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Patriots going into the Draft.

Ok so Brady and Bill split up. I see it as a mutual parting of the ways. Both now have a lot to prove and both their egos will thrive in this situation. Brady chose well and now gets his chance to prove the “system QB” knockers wrong. He gets to take a so so team and make them great. Belichick is up in his office watching video and making calls getting ready for his best Draft ever.

Both are winners and will be successful. Thats said i am one of the few who wanted Brady to move on, He needed to do it for his own good and Belichick needed him gone so he can play a modern style of football that he sees sweeping the NFL. Players like Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson are the way of the future. Brady is one of the most clutch passers to ever play the game but is in no way a duel threat QB.

Belichick wants to play a duel threat type of game.
The coach who turned to Sony Michel in the draft to change his pass first offense into a run first offense will now focus on a duel threat QB and turning the Patriots into a much more dangerous team to match up against.

QB = Two words - Jarret Stidham.

He is their man and is a dual threat that Bill wants. I have no doubt at all he is why Brady is no longer there.

Hoyer is a decent backup whose main purpose is to help bring Stidham along.

Out of the draft the only type of player i can see them taking in this position is Jalen Hurts. Theyd use him like the Saints use Hill as their option player. His run game is best feature and whats more has the mentality to be a Patriots player.

RB - Im happy with Michel, Burkhead, White and Harris. Harris and Michel are both still wet behind the ears but come from great sytems and highly coachable. Theyll get the job done.

WR -Wide Receivers will be the focus, haven’t studied the draft class as of yet but no doubt theyll be looking for players that can break coverage. Explosive players with quality speed.

TE -After Gronk average wont do. I expect a TE to be drafted.

THE D - Defence is Bill Belichick’s fortay. We only need a couple of pieces but I cant wait to see who he recruits. One thing for sure is that they will be from the right colleges, have the right upbringing and will be the right fit for the New England Patriots.

Summary – Jarret Stidham is the man!

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@steve-o said in NFL Draft:

So you thought the Giants were below-average-to-bad? I raise you, one Carolina Panthers squad.

QB – Sad time in Carolina, as the Cam Newton era comes to end. As long as he goes to a team outside of the NFC South/NFC East, I will be rooting for him all the way. In his spot comes Teddy Bridgewater, who signed a three-year deal, which is more like a two-year deal, given the Panthers can cut him after the 2021 season with only $5M dead cap. Back-ups are XFL stand-out P.J. Walker, who led the Houston Roughnecks to a 5-0 record, while leading the league in passing yards and passing TDs. #3 on the depth chart is Will Grier, who looked bad last year; he’ll be lucky to still be on the roster in 12 months-time. I don’t think the Panthers will use their 7th overall pick on a QB; it appears they are trying to position themselves for the Trevor Lawrence/Justin Fields sweepstakes in next year’s draft.

WR – The Panthers are in a reasonable position here, with recent addition Robby Anderson, 2018 first rounder D.J. Moore, and 2017 second round pick Curtis Samuel the starters. Behind them are return specialists Pharoh Cooper and Brendan Zylstra. The Panthers could do with more depth here, so look for them to

Summary – Boy, going over that defense was brutal. I knew it was bad, but wow. Similar to the Giants, the Panthers are mostly set at the offensive skills positions, while the OL could do with an upgrade. This defense, left unattended, could single handedly deliver the Panthers their first #1 overall pick since 2011, when they selected Cam Newton. So, given the plight of the Panthers D, I think they have no choice but to use the # 7 overall pick on the highest rated defender still on their board. If available, I think it would be Okudah, but it’s more likely to be either Simmons on Brown. Then they need to load up on other areas of D in rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5, and hope they can find some gems in the later rounds to add depth at OL, WR and TE. This front office has a lot of work to do.

Panthers are a watch this space kind of team with their new coach.

Securing Bridgewater was a good move, he gives them composure and stability more so than Newton. The addition of XFL MVP PJ Walker is an interesting one. Keen to see how coach Rule uses them.

Pre Draft a player like Julian Edelman would be someone i would look at trading for. Give up one of those draft picks and secure a veteran like Edelman who would be the perfect completion of the Bridgewater recruit. Bridgewater would find Edeleman with ease and give him that easy check down. The other WR can bring the flavour.

Luke Kuechley is the guy who cant be replaced. he sets the locker room, calls all the D plays and was a constant threat for opposing QB’s.

Thats the draft priority for me, find the next Kuechley and improve the D

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@steve-o said in NFL Draft:


I have two NFL teams - the New York Football Giants and the Carolina Panthers. I wrote up an analysis of their current depth charts heading into the 2020 draft next month. Have a read if you’re interested, and if you’re really bored, I can encourage you to write one up for your favourite team:

Summary – I’m predicting Giants to go OT, DE, C, and LB in the first, second, third and 4th rounds respectively (note the 3rd round pick is a comp pick, after they gave up their regular 3rd to the Jets in the trade for Leonard Williams). In the 5th and 6th rounds I think they take BPA, and then look to add depth at WR/S/CB/OL with their four 7th round picks.

Thats a pretty impressive review Steve - O.

Giants obviously have needs in the draft, success will be dependant upon how well they do in the draft. Its a fluid event and you need to be on your game to meet your needs.

Defence being the priority but id like to see them get some real cover for Barkley. He is their main guy, would hate to see him banged up as they over use him to protect the young QB. Even someone out of free agency similar to what the Saints have done with Latavius Murray.

All in all looking to see how the young QB develops, i like the guy.

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He is entitled to his opinion, as drug induced as it may be.

Agree with others that he would never say if the Knights were in the firing line.

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Until Brooks matures

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Hopefully Maguire sends them all home and lets them know not a single one of them are locked in for when we play next.

PS and hopefully BJ gets over himself and his wage is reduced in accordance.

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Ohh well.

I was right about Brooks, right about Benji, right about Jennings, right about Mybe, right about Thompson.

Prove otherwise lol

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@Geo said in Forward Grunt:

Not one Wests Tigers forward ran for over 100m this week…

From forward grunt to forward runts.

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Yes certain players need to own it but i really didnt like the look of the right edge. Its asking for trouble. Split up the Leiluas!

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@Tiger_Steve said in Forward Grunt:

@The_Patriot said in Forward Grunt:

@Tiger_Steve said in Forward Grunt:

@The_Patriot said in Forward Grunt:

We know we have a good pack when guys like Eisenhuth, Clarke and MCK would walk in to a few other NRL teams.

I think this is just the start, give it a couple months and these guys will be even better.

Where you been mate?
Was looking forward to your analysis of King Benji’s game😀

Benji was perfect👍

And no third tackle kicks!

Didnt take long.