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Good news

prehaps josh was just taking out his frustrations during that game/trial thats why he played like horse dung

Only up from here, bring on 12pm

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Junior Reps Team Lists: Round 4
Caitlyn Grant
Wed 26 Feb 2020, 02:41 PM

After an improved weekend of results in Round 3, all of Wests Tigers junior representative sides will be looking to keep up the momentum this weekend as they enter Round4.

Campbelltown Sports Stadium will host Wests Tigers Tarsha Gale and Western Suburbs SG Ball and Harold Mathews this Saturday — the Magpies will be facing Illawarra Steelers while Tarsha Gale will be up against the Parramatta Eels.

Balmain Tigers SG Ball and Harold Mathews will be travelling to Metricon High Performance Centre to take on the South Sydney Rabbitohs on Saturday.

Wests Tigers Tarsha Gale will be looking to remain in the winner’s circle following their 22-14 win over the Raiders in the nation’s capital last weekend. Balmain’s Harold Matthews also got their first win of the year as they got the better of the North Sydney Bears last weekend.

Saturday, February 29, 9:30am at Campbelltown Sports Stadium

  1. Jessica Whelan 2. Jaidarose Lene 3. Vani Sorovi 4. Shelby Muir 5. Chloe Newman 6. Briana Dean 7. Georgia Nies 8. Eileen Sinaki-Teulilo 9. Taleah Gibson 10. Piper Sutton 11. Tiamo Williams 12. Folau Vaki 13. Jessica Kennedy (capt.) (Interchange: 15. Eliza Silata 16. Anna Moa 18. Maleah Mayol 19. Tehillah Vaeluaga 14. Ally Beaufils 17. Neetaya Chanadoungdee)

Saturday, February 29, 11:30am at Metricon High Performance Centre

  1. Jayme Elias 2. Sam Kanaan 3. Livai Saukuru 4. Oskar Enasio 5. Harrison Henson 6. Zane Camroux (capt.) 7. Hayden Essery 8. Braydon Guyan 9. Jaycob Anjoul 10. Darcy Hoy 11. Edwyne Afeaki 12. Brandon Tumeth 13. Zayn Wilkins (Interchange: 14. Cougar Wheeler 15. Watson Bogiso 16. Jaxson Rahme 17. Raymond Raad 18. Thomas Kwok 19. Dylan Cowin)

Saturday, February 29, 12:30pm at Campbelltown Sports Stadium

  1. Cameron Lawrence 2. Jay Kirk (capt.) 3. Alosomu Lolohea 4. Salesa Tavui 5. Alfred Curuenavuli 6. Maverick Bantin 7. Jibril Elrich 8. Jurrado Smith 17. Kynan English 10. Byron Strickland 11. Justin Matamua 12. Isaiah Anamani 13. Charlie Lennon (Interchange: 9. Tevita Petelo 15. Tristyn Ball 18. Che Te Rangi 25. Saumani Vili Solomona 20. Bryce Crane 22. Rylie Williams 23. Jude Gomez 27. Reece Davidson)

Saturday, February 29, 10:00am at Metricon High Performance Centre

  1. Cameron Kanaan 2. James McGregor 3. Wade Zreika 4. Manus Bailey 5. Bryan Jorgensen 6. Jonathan Ibrahim 7. Levi Conti 8. Adam Mehrez 9. Jacob Matta 10. Joseph Anchee 11. Tony Sukkar (capt.) 12. Temanaakitanga Inia 13. Dimitri Tselis (Interchange: 14. Patrick Young 15. Joseph Caracoglia 20. Quinton Vaughan 24. John Melia 21. Savelio Lolesio 22. Liam Aarons)

Saturday, February 29, 11:00am at Campbelltown Sports Stadium

  1. Tajh Colquhoun 2. Ofele Lene 3. Connor Fletcher 4. Joshua Leiataua 5. CJ Tufuga 6. Zakauri Clarke 7. Heath Mason 8. Kaisara Tuimauga 9. Tallyn Da Silva 10. Remi Mant 11. Thomas Fisher (capt.) 12. Kit Laulilii 13. Masei Tavui (Interchange: 14. Bohan Spencer 15. Callum Van Deinsen 16. Lachlan Bush 17. Lotutalosaga Lavilavi 18. William Craig)
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im tipping tigers rd 1 regardless

go big or go home boys

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@Tiger_Steve said in NRL - Last Man Standing.:

@cochise you’re destined for great things - 9th on a Tigers list!

your 22


damn that must be the “wildcard” spot 😉

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@Geo said in NRL - Last Man Standing.:


1 Geo.
2 happy_tiger
3 tiger_scott
4 coivtny
5 Carefactor
6 Wagga_Tiger
7 4jtigers
8 TheDaBoss
9 cochise
10 innsaneink
12 tigerbalm
13 The_Patriot
14 JoshColeman99
15 Red88_Tiger
16 LeichhardtTiger
17 swag_tiger
18 AnotherOne
19 TSupps05
20 jadtiger
21 BermiTiger
22 Tiger_Steve
23 Hangonaminute
24 Wildcat777
25 Tiger5150
26 teddy23
27 diedpretty
28 mike
29 hobbo1
30 avocadoontoast
31 WT2K

i made the top 8

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@Hangonaminute said in Wests Tigers V NZ Warriors Trial Teams..:

new year new club
we do things differently now 😏

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Prehaps @Kul

can create a option in the leaderboard that displays the winner of the WTF Tipping COmp

and LMS


just a suggestion