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bring back tim sheens!

i was one of those who thought it was a good thing that we sacked sheens but wow if i had known the only way is down from there…

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I wonder if we can change our name to the 9ers

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play for 80, dont crumble. that’s all i hope for now

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Good summary.

What’s frustrating is that this stuff happens almost every game. There is always a big weakness, whether it’s the Right, the left or the middle. It’s either too many dropped balls or too many penalties or too many missed tackle. And we always self-implode. Always inconsistent

/rant over.

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souths were the better team for majority of the game but any chance a team like us had was taken away with one-sided calls.

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kenny edwards

all of these guys have that smug arrogance to them when the team is going well and hide when team is bad

and yes definitely punchable faces

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@Toowoomba_Tiger said in Harry Grant:

Ok, so he hasn’t got it all😁. Kicking game was awful last night. Something to work on. Probably his worst game for us, yet still one of the best out there

douehi should never kick again either

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couple of questionable decisions, don’t know much about him but he seemed a little out of place on the wing. Is he usually a fullback or centre or wing?

in saying that, he doesn’t look out of place in first grade. knew exactly what to do to poke his nose through and get a quick PTB every time. safe handling , not afraid of the contact and solid contact in defense.

positioning needs work but i think he seemed more of a centre than wing

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if reynolds escapes suspension, brooks on the bench for me.

the reason the coaching staff don’t drop is because he’s a confidence player but seriously enough is enough. He needs to make a decision in life if being an nrl halfback is for him. he is courageous but most of the time lacks the skills and the smarts

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two reasons it won’t be changed:

  • lack of options: brooks, not cutting it as a player or a leader, benji/lawrence in and out of side. We literally have no leaders.
  • he was maguire’s first major decision when he became coach- it would be a big ego hit for him to accept his first major decision was a flop a year in.