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I have never had a problem with Nofo’s heart or running game, my problem has always been that there was never any improvement in his defence, the same mistakes he made in 2013, missed tackles, poor reads, not numbering up, going for the intercept (always), lack of confidence and panicking when defending, were still there in 2019. They where never addressed and he never got better.
Enter 2020, to his credit all the hard work he has done with Madge seems to have improved his game, maintaining standards and accepting ownership of the positives and the negatives equally, are more than just words,
are keep up the good work Dave.

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I have been a fan of this bloke for a couple of years, I love the way he was channeled his aggression and how paces himself for the entire game, instead of coming off the bench where he tried too hard tried to put an entire games worth of work in 15 minutes stints.
Definitely our best forward so far this year, keep it up champ.

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I have never been an huth fan, I have always believed that he lacked mongrel and was happy just to turn up, also a tall piece of timber like him should have someone like Brooks hanging off his hip, the bloke is built for offloads.
Last night was a good honest display, positive signs, keep it up huth.

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100% agree, if Moses is the SOO team I’m out. Adversity and the ability to perform a task, that you are paid to do but don’t want do, is a true revealer of character and intestinal fortitude. This bloke has shown his true colors, I don’t get it, current form is supposed to erase past actions, not only what he has done, but how he did it.
I like to win, weather its the Tigers or NSW or Australia or who ever, but I despise it when clubs trade t their values and their character (their soul) to do so.
Rant over, in saying that:

  1. Teddy
  2. JAC
  3. Turdo
  4. Latts
  5. Fergo
  6. Wighton
  7. Cleary
  8. Keary
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The Benji change makes sense, any defensive weakness and Jack Wighton will eat us alive, Jennings had to go, Mikaele was a bit hard done by, Packer and Musgrove is surprising. Oh well, Madge spoke about change, bring the Raiders.

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Saw 360, bearing in mind with the exception of Ikin, they’re all hacks and rumor mongers, but Dufty, from the Dragons, definitely speed to burn a legitimate attacking fullback who can create, cheap and on the receiving end of unjust treatment. Could be the answer to our back line, what do you blokes think.

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Whilst I realize the Fox talent pool is needs to be shared across all the games, getting Anasta to call our games is a bit much. Who else remembers when he put the slipper into us after he retired, serves us right for extending his career for two disappointing seasons. Not only that, but I don’t think he either watches the game or has a feel for it, or the tigers, referring to Moylan as arguably the best player on the field, describing the tigers as completely dominating the game (did he watch the first half) or his man crush on Mulitalo.

Has nothing to say and says it too loudly.

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Couldn’t split Twal and Joshie, so here goes
3 Joshie/Twal
2 Grant
1 Brooks
Can’t speak highly enough of the Joshie/Mikaele pairing, giving us the grunt in the middle, all meters, even Joshie’s try, through the meat of the defence. Twal, huge fan of this bloke, will develop into our Finucane, just that honest effort based style. Grant, only his first game, but all the signs are good. The above take a lot of pressure of Brooks and will allow him to play his running game and attack from all angles.

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@Newtown said in **Live game feed** vs the Sharks:

@Geo said in **Live game feed** vs the Sharks:

@pawsandclaws1 said in **Live game feed** vs the Sharks:

@Geo said in **Live game feed** vs the Sharks:

@hobbo1 said in **Live game feed** vs the Sharks:

@WT2K said in **Live game feed** vs the Sharks:

@hobbo1 said in **Live game feed** vs the Sharks:

@Geo said in **Live game feed** vs the Sharks:

@hobbo1 said in **Live game feed** vs the Sharks:

We got dis

Never do that


Never in doubt

I thought when flipper boy Lawrence dropped it cold it could’ve been a turning point …
Good win in the end

I thought when Moylan threw the ball at the feet of Duges they had it…

Moylan, Duges, Peptides and CO. Sharks are stuck with them.

lol Yep

The way he carried on throughout the match Mutilato looked like he had taken a large dose of angry pills.

He always plays like that, remember the last game of last season. Every tackle or run this blokes makes has some “crap” in it. Braith likes the way he plays, enough said.