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@Spud_Murphy all a bit green for us. Give them another year or two to ripen on the vine before we swoop in.

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When the origin period is over.

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@Tiger_Steve there’s no one you’d rather have with you if you needed to break open a coconut.

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Wasn’t it Con the Fruiterer who used to say “couple-a days” when asked how long something would take?

DWZ = Con the Fruiterer
Lesser WZ = The Watchmaker

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If ever a player needed to be dropped for lack of effort it’s Russell Packer. Bad all year but absolutely disgraceful tonight. Two runs all match and those two runs were the only time he touched the ball all game. Never once did he put his hand up for a carry while we were getting smashed trying to cart it out of our line. Turned his back on the play during an early parra try. You’d be dropped in under 12’s for that let alone when you’re the highest paid forward and supposed forward leader.

Sure the halves were garbage and not many would argue, but the middle third was disgraced and the poor ruck defence created carnage.

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3 from 6 would still have us in a reasonably good position. More would be great and a bonus in my eyes.

Most importantly, we can’t have a long string of losses. Every year going back to 2011 the club has lost at least 4 games in a row. Most years it’s been 5 or 6 losses on the trot. You can’t go on a string of losses like that and expect to play finals footy unless you have a very good squad that can click suddenly and also go on a run.

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@Spud_Murphy why stop there? What about the World Club Challenge?

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@chickenkebabs probably the best post I have ever read on this forum. Congratulations for turning your life around and hopefully it can help others.

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@cochise that’s what I’m thinking.

Either way, let’s see what Nofo and Mermirivski* have got. Dig in boys.

  • Intentionally misspelt to agitate
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Amazing game. Watched it with my English mate. Poor bloke was a nervous wreck.

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Just caught the press conference. Maguire not impressed. Doesn’t sound like he’s happy with mediocrity either.

None of his usual “I’ve got a lot of faith in this group”. Bet he wishes he had a few mill to spend right now.

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Inglis might have just screwed any chance Souffs had of medically retiring him with his comments here. He said himself it’s not due to mental health or injuries. I hope the NRL has taken note.

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Moses is one of the best and most dangerous halves in the game if given space and time and one of the worst without it.

Parra has an aggressive forward pack but they can be hit and miss. Need to get aggressive ourselves and win the contact. Get in their face with good line speed and pressure their playmakers. Fergo out would be a huge bonus for the team but we’ll need to play well to get the win.

Hoping to see more cohesion and depth in attack. We’ve been very flat the first month and our back line plays have been slow and cumbersome - timing off and balls behind runners. Hoping the 10 day turnaround gives them time to work on this aspect.

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@TigersBusDriver still gassed from his 4 runs 10 days ago and his 2 hit ups in 40 mins today.

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@supercoach I find missed tackle stats to be very dubious in how they are assessed. Pretty sure we missed less tackles vs Parra but had 50 put on us.