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Lovett re-signs with Wests Tigers

Wests Tigers are pleased to announce the re-signing of forward Kyle Lovett for a further two years.

The new contract has secured Lovett at the Club through until the end of the 2017 NRL season.

The 22-year-old made his NRL debut in Round 1 against the Gold Coast Titans and has played a total of 19 first grade games this season.

Primarily a backrower, Lovett came through the Balmain development system – playing for Five Dock RSL and Leichhardt Juniors before graduating to the Wests Tigers’ Holden Cup squad in 2012.

Lovett has enjoyed a breakthrough season in 2015 and expressed his excitement with the new contract.

“I’m stoked with the new deal,” Lovett said. “I love playing for the Club and I’ve really enjoyed this season in the NRL.

“It was obviously a goal of mine to play first grade this year and that opportunity came in Round 1, which I wasn’t really expecting, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge.

“Getting the contract out of the way is something I was looking forward to; I’m keen to finish this season strong and to keep working on my consistency.”

Wests Tigers Head Coach Jason Taylor said he has been impressed by Lovett’s performances in 2015 and was pleased to have him at the Club for another two years.

“Kyle has exceeded all expectations this year,” Taylor said. “He made his debut at the beginning of the year and we had expected a handful of games from him – given it’s his first year in the NRL - but he has been really impressive and played close to every game.

“That effort is a credit to himself and the Club because he’s done probably three times more than what we had hoped for and that’s really pleasing.”

Player Profile – Kyle Lovett
Date of Birth: 23-03-1993
Height: 184cm
Weight: 100kg
Position: Second Row
Junior Clubs: Five Dock RSL, Leichhardt Juniors
FG Debut: v Gold Coast Titans, Cbus Super Stadium, 7/3/2015 (Rd 1)

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add to the fact that the Touch Judges are never in line to see the forward passes (which should be their call) touchies these days are normally in line with the defenseive line not the attackers so they don’t have a good view of the forward passes.

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Yeah Monday at Cambo is tough with the Traffic especially with the train station car park still being relativly full with commuters. Still managed to snag a spot and get in before kick off but felt really sorry for everyone lining up for tickets.

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Annnnnnd he is released.

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Going to be interesting to see how they measure the long serving members considering they admitted to members last year at a member survey event that their membership records are shocking and they have no way of tracking long serving members due to numerous changes over the years and multiple memberships data platforms.

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The sooner we get rid of the Western Suburbs Fans and Balmain Fans the sooner we can rebuild the Wests Tigers fanbase.

This talk of x number of balmain fans walking away or x amount of magpies walking away is fine with me. They were never fans of the Wests Tigers anyway and are only holding the club back.

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At about midnight my father was in the middle of a heart attack. While we were keeping him calm and waiting for the ambulance to arrive I was looking out the bedroom window and in the reflection of the window and the mirror near the bed I could see my grandmother (my fathers mother who died 4 years earlier in that house) standing by my Dad’s bed holding his hand.

He then told us he was feeling better and the pain in his chest was going. Ambulance arrived 3 minutes after that and he was fine.

In the same house my wife who had never seen a pic of my grandmother woke up one night and said she saw an old lady standing at the foot of our bed smiling. The next day I showed her a photo of my grandmother and she went white and said that was who she saw.

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Team has no heart and no pride in the jersey. No effort at all out there!

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IMO 2 things need to be brought up and implemented by the NRL

1. Juniors that come through a development club system should be given a discount towards the salery cap and automaticlly count towards the long serving player allownce. If Brooks has been with the cup for 5 years asa junior and then hits the nrl in another 5 years he should be classed as a long serving player like Farah.

2. Any club wishing to poach a junior play from the development club must pay the developing club a transfer fee based on costs, length of service etc that is determined by the NRL.