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@Geo said in Alex Johnston Contract Discussion:

So what’s the go here…2 sleeps to the jolly fat fella …all gone quiet on the Johnstone front…

I hope the AJ front stays quiet forever.

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@Tiger_Steve said in Josh Addo Carr Contract Discussion:

@avocadoontoast said in Josh Addo Carr Contract Discussion:

From The Forgotten Man on FB


Josh Addo-Carr’s latest release proposals has thrown a massive spanner in the works!

Tigers are leading contenders for his signature, it’s being reported it’s his preferred destination whereas teams like the Bulldogs, Cronulla and Roosters are all keen

Addo-Carr is the Wests Tigers priority right now, and the Alex Johnston move may be in jeopardy over it - the interesting factor in this is that if Addo-Carr joins the Wests Tigers the idea that Latrell follows is quite likely!

It seems unlikely Gagai will be moved on, if he does then the Rabbitohs are very much in play for Latrell but the Wests Tigers will look a lot more attractive with there 1 million dollar contract, preferred position and have one his best mates at the club with him!

It seems like regardless of the Roosters stance on trying to move him on before January 1st, that Latrell will dig his heels in and play out the season and make a decision for 2021 in which it’s a near certainty he won’t be at the Roosters beyond next season!

So what did we learn from this well crafted piece of writing - oh yeah: absolutely nothing

I learned that the media can re-write the same rubbish over and over and over again. I think anyone could be a sports jurno these days. It’s all guess work and just drive their own agenda.

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@Curly_Tiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

It’s brutal in here

Pinata of the day today seems to have been determined to be Pascoe, following on from recent days victims, Hagipantelis and Latrell, even AJ who isn’t even here yet has had a turn and poor old Moses Mbye is never far away from a go

No one’s safe!

These guys haven’t done much to stay off the Pinata list. These guys need to prove us wrong and then we will be sweet.

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@Tigerstar said in Alex Johnston Contract Discussion:

650k per year for 3 years is the rumour.

Man I hope you’re wrong. He’s not worth 650k.

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Webster spoke the other day about KPIs they all set for themselves at the beginning of the season and track the progress of these “KPIs” throughout the season Ha. I believe this club likes to do a lot of talking and thinks that if they say the right things, us supporters will eat that rubbish up. The club as a whole need to have a good hard look at themselves and their KPIs as either the bar must be set very low, the KPIs are just made up or it’s ok to not hit your targets. Our recruitment is terrible and has been for many years, our lack of finals football is a joke, our facilities are only now about to get a lift (1 KPI I’ll give them) and the list could go on. Our club appears to be heading in the right direction financially, but it isn’t improving others areas of the club (so far). We appear an undesirable club to many players and God I hope this improves soon as we will be bottom feeders forever. Sorry, just my opinion and venting of some frustration.

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Pascoe says we want to create a club where people want to be here (great, I love it), but also a club that isn’t just making up the numbers (well let’s own that statement). I feel we are just making up the numbers if we sign AJ to allow LM to go to the bunnies. I’m sick of our club being everyone’s dumping ground when they see something better. I hope Madge is chasing someone that we don’t know about overseas. Screw souths and LM, if we don’t want to just make up the numbers, then we need to play hardball and stop bending over.

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@Moh said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@avocadoontoast said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

At the end of the day it’s just further proof that we’re not an attractive destination. It doesn’t matter how much money we have, the elite players don’t want to come here. It really doesn’t matter who our coach is.

I think our amateur facilities have a lot to do with it. Yah there’s the COE, but no one is coming for that till it actually exists.

Facilities are one thing, but the main thing is our finals drought. We need to make the finals in 2020 if we are any chance of buying any quality or our COE doesnt mean much.

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We are a joke. What a rubbish signing if true and i dont see this as a club moving forward. Don’t rate Alex at all.

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I’m holding hope LM will signs with us. If he was wanted by souths, they would’ve made a bigger play for him already. He’s hardly been a priority signing for them so I see us as his likely destination. Who cares if he’s friend with Roberts or Walker. Brookes is mates with Teddy and slimeball Moses and they play at different clubs.

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@momo_amp_medo said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@willow said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

It will all come to a finalisation of sorts soon. The impatience on here is ridiculous…

Impatience! Your having a laugh … surely?
This has been dragging on for almost 2 months.

‘Impatience on here is ridiculous’, please. WTs fans have been the definition of patience over the last 10 years. We want a conclusion to this saga ASAP and until then, we will grow more impatient.