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Too many wasted chances. 😦

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so, what happens with the other game? does it get delayed?

Nope, it’s already underway. Nine will just cut to it when this game finishes I guess.

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Roosters - 8
Tigers - 15


Edit: 15-14

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what the Hell ??? Payten has been doing great for the tigers very good consistency good hit ups ,and off loads
all he has to do is keep doing what he has done.

Hardly. You quoted a post that was from July and back then Payten was woefully out of form, he has only been picked up since the 6 win streak… hardly consistent.

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We will go backwards next year and would not surprise if we end up with the spoon.

Gone from the first grade squad are Morris, Halatau, Gallant, Collis ,Payne ( more than likely), Galea ( more than likely),Skando (???), yet we have bought reserve graders in Browne, Daniela to fille the void. Something doesn’t add up here , does it?

No depth and no further signings in the pipelines = NO HOPE!

Most fans demanded a clean out and we have finally got one, please dont complain about most of the guys we got rid of. At the end on '04 we were heading into a bad year apparently because we had lost about 500 games of experience. Moody,Senter,Buttner,Mears etc. We didnt miss those guys and wont miss any of the ones you mentioned. Although I would have liked Gallant to stay.

It’s not so much about the players that are leaving but the players Wests have chosen to replace them, I think that’s the point he is trying to make… and I agree.

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A fight in the scrum would be fine, introduce Ennis to the fists of fury. Hope Farah has a great game.

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BB & T-Rex, you do realise that you both know each other?

Maybe it’s a love-hate relationship?

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T91 thoughts?

I’m still wondering what the hell that post was about, now fetch me some water.

As for player recruitment, I’m set on taking Marshall_magics advice… letting go Ellis and Marshall to sign Nanai & Hegarty… maybe bulk them up and play them in the front row, thoughts?

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Didnt the Tigers earlier in the year, when they were winning a few games, entrenched in the Top 8 and were heading towards the top 4 have Morris at half?

Entrenched in the Top 8. 😆! One win from 8 games, heading for the spoon more like it.

Unless you want to talk about early in the year, when less than 5 games were played, why not include 42-14 loss to the Cowboys & the 42-22 loss to the Panthers.

Short memory some people on this forum.