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This bloke is and always has been a massive TOOL.

Can you imagine how he is going to carry on when one of the players in his ‘stable’ might be dudded by the NRL. It will be a complete ****ening.

This guy has done more damage to the game than good. And it made me sick last year when Greenburg said something about meeting some trusted advisors…and Gould was one of them. FFS!

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That’s why the extra money he is earning is all going to charity, because its not about the money.

I have more respect for honest people that say “Of course I left for the money, its my right to do the best for my future.”

One day in this great sport, a player will come out and be 100% honest and say they will do anything for the coin. That person will get my whole hearted respect.

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Here’s my contribution for the older, overweight and unfit pigs. You know if that’s you because you see your self in a photo or home video and think “Sh**, what have I become?” Your knees ache and you get occasional sore backs. You have a gut sticking out and your cheeks and neck are bloated. You’re sick of the bigger size shirts being skin tight.

Now…I’m 50, played quite a high level in the younger days but was never a good trainer or committed. Which is why I am like I am.

I’m a big framed guy, 6’1" and got to 126kgs. Now that’s heavy, but I can sort of get away with it a little because I have a larger frame. 130kgs is just a stones throw away. Last time I was under 100kgs, was in about Year 10 at school. Anything near that is certainly possible with hard work, but I would seriously look like a bad case of HIV.

So, for the past 6 weeks I have triggered something in my mind. Just decided I was sick of being sore and sooky. I started walking each day and eating smaller portions. Gone is the alcohol, chips, chocolate and lollies. I have had a beer or two with mates watching the cricket or Hockey or UFC, but not a beer or 6 anymore.

After the 6 weeks, I am now 116kgs. That’s 10kgs in 6 weeks, I’m not setting the world on fire but that’s not my aim either. I haven’t set a number or a timeframe, just a ideal that I want to feel better and look better. I still play touch footy each Wednesday Night, even as a fat guy. I started my walking at 2 or 3 k’s of an evening, but now I drive to work with my wife in the morning and then walk home, which is 10k’s and Im doing it easy. That and the smaller food portions has been easy.

In the next week or two I’ll start some push ups and sit ups and just build on that. Like I say, I’m 50 and I’m not a fitness freak, nor do I want to be.

So, for those like me that always mean to ‘get around to it’, well get up tomorrow morning or even this evening after tea and just go for a walk until you start sweating, then go home. Get some fresh air. Walk with the missus and chat, or throw your headphones on. Once you start and do a weeks worth, you really start to feel better and look forward to it.

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I’m a bad judge. I dont and have never rated Momo.

Credit where its due, he had some reasonable games toward the end of last year and then pulls out some token rep selection. Good Luck to him.

But seriously, he is barely a first grader.

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@Cairnstigers said in Adam Doueihi signs till 2023..Official:

@jirskyr said in Adam Doueihi signs till 2023..Official:

Can we please bookmark this thread, if AD doesn’t have a good year, we can revisit how happy so many folks were to sign him today.

Not being a negative nelly, just I recall a lot of revisionist commentary about JRey between today and back when we signed him.

I’m pleased for AD to be aboard, hope he does well, let’s see some performance on-field now.

I am so confident he will have a good year baring injuries that I will bet my left testie on it
You can bookmark that

Just occasionally I p*** myself laughing at forum comments. You cant beat a bloke who is prepared to bet the left one. That’s serious !!!

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This guy is rocks and diamonds. At his best, he is fantastic and will be an absolute asset for us.

I just hope he doesn’t go the way of others, puts on a few kilos and becomes a fat lazy grub. Sure, Coach will work him hard but as you know, that doesnt work for everyone.

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Flanagan cant coach dragons this year, even if Mary goes first week.

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Thank God. Talk about dodging a bullet!

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Not a fan, never will be with his attitude.

As a player and a person, seems to want everything given to him with little effort. if he was better than that, Roosters would be trying harder, its that simple.