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@Tiger_Steve said in Official - Wests Tigers Sign Stefano Utoikamanu:

If he broke protocol and then went into the sheds - aren’t they all in strife? How funny would that be? Whole squad sent into lockdown. And Gladys makes them pay for their own accommodation 😂😂😂

It’s all MMoses’s fault. He should be sent to prison.

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The nature of the game made it hard I suppose. Either way, hopefully Stef has the 💩s and resents Parra and Arthur even more

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@jirskyr said in Mitchells worse than BJ:

Some very very one-eyed comments in here, after 24+ hours to calm down.

Honestly I appreciate everyone’s passion but blaming the refs is a cop-out, Tigers weren’t good enough. That’s the reason Madge doesn’t go bananas at press conferences because (a) it gets you nowhere and (b) it’s a terrible example to set, that the refs are to blame, not the players.

No the players are to blame; if we brought the Raiders or Penrith performances to the Rabbits game we are a very good chance of winning. But unf we brought something more like the Titans performance, and we were down on key troops who help in difficult situations, like Twal with rock-solid defence and BJ with his early-tackle carrier and threat out wide.

I’m not in any way saying that we deserved the win, we were very average and played with alot of injured players out. However, it does rub salt into the wounds when there’s some average decisions that go against our side. It’s sport I guess, but we are allowed to be slightly pissed.

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@Russell said in Cummins and the Nrl are a joke.:

I think the League should publish full infringement stats after each game. If not the Club should on their own site.

i.e. Let everyone know what the penalties were for, at each minute they happened and who the Referee was officiating at the game.

Minute Infingement offending team
04 10 metres Tigers
09 Incorrect PTB Souths

Same for “6 again” what minute and what tackle they occured.

07 Tackle 4 Holding too long Souths
15 Tackle 1 Crowding Tigers
48 Tackle 3 Markers not square Tigers

It would hopefully show up some of the bias that is experienced by the unfavored clubs.

Know it will never happen but it may embarrass some of the people concerned.

Not unreasonable to ask the refs of that. It will keep the refs honest, ensure impartiality and allow NRL teams to work harder to prevent 6 agains. Hopefully they are working towards something like this soon.

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@Needaname said in Our forward pack, notable weaknesses.:

Everyone is talking about our toughness and it’s there in attitude and most obvious in defence, however there are still quite a few deficiencies present.
So in fairness, if we are going to call out our high paid players Brooks and Moses weaknesses
Garner clearly is our weakest link in the defensive line. Never uses his shoulder in any tackles. Too much arm grabbing for my liking.
Also gave up an early penalty in the game for being offside.
ET, directly responsible for all 6 again restarts for the duration of his time on the field. first replaced when Twal comes back.
We have no leg drive in our runs.
Mikale looks the only likely prop to get forward momentum for us.

I think Aloiai is a strong runner also.

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The new 6 again rule has alot of upsides in keeping the game flowing, but it leaves alot open to interpretation and favouritism. If a player/s from team X are on ref Y’s 💩 list for whatever reason, then it’s quite easy for ref Y to be trigger happy with 6 again calls against team X. A couple of 6 agains against a team in short succession or in key moments has the potential to rub a team out of the game. This is where the favouritism or perceived favourtism comes into it and it’s hard to argue against. Teams that cop it sweet will just say “Well be more disciplined in defence and the slowing of the ruck”. Easy to say if you on the good list.

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I’m glad the team could hear Madge yelling. Hopefully it sends a clear message to the overpaid chumps that have been comfortably lazy on our payroll for too long. Everyone should be on notice. I’m also glad he a had a crack at the refs too and their lack of consistency, it’s obviously something that’s eating some players up.

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@mike said in Mitchells worse than BJ:

A fine for this is an absolute disgrace


Hard to take the game seriously. WTs management have to do something about it. We need to start questioning and putting more pressure on these incompetent frauds

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@OzLuke said in Your most punchable player or coach over the years:

mcguire from cowboys…
gagai (we made him look like an origin player last night)
cleary jr and snr

list is endless

Yeah, forgot good old king Gutho (hate his self titled nickname). His face would look better with my fist against it. ✌

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Like someone mentioned on here the other day. Brooks at hooker might be worth a try. Finding a new half and 5/8 is the challenge.