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Looks like he’s with us and the dragons logo is just part of the editing package because the first video was cut from a dragons clip. I was also confused.

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“On and off the field” is the new “credit to the boys”

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My current favourites are:

  • Mindscape (A quantum physics podcast with Sean Carroll)
  • HBR Presents After Hours (An easy to digest business podcast that covers a lot of differnt topics and companies)

The one about Theranos/Elizabeth Holmes is a good one too. It’s called “The Dropout”. Catastrophic corporate governance failures make for intriguing stories after the fact.

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Cummins two wicket in two balls in the first over. I’m in London tomorrow. Wondering if it’s worth getting to Manchester for the arvo session.

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Just caught the press conference. Maguire not impressed. Doesn’t sound like he’s happy with mediocrity either.

None of his usual “I’ve got a lot of faith in this group”. Bet he wishes he had a few mill to spend right now.

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@Spud_Murphy why stop there? What about the World Club Challenge?

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@momo_amp_medo Surprisingly we rank 7th in the NRL for most offloads per team, way ahead of some of the top teams like the Storm, Roosters and Raiders.

Unfortunately the stats don’t tell us anything about the quality of our offloads. Dribbling the ball out the back of the ruck along the ground is an offload and counts just as much as a forward pushing through the ruck and finding a support player flying through for a line break.

We also rank in the top one or two teams for line engaged and decoy runs, but low for tries scored and line breaks. That tells me our setups are ineffective and/or our players aren’t good enough to take the opportunity to beat their opposing player when they actually have some space. TLDR: lack of strike and talent in the backline and edges. Probably wrong options being taken in the halves too.

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Amazing game. Watched it with my English mate. Poor bloke was a nervous wreck.

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@mike he also has one of the lowest rugby league IQs in the business.

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The legal test for duty of care and negligence is not whether the governing body had actual knowledge of the risks, it’s whether they ‘ought to have known’. They call this ‘reasonable foreseeability’.

It will come down to the period that the players were playing and what medical evidence was available at the time. Then what systems the governing body at the time had to ensure it knew about the risks and what it did in response (and whether the response was adequate to address the risk).

CTE was first discovered in 2002. I’m not a doctor. Maybe there was other types of known and enduring problems associated with head injuries prior to the discovery of CTE. That might limit damages for CTE prior to that time but leave the door open for other (probably lesser) claims.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds and to see what changes to the HIA protocols are made in light of this claim.