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IMO $’s will only get you mercenaries. Winners want to play in a team of winners. We haven’t played finals footy in some time and we are still paying the toll for having had Potter, JT and subsequently Cleary as coaches, if you include the last year of TS that’s 2012 to 2018.

If we can keep our cool and if Madge can turn the team he has around And makes a finals appearance, I think our recruitment fortunes will change as well.

But no way no how should we in my humble armchair opinion be paying $600k for AD, no way, $450 max.

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@Tiger_Steve I understand your stance but this is exactly what the NRL wants. Stop supporting the tigers but continue watching and attending.

Todd greenturd is having tea with Burgo because he is unhappy, he gives Inglis a known salary cap cheater and a number of infringements a reference and a leave pass, cammies wife a diamond ring also a known salary cap cheat, part responsible for some of the most non sportsman like tactics. Yet we have a number of instances were players and coaches openly make the nrl contracts look like a square of dunny paper and not a peep, not even a comment.

He is a joke and the nrl will remain one whilst he is at the helm.

Morning rant about the nrl over.

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Roosters to miss the 8. Parra and Penrith fight it out for wooden spoon. It’s Christmas!

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Wasn’t his best year with us but still a quality player. All the best to him.

At least all parties played this out respectfully. Not to much rumble in the media which says our club was fine with the decision.

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@MAGPIES1963 good work 12mins. I was wondering how long it would take before a forum member pointed out the white was missing!

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Don’t get this love for Douhi. 500k is way overs IMO.

A solid player but I certainly haven’t seen anything to suggest he is worth that much to any club. Good luck to him if he gets it.

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I like him, he has been one of our best this year. Would hate to see him go but that’s the age we live in. Instant gratification and acknowledgement needed.

He joined us as a fringe first grader with potential, shined this year and now allegedly he wants more money or is unhappy with coach.

Could just be a rumour or a contract renegotiation ploy who knows?

Either way let’s see what Madge and Pascoe do and what transpires. Either they earn their coin and keep him here or they go out and find a replacement.

This is now more about those two than Matterson in my opinion.

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Welcome to the club. Hope he is free of injury and plays his way into fg or at the least keeps those in front of him honest.

There needs to be signings like this to make up the squad, depth with potential.

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Not sure if it’s mugire’s influence but watching the reply of the game when Thommo made the error and the dragons scored his team mates were not happy you saw the disappointment in a few faces.

To me it didn’t seem as though it was directed at thommo specifically it looked as though they were genuinely annoyed at having let in a soft try. The response is what impressed me, they hit back with 4 try’s.

Maybe a coincidence, you could argue we were playing an out form team but none the less I was impressed with the response and for my mind that has to be because of good leadership.

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Sticking with the Tin Foil theory.

I was catching up with a mate of mine today who is a salesman and mean card player who claims he can read body language said he was talking to another mate of ours who said he spoke to the mother of a knights player and they are looking for a centre not a back rower so I’d like to change my original hypothesis and now deduce that Esan is going there.

The theory is just me but the rest of the story is true.

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@happy_tiger given player behaviour he maybe able to offer them free legal service to keep them out of gaol

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IMO I don’t think the reason is all that deep. The guy just has the wrong people around him.

That idea that we miss out because of facilities or finals appearances alone doesn’t fit the bill for me.

We have had a bad run with recruiting coaches. Our management are to blame for this and while I don’t follow closely I think we have changed a number of them. The decision to recruit Ivan was a good one and I thought that was our turning point. Hindsight tells us Ivan was a mistake as were some of his coaching/recruiting decisions. But regardless at the time I thought it was a good decision.

Now we have Madge another good decision and I personally think we are on the right path, again.

We will recruit quality players and we will miss out on some. The sport is cyclic and our time will come again.

Bright side is at least we are not Sharks Or Parra fans. There was a reason why Ryan conducted his street talks in Parra!

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I like it, always something going on.

Results don’t help the mood and sometimes it gets a bit heated. Often read a cracker of a post and or a funny one and am reminded why I keep coming back.

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Can’t blame a goal kicker. We should never have been playing catch up football.

Losing two players in the first half and playing with 12 for a period of time added to the loss.

Couple of other lapses Benji’s no look pass, poor defence on our line to let Marshall king score (ref should have pinned them for stepping of the mark - which is how the created the space).

Spilt milk.