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Seeing that Brooks and Grub are doing pretty well in the halves, what’re your thoughts on Benji’s return? He’s on 292 NRL games.
Do you want to see him get to 300?
But what if having him in the side comes at the expense of the team?
If Reynolds is playing well and uninjured, how would you fit in Benji?
Or does he just have to miss out on the big 300th?

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2020 team:
Mbye to the halves
Gutherson to fullback
Plus Tevita Pangai Jr

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I spent all night searching LA for a bar that would play NRL for this? What’s going on?

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Its at Concord Oval, $43m to be spent on it. Demolition starts at the end of the season and goes for 2 years.

Good to know. Any idea where we’ll train for those 2 years?

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They mentioned it on radio today… Storm over the cap and. Last player resigned was scam smyth… Talk sharks re-signed segeyaro on minimal contract (150k)because their last player signed before segs was Shaun johnson…preferable to. Lose segs than SJ

How hilarious if old Cam “Two Contracts” Smith gets shafted because of this. Ha.

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Most times the child is just being a brat and wont accept responsibilty for their actions, looking to blames others.

Hopefully the club just accepts the punishment and moves on, give the coach and the players an actual chance of concentrating on winning for a bloody chance. Tantrums wont get the club anywhere.

Must be kidding. If all the other children are caught doing worse things, but one child cops it for a smaller incident, you think they should just accept it? No, you go to a higher power (ie, Principal) and show them the bias and injustice with evidence, then the teacher is reprimanded or stood down. You’re saying victims of injustice should just roll over, just like the bullies want.

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By the end if round 7 we will be in the top 4, then go on a losing streak only to come back after the bye refreshed and refocused storming home for a finals finish. You heard it here first.

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Date of Birth: 2nd January, 1996

Height: 192cm

Weight: 105kg

Position: Wing, Centre

Junior Club: Western City Tigers / Minchinbury Jets

Previous Clubs: South Sydney Rabbitohs (2017-18), Penrith Panthers (2015-16)

Rep. Honours: Jnr. Kangaroos (2015), NSW U/20’s (2015), Aus Schoolboys (2014)

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Maybe “100% fit Reynolds” 5 years ago. But if you’re going by that logic then a “100% fit Benji” in his prime was also awesome, arguably the best player and more of a game-breaker than Grub.

The point is, i’d prefer both firing on all cylinders forcing Madge to have to pick the best player to help us win the most games.

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Living in the NT for the last 20ish years, having lived and taught in Gunbalanya (West Arnhem land) for 4 years where my kids were born, involved in cultural business and learnt a bit of Gunwinku (the local language) plus visiting many other Indigenous communities around the top end, i can say the date of Australia day is not they’re primary concern (not to negate those people for whom this issue is important though).

The way I see it, we can’t change history, but what we can do is recognise it. Without causing a fight, to me it seems the default ‘down south’ mode is to ignore Indigenous culture and history, and by changing the date would allow mainstream Australia to get on with celebrating BBQs, thongs and beach cricket safely in the knowledge that they can go back to not thinking about the first Australians.

Personally, I believe this ‘controversy’ around Australia day has been good as it shines a light on something most mainstream Australia ignores.

So I think we shouldn’t change the date, but instead, make it a day to both celebrate what we are now and commemorate what has happened, recognising that we can still do better. Kind of like Anzac day. And if people want to do that by having a BBQ in thongs on the beach, then great. If people want to do that by attending a celebration where Indigenous mob showcase cultural dance, and celebrating the world’s oldest living culture, then great.

But what’s more important is that we start to teach Indigenous history in our primary schools, and better yet focus on the local indigenous people of the specific area, their language and culture (regardless if that has been lost in those parts or not) and make it that all Australians, old and new, know OUR history, including pre-colonisation because we are all Australian and this may help us stop thinking in us and them, but rather think that all Australian cultures (Indigenous, Western, Mediterranean, Asian, etc) can come together and be united in celebrating the first Australians and the future Australians.

It’s not about changing a date, it’s about changing a nation.


Yor, kamak! 😃