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Yeah in my mind this is just another rubbish Daily Telegraph article. everyone has bought it hook line an sinker.

In the end all that happened was a player who didnt want to leave his club didnt have a sit down with another club.

Media have gone off the meds this off season.

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Why do WT have to be a recipient of either Walker / Gagai from Souths or pushed out players form any club to help them acquire / upgrade existing players that would otherwise be forced to look to other clubs (like WT)? I’m sick of hearing WT could acquire XY or Z player to help that particular club make a great offer for a better player. I do think it shows the general attitude of other clubs to WT at present- the hand me down club. Parra & Penrith trash all over us. Some pride guys and payback is due.

Edit- wasnt it Roosters / Souths that had the book of slights to hold against others. We should too.

All that matters is we upgrade. Both of those players mentioned are upgrades.

We are in the business of improving our roster and giving our poor old fans something to smile about. This is all that matters

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Well this got interesting again lol

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Like most ive pretty much given up on the idea of Latrel signing with us. I dont think either him or his hangers on rate the club.

Trouble is our backline is pedestrian. Not much will change without a signing like him.

Given that id up the offer to 3.3m over 3 and see if he bites.

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Brad Abbey come on down

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Something has to give at the Sharks. They will have one quality player playing reserves.

Either Moylan, Dugan or Xerri

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Good job getting one of our competitors to go high fora bloke we were looking at. Squeezes their salary cap

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@TheDaBoss said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Mbye goes in to bat for ‘harshly criticised’ Latrell
Margie McDonald
Senior Reporter
Wed 4 Dec 2019, 03:02 PM
Latrell Mitchell had been treated shabbily in recent contract talks, according to Wests Tigers skipper Moses Mbye, as he was simply a young father and footballer trying to consolidate his future.

Whether that future is the Wests Tigers or not, Mbye and teammate Luke Garner don’t know. But as they delivered presents to children spending Christmas inside Liverpool Hospital, it brought home the value of family and good health.

“I think Latrell has been pretty harshly criticised,” Mbye said of the Roosters’ centre trying to sort out where he plays in 2020.

"He’s young and because he’s such a good player and done so much, people treat him like a 28 or 29-year-old when he’s just 22.

"He’s got a lot on his plate too with a family to look after… putting into perspective of having children and trying to get the ball going (career-wise) by having all these offers and this amount of money, when he’s come from very humble beginnings.

“In saying that, if I was advising him I’d tell him to look after himself and I think he’s done a really good job of handling the pressure and the criticism.”

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Take me back !!

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Garner, who knew Mitchell from their days in the Roosters lower grades, is comfortable for his club to be in the hunt for the Test and Origin outside back.

“At the Tigers we’re always looking for quality players, whether that’s Latrell or somebody else,” Garner said.

"It would be exciting to have him but if that doesn’t happen, I’m sure we’ll move on and find another quality player.

"I’m sure that in these types of situations Latrell is just trying to slow things down and think it through. At the end of the day it is his career and his life – and that’s the most important thing.

“Whatever makes him happy I’m sure he’ll do it and I hope he succeeds.”

It’s not just Mitchell who has been linked to the Tigers but also Sharks fullback Matt Moylan.

Five key matchups of the Wests Tigers’ 2020 draw
“If they’re available and you can get them, why wouldn’t you? If I was running the team I’d be doing the same thing,” Mbye said.

Specficially on Mitchell’s characteristics, Mbye said the Taree product needed no introduction.

“His strike. He’s only young but he brings a hell of a lot of experience. He’s won two premierships and played games for his country and his state and his indigenous heritage,” he said.

"So he’s got a lot of experience in big games. And he’s got experience from a strong-cultured team and club

Good boys. Good team players. Saying all the right things.

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I dont see them in a one on one comp.

That said i like Clarke, i think he can really go on