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Get Farah and Twal in AD’s ear.

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Looks like AD may be going to Melbourne according to the Rabbitohs Furom on LL.

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Souths furom on LL says he has agreed to terms with Melbourne.

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@hammertime said in Wests Tigers: 2020 round 1 predicted team:

  1. Doueihi
  2. Nofoluma
  3. BJ
  4. Momo
  5. Thompson
  6. Benji
  7. Brooksy
  8. Packer
  9. MBye
  10. Twal
  11. L. Leilua
  12. Garner
  13. Aloiai
  14. Mikaele
  15. Musgrove
  16. Lawrence
  17. MCK

If the signings happen, we’ve got some decent depth…


Stefano won’t be depth if he comes.

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I am officially in

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@Newtown said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

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@hsvjones said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Just read this on Fox sports…

"Doueihi wants a four-year deal. At the moment the Tigers are only prepared to offer three years.
As for Leilua, sure he’s an impulsive hothead who can be diamonds one day and stones the next.
But as Jack Gibson famously said: “We don’t want choir boys”.
So what’s the hold up with Leilua?
The Radiers centre wants $600,000 for next year and 2022.
The Tigers are only prepared to offer him $500,00 per season.
Yet they pick him up for the bargain price of $350,000 for this year, with the Raiders chipping in a similar amount.
From an outside perspective, it looks a simple negotiation.
Trouble is, the Tigers have been making the simple look like four-unit Algebra for way too long now. "

This needs to be sorted ASAP for me as we are in the media again for the wrong reason and this has to be impacting our Brand…
My thoughts on this - Yes just sign JL as its only for 2 years and he will put everything in especially with his brother here…
I can understand the Tigers are concerned about a 4 year deal for a young guy with ACL injury and not proven… Hard one but need to do something…

Come on Tigers, get them both! 3 years, 4 years, whatever. Is it really worth losing them over it? Put in KPIs or something.

Souths got LM on a 2 year deal, with the second being optional in Their favour?!? Surely we can sort these deals…

Wests Tigers lost signing Mitchell who went to the Rabbits. Now Roosters have lost their centre Smith and are ready to swoop on Douehi. Wake up Wests Tigers and show that you can sign a quality player which each of Leilulia and Doehi are. Time waits for no one.

Very Tigers like thing to happen.

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I’ll join in the morning.

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I’m in if i get a payout after i retire.

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I thought the Storm want Doueihi as a center.