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this is highly embarassing for us, it’s going to have some long term ramifications

such a dangerous precendent for us

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maguire hasn’t returned successfully yet…

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i wonder if a thompson/mbye fullback-wing combo may work like the RTS/minichello one the roosters had

it would be good to use mbye’s ballplaying and short kicking in the attacking 20.

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@Demps said in Excerise Advice/Discussion:

@formerguest said in Excerise Advice/Discussion:
sometimes it’s good to treat yourself to a nice cool glass of Coke with dinner after only drinking water all day.

i actually don’t agree with that for things like coke/chocolate/lollies- it’s kinda like smoking where sometimes you just need to quit cold turkey

sugar to me is the biggest killer in the world and we should be avoiding refined sugar at all costs

but to each their own

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DIet is much more important than exercise and I’m a physio…

In terms of diet, depends on what you’re going for. Do you need to fit in to your wedding suit in 2 weeks, do you have a beach party in 2 months or are you just looking to get fit/health. For that, you need a lifestyle change. Stop eating after 6pm, don’t stay sedentary after eating. Otherwise, intermittent fasting works a treat. After a 12 hour period of fasting, your body automatically goes in to ketosis (starts burning fat for fuel)- fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 (don’t eat too unhealthy in those 8 hours). Avoid refined sugar at all costs, have you teas/coffees/biscuits without sugar- does no good for your body honestly… avoid processed food, there isn’t much nutrients you’ll get from it.

Now exercise… this is where I earn my bread and butter. High intensity stuff like a tabata program or a HIIT session seems to do really well. Walking is great for you mental well being but a 2K extra steps won’t have much impact on your cardiovascular health. If you don’t have any medical conditions, don’t be afraid to push your limits within a 20-30 minute high intensity session. To start, do something you like first- bushwalking, hiking, walking, jogging, weights, playing soccer with your kids etc.

Also remember, outside isn’t the same as inside. You may feel unhealthy outside with fat but that doesn’t mean your unhealthy inside and vice versa!

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sound stupid…

fix the ruck

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I agree with Wayne Rushton. I don’t think they’re doing anything wrong at all. He’s got a contract for next year, there is no rush for him. He’s gonna do whatever he can to ensure he’s doing right by him and his family.

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why would pascoe publicly go out and say we aren’t interested anymore? just sounds stupid…

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it’s not about positivity or negativity, it’s about facts.

i don’t see how it’d be fair to madge/pascoe to take blame at the end of 2020 for a failure of 10 years.

the point wasn’t to hold someone accountable, it was more about the future of Wests Tigers. We seem to be doing not as bad as others off field which is what is keeping us afloat but honestly what if a 6 year old goes through his entire schooling life without seeing tigers play a finals game. i just find it sad…

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@old_man_tiger said in What if...:

The really easy answer is to stop cycling through the above.

not agreeing or disagreeing but you can’t expect pascor/madge/lee to understand how long we’ve been waiting for a finals game