ago in the last century, it is pretty ordinary now. Visually it looks great with a full crowd on TV, but looks aren’t everything. In its current state it is sub-standard. It needs millions spent on it to bring it into the 21st century. Stop living in the past on memories of what it once was.

Stay at home Mike, I go every game and I enjoy it, even when they get beat. Spend millions on it and destroy what it is. Update the toilets if you will, (not that I have ever used them, think I might have once when I was seven) that’s about it for me.

I’m not living in the past, mine are permanent that are added to every time I go -
That makes it current.

Enjoy ANZ and Bankwest Mike - feel sorry for you!

I think the real question here is how do you go to the footy and never have to use the toilet?

Been going to LO since the days of tin legs Barnes when the ground went East to West…and never once been to the toilets there. They were also the days when you went for three grades. Was born with long range tanks!! The smell always kept me out of them

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LO should be renamed Chokeville…every must win game we play there we choke big time. The old days teams hated playing there now they must love the place…except for the Cowboys

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Round 3…Manly thanks

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Lack of speed in both attack and defence is the killer. Also having a 30 yo 7 and a 35 yo 6 will bite you big time every now and again. Of course lack of height out wide is another problem area.

Funny we have been talking about the above deficiency for years…but nothing ever changes. Anyway one would imagine the season will come to a grinding halt any day so we can now focus on2021

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Ray Warren was the side kick for thirsty Morrow not Peter Wilkins. Morrow got railroaded from the ABC for a comment he made and the Wok walked in support. They a excellent team but fell foul of the leftist political correct regime at the ABC

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I rate Voss streets ahead of Warren. I think Andrew Moore on the ABC radio is the best. You would think if you had a good voice it would be a pretty easy job

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The Trell was always going to be a high risk signing with the real chance of being a Owen Cragie Mark II. Although very early days to be writing him off. Although not sure he will hold the no1 jumper for much longer.