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@formerguest said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@Harvey said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

“I don’t want to say too much about what went on, but the Tigers deal was not as high as other clubs.”

Cannot recall another player talking crap like this.

Well, I imagine the discussions with the Tigers would have been done by his manager, not the player. So, who knows what the manager told him the offer from the Tigers was? He may well be stating the truth as told to him by his manager.

And, lets face it, apart from Kent, Hooper, Rothfield, Ikin and the so-called “journos” of NRL, there is no bigger blight on the game than player managers.

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@Needaname said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Tolman is certainly worth considering. It’s all about value I guess. But I’d probably only pick up Tolman if we manage to move on / retire Packer.
He along with Tamou would be the right kind of experience our young forwards pack needs. His defence never wanes his been involved in good teams. (Prior to the collapse of the dogs).
It won’t be long before another club gets him.
Depends where he wants to live but can see teams with young aggressive forwards being interested.
Broncos most definitely.
Sharks likely.
Manly possibly.
Newcastle possibly.

I think the signing of Tamou takes a lot of pressure off Packer to be the forwards leader. Maybe, just maybe, it could bring out a more consistent and impactful Packer in 2021? Maybe …?

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I liked the suggesting of prioritising one home ground for the Tigers as part of defining and building a cohesive identity as club.The more I think about it though, the 2020 Panthers seem to play to the same high standards at home or away, Lottoland has hardly been a fortress for Manly, the Storm have adapted to a new “home” on the Sunshine Coast with no significant downturn in performanc or achievement, Parra are, as the season has worn on, as vulnerable at BankWest as anywhere else.

So, success must clearly come down to three things; the quality and depth of the playing squad, their leadership, management and development by the coaching staff, and the talents and capacity of the organisational wing of the club (CEO, Chairperson etc) to establish and maintin a corporate strength, presence and positive profile.

So, any statement of values/beliefs/strategic directions needs indictators for all three of those entities so that they, and WE, each know what they must “be and do” to uphold those statements.

Or, we run the risk of another “Unite. Commit. Achieve.” debacle of a few years ago. I can’t remeber exactly when it was, but I know we didn’t achieve any of them.

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He seems to be a unique character in many ways; he’s confident in what he can do and how good he is, but he’s not arrogant. Like others, I have been really impressed by his commitment to WT despite knowing his deal here was a short-term one. He deserves every success that comes his way through just being a “good bloke” as well as a certain star of NRL.

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@hobbo1 said in Thanks Harry:

He was a revelation at the start but plateaued out …
Liddle will great in time .

I agree. The longer the season went on, the less effective he became. That’s not to deny his courage and commitment and efforts; they have all been first class. And, to do it for a club in a “loan” situation, is testament to his professionalism and character as a young man. I wish him well for his future.

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The video tribute was appropriate and “nice” (i can’t think of a better word although it deserves one), given their commitment and dedication to the club over so many seasons.

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@TonyTiger said in JAC:

We need a high profile kill - JAC is dynamic, make it happen before I bed yo Watson’s Bay to jump over the Gap … I’m tired of the forever procrastination and disappointing appointments… send Mbye down to the Storm to get JAC, we can pay my full freight for Mbye, I’d pay $850 a year to see him outta here to play elsewhere, his wax mannequin look In the face of adversity grates on my nerves.

In taking JAC out of the Storm system that has made him (and others) excel, what makes you so sure he won’t be another one of those “disappointing appoinments” for us? …should it happen, of course.

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It’s interesting that the focus has turned away from Pascoe to “the Board”. I seriously don’t know who is on the Board. Can someone list them for us please?

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I’m pretty much over the whole JAC to WT thing. He has the potential to be as “rocks or diamonds” as Marshall has been for us, particularly in a new position of fullback. The whole “family issues” scenario about the return to Sydney, while it may well be genuine, could also be a distraction to him achieving a consistent performance that is commensurate with the quantum of his contract.

I’d be perfectly happy if he chose not to come. I think he should stay where he is, it seems to have created the best version of himself, and there’s no guarantee that he could replicate it back here.