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No one wants to be paying someone to play reserve grade, but this is about something bigger. It’s about accountability of players when they sign with us, it’s about starting a stronger culture, it’s about a reputation of not being the laughing stock of the NRL. I could go on and on. We need to toughen up rather than giving in all the time. The only way Matterson goes, is if we get someone of equal or better value, otherwise enjoy reserve grade you sook.

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Also, glad Matterson was told where to go when he rocked up a social gig. Who does this guy think he is. Shows we have players with passion and pride for our club.

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@The_Patriot Oh man, I can’t agree with you on this one, sorry mate. Moses from what I remember had his offer on the table for some time and chose to mess around and the offer was removed. He left like a sook and he should have treated WTs better, after all Parra had no interest in developing him as a jnr and he showed no loyalty to us.

Cleary had no interest in bringing his son here either. He was just buying his time before he went back to the Panthers. Moses should never be seen near our club again. He is a selfish, grubby little terd. He was the only one out of the big 4 I wasn’t sad to see go.

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Unfortunately WTs management will never be perceived to be doing anything right. I want to sign AD and JL but these clowns are holding our club to ransom. AD is still an unproven talent and he wants to start barking orders at us. Who do these clowns think we are? Oh yeah, a laughing stock. We sign these players on our terms or meet them in the middle with contract extension options. Both these players hardly have the 16 clubs racing for their signature and as a matter of fact they aren’t even wanted by their current clubs. A poorly managed club would throw everything at them just like we did with JR, Packer and Mbye. Let’s just relax and see if our management is better and broker a deal that’s in everyone’s best interest.

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Stay strong WTs management. We aren’t going to be much for a few years anyway. Screw Matterson, make him play reserve grade for 2 years and he can miss his window at rep footy. I’m sick of players and other clubs taking the piss out of us. We need to send the message that we won’t be screwed around with and if Matterson wants a “more professional club” make him learn a lesson in professionalism for 2 more years in 2nd grade.

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@Madge Good Mats, I wish you all the best in your retirement and congrats on a great career. Bad Mats, I hope you never win a GF or play rep football you scumbag.

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So what’s the go here…2 sleeps to the jolly fat fella …all gone quiet on the Johnstone front…

I hope the AJ front stays quiet forever.

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I have a feeling we will be hearing from AD and his management some time very soon. We are not coming across as desperate as we were for LM and we learnt a big lesson with how the media can portray us. I like how Madge is playing this, we’ve thrown him an offer and if he wants it or if souths pitch in then let’s table it up. AD definitely has talent, but the world won’t come to an end if we miss out on him. He needs us more than we need him atm.

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I can’t wait for the day we have a solid team and expect to win most weeks. Will it ever happen? Please Madge, give it to the boys, they sure earn enough money. The effort overall was generally rubbish and I’m glad he didn’t praise anyone in the playing group.

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@Newtown They have to do something about trainers on the field. You see in most games trainers calling plays or running the defensive line from 10m behind the play.

Ive never seen a more strange post grandfinal vibe since ive been watching. The NRL is a gutless, joke of an organisation and tonight clearly showed it. It looked like a shallow/soulless victory for the roosters and tonight showed that the game has gone from bad to worse. The Roosters have brought themselves another premiership out of bending the rules and I firmly believe their corruption spreads to the on field refs and administrators of the game. Awesome season NRL (particularly Greenburg and Annesly), hang your heads in shame at producing such a rubbish ending to rubbish season.

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Anyone that signs for us from now on knows what they are getting (Matterson excuse) and the era of free tickets in 1st grade are hopefully gone for good. They know Madge doesn’t take any 💩 and expects hard work. This is what I have been wanting from our club for years. I want a team full of hard asses, that can grit it out every week and be a respected opponent for once. Let’s build it right this time Madge, I have faith.

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Nice backflip by Webster…
Latrell Mitchell’s hopes of signing with South Sydney look to be fading after Rabbitohs five-eighth Cody Walker agreed to a two-year extension at Redfern.

Walker today agreed to a $1.3 million deal that will keep him at the club until the end of 2022. Souths are expected to make a formal announcement late on Wednesday.

Cody Walker has agreed a two-year extension to his South Sydney deal.
Cody Walker has agreed a two-year extension to his South Sydney deal.CREDIT:GETTY IMAGES

With Souths also expected to secure Titans forward Jai Arrow by the end of the week, it is unlikely they will have the salary cap space to secure Mitchell, unless they move players to other clubs.

Under no circumstances do WTs sign anyone from Souths to allow them to sign LM. I don’t care if we bring up our own juniors.

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This story is really starting to 💩 me. Boohoo if youre not happy Ryan. Get over it and do what you signed up to do. I wish NRL contracts were performance based, if your underperforming (on and off the field) your earnings may suffer or if you don’t like your club and have X amount of years left, go get a real job and scrap your X amount of $$ until your contract runs out. $350000 to play in the NRL doesn’t sound bad to me. Stop holding clubs to ransom and being careless towards your fans because if it weren’t for us, all NRL clubs would be park footy teams playing for sausage sangas.

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@PabloX I think we need to think seriously about momo. I thought he finished last season strongly, considering his age and minimal NRL experience. I think he has it in him to be a very strong NRL centre. If his first half of the season is solid, I say definitely re-sign him.

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Opinions to NRL players from two unhappy recent ex-Wests tigers together with some South Sydney players who had been coached by Madge may have had a lot to do with West Tigers recent unfair reputation.

Not having a crack at you Newtown but what do all those saying “we can’t attract players because Madge is too tough” suggest?

The day the club replaces a coach because he was “too tough “ on players is the day the club signs up for another decade of poor performance and my last day as a supporter

Yep agree. Our club culture has been terrible over the past 10 years when it comes to training hard and its been reflected in our results. Screw anyone that doesn’t want to play under Madge. He is the one to lead us to greener pastures and we bend over to nobody anymore. I don’t care if we take chances on juniors with potential or ESL players with promise. I want WTs to become the team that clubs fear and feel the pain after playing us. I’m over this souths indigenous club rubbish too. There are indigenous players throughout the NRL that couldnt care less about Redfern. It’s all rubbish from his family that want free tickets to souths games. Spare me the whole ‘it’s not about money’ as well. He’ll collect in the end and we all know it.