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In July 1968 on a Thursday night, my dad took me to Lidcombe oval for my first ever Rugby League match. West Magpies played France who was out here for the World Cup. I remember it clearly, football under the rubbish lights at Lidcombe oval . Noel Kelly was the coach but did not play that night. Now, does this sound familiar. Wests scored more tries but missed their goals and lost after the siren to France. I was 7 years old and can remember it clearly. The deflated experience again that I had tonight.

It was so predictable. I mean I said to my son, " Mbye’s going to miss this kick at goal.!!!

We all knew tonight’s games was a worrying game for our run for the top eight when it should not have been We have seen it now for twenty years. All of us knew at 8 nil up …we have not won this.

All of us got annoyed that they only got urgent in the last 5 minutes.

All of us got angry at the poor kicks on the fifth tackle being kicked to the second-best fullback in the world instead of the third-best Jennings brother…not mention landing 20 metres away from the goal line

All of shook our heads at the fifth tackle options.

All of us wondered why we cant get out of our 20 meters like other sides after receiving a kick.

I follow the Wests Tigers with just as much passion as I did that night when I was 7. I grew up in the Balmain district but followed the Magpies. But I have to put up with this rubbish of a so-called professional club now for 55 years.
There is something wrong with the management of the club.

I mean what club with any idea of what a football roster looks like has big money tied up in six halfs and 5/8s ( Brookes , Walters, Benji , Mbye, Reynolds Doueihi). Of which none seem to be able to run a team.

We still do not have a goal kicker. Just buy one. Any winger faster than Jennings who can kick must be better.

We have not had a center since the two clubs joined 20 years ago. Mbye couldn’t break a Jatz biscuit let alone the line.

We have not had a running second row since Gareth Ellis. In fact, he was the last one and only reasonable buy the club has made in 20 years.

We hang on to players way too long. Name me one player the Roosters got rid of who went on to better things in the last 50 years.

Lawrence must go at the end of the year
Benji must go at the end of the year
Brookes needs to be told to test the market
Buy a goal kicker …go to the UK and get one. Don’t care if he cant run get a kicker who will kick at 80%
Get a running second row who is faster than me at 60 years old .
Mybye needs to be sacked as captain, as a centre and as first-grade player
Reynolds must go
Jennings must go.
Somebody (Brett Hodgson) needs to sit with Adam Doueihi and teach him positional play in defense.
Packer must go. Too old next year and too risky
Taylor must be moved on
Walters is not the answer.

Move to one ground and build a fortress
Get a proper head of the football division
Let Madge have 3 years then if no result move him on.
Do not sign him to an extension without results.

So still since that night in July 1968…I have that same old feeling after a game that I have come to expect.

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I would suggest that Luciano is our best buy since Gareth Ellis

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Fox Sports spent 40 minutes talking about the game and kept going on and on and on about the Broncos. They hardly mentioned the Tigers. Yes, the Broncos were bad…but we belted them in the first 10 minutes that’s why they were so bad.

Im sick to death of hearing on Foxtel how bad the Broncos are and what they need to do to fix it and how wonderful Lattrel Mitchell is. That’s all they talk about.

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He is a liability. As a center, as goal kicker, and as captain,

I can’t believe after 8 years the club can’t buy a goal kicker and can’t find a captain and can’t find anyone with speed. I do like what Madge is doing with the forwards, but really the backs have always been an issue. Benji - not next year …sorry, Chris Lawrence - not next year sorry - Brooks- best you test the market- Reynolds not the future, Bj too old to win a premiership in two to three years so not in the plan.

Plus can somebody show our fullback videos of Gutherson on how to sprint across the in goal in defense?

For god sake, go to the UK and find any winger but someone who can kick goals. It’s just unbelievable that a professional club has spent nearly 8 years without a goal kicker (Pat Richards was our last)

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Benji leads the NRL on missed tackles. That’s his problem.

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Surely, a goalkicker at above 80 % who cant run is going to be better valued than Jennings. For goodness sake …go to the UK and buy a winger who can kick goals.

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Totally agree. It has baffled me all year.

  1. The pass from dummy half is too slow
  2. The pass from dummy half is too deep
  3. The runner hits the ball 3 meters behind the play the ball not at the play the ball
  4. Three of our forwards jog 3/4 pass, not at a sprint. Eisinighuth, Taylor Garner
  5. They don’t start to run as the payer gets up but rather wait until the dummy half has the ball
  6. they don’t run at different widths.
    6.they have no “pattern” runs

All of this is basic schoolboy stuff

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Yes I know and I agree with you on that point. Its so frustrating , I’ve been a Magpie and now Tigers fan for almost 60 years. Just how we get ourselves into this position each year especially over the last last 8 years ( we still only stop paying Sheens out three years ago) just baffles me.

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Well, he dosn’t seem to have thought about them over the last 8 weeks. BTW Money. savings from Packer, Farah, Jennings, Reynolds, Esinghuth, Taylor, Mimorovski